My plan 2.0: XRP Ledger, NEXO, Property, Flare Networks, Flare Finance, Songbird Network, ExFi

hey everybody and welcome to another video 
um i wanted to give you kind of an update   of my plan i think a lot of you have um probably 
seen like my previous video that i did on my plan   a lot of change in the meantime um i will 
probably try and link the old plan up here because   um i probably won't go into too much detail on 
everything that i've already covered in that video   um but i'll glance over it anyway in this 
one so um so what is my plan and you're   kind of looking at a high level overview 
here now i know you can't read anything   i know that's too far and zoomed out but that's 
okay we'll be zooming in in a second and for now i   just wanted to give you like a total overview and 
i have to kind of point out as well that this is   still a work in process uh and it will probably 
always be and i'm continuing to add more stuff   but i think it's easier to keep on adding and 
explaining like bits and pieces that i've added   then in the end when everything is finished 
to explain it all in one go because probably   by then it will be so much information to 
take in that will be quite difficult so   um okay so for people who are new and you can 
see a couple of boxes here on the screen um   i'm just going to point out kind of the the 
outer edges of those boxes so i'm going to   start in the middle here in blue dark blue 
we have the xrp ledger right that's here   then we have the box on the left which is 
nexo then we have the orange box in the   bottom left here which is kind of just called 
a property but um it's basically just buying um   houses or whatever and then letting it out then on 
the right side here we have in pink flair networks   which on which like on top of flare networks in 
kind of salmon color here we have flare finance   then below that we have also in pink here we have 
um the strongbird strongbird network right so the   canary network or whatever you want to call 
it like a test network or whatever no i'm   going to correct myself right away i know it's not 
completely a test network or a sandbox or whatever   because there is a limited supply of tokens 
which will also give them value right but like   it is still kind of a testing ground before 
projects go onto flair network so that's here now   um straight away when that came out flair 
finance said we're going to use it so they   decided to do exactly that to create kind 
of a um i'm just going to call it a project   on top of songbird which is called 
experimental finance or x5 for short   um and it will kind of be a limited version 
of what they will finally be offering um on   like on on on flare networks in the end and so 
this is kind of the overview that i have right   now as i said a couple of things um i'll be 
adding more and more and it's all up for me it's   all about earning passive income and like stuff 
like nodes and that kind of stuff which i also   am currently using but want to expand on i want to 
add and add into this um i guess network of of of   um you know cash flow or whatever you want to call 
it and which i will be doing at a at a later stage   um now i can tell you right now if 
i want to go into everything here   it's going to be quite a lengthy video 
so i'm just going to jump right in   just know that this will be like nodes and that 
kind of stuff will be added to this as well the   way i'm going to kind of approach this because it 
is a lot is i'm just going to start in the center   with next uh with xrp the first thing we're going 
to do is we're going to move left into nexo and   then down into property um because that is one 
choice that you would have with your xrp then the   app once this is done because i can get through 
this pretty quick then the the other option is   uh to the right when we go into uh flair networks 
for finance songbird and experimental finance and   i'll cover that straight away afterwards but i 
just want to start on the left side just because   this part is easier to understand and i've also 
added in some numbers just to give you an idea   so let's do that so first of all i'm just going 
to zoom in all the way in here to the xrp ledger and actually i can remove this um people who've 
watched my previous video knew that i was working   on three stages so on stage one i wanna do 
something state two i wanna do something say   tree i wanna do something and i might still 
end up with something like that but for now   i've simplified it a little bit because 
it's already getting complex enough   so i have my xrp on the xrp ledger now you've 
got a choice what you can do with it do you   want to just hold it and do nothing to me 
that's a bit of a waste of um of opportunity   so i'm not doing that you can then as i said 
either send it to say to the right which   you'll cover in a second right with the with a 
flare or you can send it to the left now i know   there's other options i choose nexo other people 
might choose celsius or whatever is possible um   i am i like nexo i don't get paid by nexo 
to say that i literally have never earned uh   anything from an exo bar obviously the holding my 
coins there and earning um what's called apr apy   um or apr i think it is um from my coins but on 
that just know i'm not promoting them because in   no way am i um have they asked me to do 
so okay so take your for your extra p   and i personally have it in exo now as an 
example here i've taken one million dollars   don't look at this and go like oh i don't have 
that so this plan is useless or oh i've got way   more so this planet's useless it doesn't 
matter because it's all about percentages   right the only difference if you don't have say 
that million and as an example maybe you have   500 000 you'll probably just make half right if 
you have two million you'll probably make double   if you have one tenth of this you'll probably make 
one tenth of what i'm showing you here right so um   don't worry about it now one thing i want to point 
out here as well these numbers that are in here   right now are just as an example um what i'm going 
to do after this once like i probably should have   mentioned this actually before um in my um patreon 
i'm actually going to upload this document as a   pdf and a png for everyone who's in my um patreon 
to to use as they will but i'll also be creating a   google doc where you can change all these numbers 
fill in what you have and the calculations will   all happen automatically there as well so 
i just wanted to let you kind of know that   so do check out the uh check out the 
patreon and the link will obviously be below   um okay that being said so i'm gonna run through 
this quite quick now so okay we have one million   dollars in nexus what you do with it i the way i 
do it is i'm going to split 65 percent and put 65   in my earned wallet and 35 in my loan wallet 
right that will give me the following values   in those wallets right so i'll have 650 000 in my 
own wallet and i'll have 350 000 in my own wallet   now what i'll do in my own wallet 
i'm not just going to hold xrp   right so when the choice of when you want to do 
what i'm going to do now is up to you like you   kind of want to time like the top of the market 
like obviously you don't have to but it will   just get you the best return if you're not able 
to don't worry and you should you can just move   into this when you're comfortable doing so so what 
i am going to do is i'm going to keep 10 in xrp   i just will i've got the ideas i just never want 
to sell it all and there's no particular reason   to do that it's just that i personally want to 
keep at least 10 of my extra b now in this case   uh 10 of 650 000 would be um 65 000.

