My Thoughts On Elon Musk SNL Aftermath And The Current Dogecoin Dip – HODL or SELL?!

what's going on guys um so i was just joking around in my last video i thought it was kind of funny plus i couldn't do it on this video because you know i wouldn't get monetized so yeah you know what i'm saying any case uh dogecoin is down yeah it's dipped still pretty bad um not shocking not surprising these are what we like to call healthy corrections people if this is your first time experiencing the dip you probably look like this yeah we've been through this many many times okay the first time i experienced the major dip was from when dogecoin was at a penny it went all the way to eight cents and dropped back down to two cents guys it dropped back down to two cents and then i saw it again when we were at five cents went all the way up to 48 cents and dropped back down to 15 cents i was there that day i screenshotted it i put it up on reddit it was crazy but guess what i'm still holding i'm still holding and if you believe in dogecoin i want you to hold too so what are my thoughts on saturday night live how that went with the whole elon mustang here's my thoughts i knew it if you guys watched the video right before i said i had a feeling it was gonna dip and the reason why i say that is because it's happened in the past do you guys remember doge day 4 20 if you guys were around around that time period 4 20 was supposed to be the day we shot it up to a dollar well i will like it's just not realistic okay people say that just to i don't know get people hyped up but it's not realistic to get something to a dollar that quickly on a day just cuz you know what i mean so those day happened and it dipped and it did and um you know we went right back a few days later elon musk snl thing happened it took a huge dip we're gonna go right back up you know what i mean like this is just what happens so what i want you guys to do is hold with them diamond hands just like i am uh you know you guys just have to buy the dip i even bought the dip i i walked the talk baby you know what i mean i'm not just telling you guys to buy the dip and i'm just watching it from the sidelines i bought the dip yesterday last night i bought 30 000 dogecoins at about 47 cents i believe 46 47 cents i think it's a little bit lower now do i wish i got it lower now yeah i wish i got it at 45 44 40 cents or however low it dropped of course i wish i got it at that point but nobody knows what's gonna happen so anything under a dollar to me is a dip and you buy the dip you know what i'm saying especially when something pulls back the way it did especially when dogecoin pulls back the way it did from all the way in the 70s down to 40s not surprising these are called healthy corrections you want it to do these things you don't want to just keep going keep going keep going forever and then it's gonna have the most ginormous drop of all time if that happens so what we want to do is stay strong my ship family i'm in this with you guys i'm still holding on still holding strong diamond hands baby hold is all i knowed so i hope you guys are in there with me this is just a quick little update so you guys know what uh what's going on with me i will as oh actually let me say something real quick uh newsweek article posted the day that massive drop happened when it went all the way down to like 15 cents right and they had an article and the article which i fixed the title by the way you know i did a little song to it but um but the title was like uh dogecoin millionaire they even put quotes in there dogecoin millionaire uh didn't cash out before the dogecoin crash or whatever right so if you read the article there's a part in the article where i say exactly how i feel actually let's just read it together prolific told newsweek his investment had dropped below 1 million on friday morning a serious correction was needed after that rally so this was expected looking back i wouldn't have done anything different because the worst thing you can ever do is try to time the market he said this exact same thing happened at the end of january into february when those went from one penny to eight and then back to two and then slowly started climbing up from there i share my losses on our doge reddit page just like i share my games it will be very disingenuous of me to pretend like doge only goes up up up up and never dips down prolific's decision to put such a large amount of capital into one asset is a huge personal financial risk that goes against generally accepted investing advice and that's true that's true i'm not telling you guys to do what i did you know what i mean like if anything i want everybody to do their own due diligence and i want people to look into this stuff and see if it makes sense to you like does it make sense do you think that the future is the cryptocurrency of the future do you guys think that memes are the future do you think that buying and selling what memes do you think that uh us as millennials and even gen z memes are our language and this is how we're gonna be buying and selling things in the future let me know maybe not maybe you disagree maybe you guys don't think the same way i do but as for me i like the coin and i'll buy the dip every time this is the way diamond hands baby diamond hands let's go okay right now where am i at where am i at right now 1.8 million dollars i'm down 321 000 today guys look at this down 15 just in the last hour i'm actually up 21 000 so that's not too bad you know i'm saying not too shabby you feel me uh in the past week look at this in the past week i'm up a hundred and seventy thousand dollars you do you think i'm worried you know what i'm saying in the past month i'm up 1.5 million in the past three months i'm up 1.5 million in the past year i'm up 1.7 million almost and of all time i'm up 1.7 million almost so yeah you know what i mean these things happen guys it's gonna go back up just hold strong look at this it even looks like the floor right here is uh sticking around 40 cents it's about the floor you see it just you know i mean i just touched it just jump right back so let's hold strong you buy the dip buy the dip hold on to what you got don't listen to your friends that are telling you oh my god it's gonna crash it's kinda good it was hero don't listen to them okay they're just pansies they don't know how to hold they're all paper-handed little pansies so all right my position for those who don't know 3.9 million oh actually i got i got to do another video about this but i've officially crossed over four million dogecoins yes yes thank you children i got an extra 100 000 in my coin base wallet so i'm gonna show you guys that later on but i'm super excited about that i bought the dip and i completed my 4 million dogecoins that i've been trying to get 1.8 my equity right now uh average cost .047 total return 1.6 million dollars guys i'm still up 880 percent let's go um yeah leave the comments down below let me know what you guys think about this dip are you buying the dip are you guys paper handing like a little pansy or you guys diamond holding to the end of the world let us know let us know let me know i mean i'm not even doing this for somebody else this is my channel now what's up 1.8 million let's go like share subscribe uh hit the notification right back up as soon as i finish up the video like share subscribe all that good stuff hit the notification bell and i'll see you guys on the next video

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