Nat and Essie Teach 5 Colors with Favorite TV Characters Slime

– ♪ (music) ♪
– (boink) (boink) (whimsical sound) (boink) (Nat) Purple, pink, orange, green, and blue. – Hey, it's Daisy Duck.
– (quacks) – (Nat) And Minnie Mouse, too.
– Dit-di-dit-di-do-doo. – (Nat) Hey, how about Mickey?
– Hello, everybody! (giggles) (Nat) And Princess Sofia. Whoa. Lastly, we have Donald Duck. Hi, everyone! Welcome back to Toys Unlimited Junior. This is Nat, and today,
we'll be learning our colors with some of our favorite
Disney Junior characters. If you're a fan of Disney, don't forget
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from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? Donald, Sofia, Mickey, – Minnie, or Daisy.
– (springy sound) Who is from a different show? – (boink)
– Whoa, Daisy is up first. Daisy has a purple bow. And inside, we have purple slime. Splat. (boink) Let's find the toys that are inside. (slime plopping) Jiggle, jiggle, jiggle. (boink) Wow! Here is the first surprise from Daisy. It's the brand new
Hatchimals Colleggtibles. This is series number 1,
and there are a total of 70 to collect.

No peeking. The egg we got this time has purple color, just like the color
we're learning this time. It also has a purple heart. (rattles) Can you hear it? There's a baby inside. (egg crying) I need to get out.
It's so dark. (Nat) We have to warm up its heart. There we go. Much better. Let's see if we can crack it
from the bottom. Hmm, that's pretty hard. We might have to push
exactly on the heart. The egg is cracking. (egg crying) Do you see it? There's a baby inside. What is it? Oh, my goodness. Look how cute it is. It is an orange tiger. But it's a Hatchimals, so it has wings. Whee! (whimsical sound) There it goes back into its little egg. Cute. Daisy Duck had the color purple. (boink) Now, let's take a look at our Hatchimal. Let's open the color that matches
this one the closest.

Can we find the orange container? That's right! Mickey matches our baby the closest. (pop) That's because Mickey
has orange slime. Gooey. Here it comes. Oh, it's getting everywhere. Poor Mickey Mouse. (slime plopping) (boink) No peeking. What is it? Trolls series 4. Tan-ta-dan. Wow, this is perfect. We have an orange troll. This troll has blue hair. What did we get in our blind bag? Oh, we got Mickey Mouse. Perfect for orange slime. Mickey Mouse was in his own slime. Mickey mouse had the color orange. (boink) Orange! Here's our orange troll.

But our orange troll has blue hair. Which slime container
matches the blue hair? (children cheering) That's right. Donald matches the blue hair. Donald has blue slime. He also has a blue hat. Sticky… blue slime. (springy sound) Here comes the gooey blue slime. (slime plopping) (boink) Whoa! The surprises knocked Donald over. Wow, this is super cool. We have an exclusive Mystery Mini–
eww, covered in gooey slime– Batman exclusives. Here's a list of everybody we can get. Tan-ta-dan! Hey, we already learned this color today. We have a purple Batman. We also have PJ Masks. Woh-ho– it's Connor.

Here's a trick question. Which PJ Mask does Connor turn into
when he needs a PJ Mask? What character is Connor
when he turns into a PJ Mask? If you know, that's
the question of the day. And let me know by putting
your answer down below in the comments. Who am I? Here's a hint. I'm super fast. (jet engine sound) Whee. (Nat) There he went. Donald, eww, had ewwy, gooey… blue slime. We've done blue. We haven't done green. We did orange. We haven't done pink. And we did purple. Minnie Mouse has a cute pink bow, and she has pink slime. Can we pull it out this way? Whoa! All the slime's coming out. We have to get the toy. Oh, no, it fell all over Minnie. (slime plopping) (springy sound) Ooh, it feels big. Oh, yay, this is perfect! We have Sofia the First. Her favorite color is purple. Can you tell? Also has a Princess Keyring Blind Bag. We can even get Flora, Fauna,
and Merryweather. But I always wonder who
the mystery characters are. Let's take a little peek. Woh-ho, we have Fauna.

Hoo! (whimsical sound) Minnie Mouse, gross… had the color pink. Pink. Fauna is green. Which one is green and has Sofia? Right here. Green color. And it matches Sofia's head. The last color we have is the color green. Gooey! Here it comes! Slimy. Jiggle, jiggle, jiggle. (springy sound) What do we have this time? Wow, Sofia, I'm amazed
you had that much in there. These are brand new,
and they're called The World's Smallest. These are popular toys,
but they're made itty-bitty. Hmm. No way! The blue one.

We had an itty-bitty pez. Oh, wow, how many can you hold? It looks like it can hold
maybe three pez inside. Eww, and lastly, we have
a Frozen Mystery Minis. (boink) Do you want to build a snow man? Whoa! We have Anna. We got so much purple in this video. Sofia, Anna, our Batman, and our Hatchimal. Okay, Sofia, tell us your color. Sofia had the color green. Ooey, gooey, green. Purple, pink, orange, green, and blue. Bye, everyone! Thanks for watching. This was Nat from Toys Unlimited. I hope you were able
to learn some colors today. And if you did, don't forget
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