Okay now 
i will then also um have 16 of my holdings in   um of that 650 000 in nexo tokens which will 
be a total of a hundred and four thousand now   why am i doing that i'm doing that because of a 
couple of reasons when you have um at least uh 10   of um your your total holdings in nexo tokens 
you just get um you get better uh rewards and   you also um pay less interest on your 
loans right so in the end it works out   so if i said yeah i need 10 why is 16 because 
it's 16 percent of my earned wallet but you   have to have 10 over the whole right so over 
your loan wallet and your wallet combined right   so 16 gives me this okay and then the rest 
i am going to um put into usdc stablecoin   um this is for two reasons one is you get 
a higher return you can see here like 10   uh apr but also for stability uh reasons right 
so if the price of the um like in a bear market   and everything crashes or whatever um having 
stuff in a stable coin just means that it   will fluctuate in there i mean there is dutch 
for less sorry um will fluctuate less and um   because of that it's just safer 
right now once i have that done   i'm kind of set up in my earned wallet the way 
i would like to be set up and i'm earning six   percent apr on my xrp right which will pay me 
3900 a year i'm earning seven percent apr on my   next tokens which will earn me seven thousand 
two hundred and eighty a year and i'm earning   ten percent on my usdc holdings which will earn 
me uh forty eight thousand uh one hundred a year   now these three combined i just put it here in 
grades as you have it is just shy of 60 000 a year   now keep in mind that this is like you're earning 
this it's not costing you anything right you're   just holding it there right so i'm earning 60 
000 a year for just putting this money there cool   so that's the earned wallet side of things now 
let's move over to the loan wallet side of things   so here in the loan wallet obviously we have that 
35 percent of that 1 million which is 350 000.

I'm   here also going to split it and i'm going to 
put half of it in xrp and half of it in usdc   so you might be wondering why am i doing this 
well for two reasons once again i want the usdc   involved here because of the same safety reasons 
that i said on the left here right with the value   going up and down um and you i have to have 
at least half of it when you when starting   um or when taking out a loan in crypto this just 
otherwise it's not allowed i think they mentioned   money laundering and that kind of stuff um i 
don't know what the real the real reason is but   you just have to have at least 50 in 
crypto okay so now 50 crypto 50 in usdc   and what also is a nice extra with the usdc 
compared to say xrp in this case is the loan   to value and the loan to value of a stable 
coin is 90 while the loan to value of x or p   is 30 so what does that mean that means that um if 
i put up uh in this case 175 000 i'm allowed like   that's my collateral right that i put up for as 
backing and i'm i'll borrow ninety percent of that   amount which in this case would be one thousand 
one hundred and fifty seven thousand uh 500   right compared to say xrp in this case but i 
put up the same amount right also 175 000 um   of of value in or as collateral um i'm only 
allowed borrow 30 which in this case would be   52 and a half thousand all right now these this 
combined will give me 60 loan to value which   means that on the total amount of 350 000 that i 
put up as collateral i'm allowed borrow 210 000   okay so what i'm going to do um i've i've put 
it here again as a loan because just because   you're allowed borrow it doesn't mean that you 
actually do of course right so but in this case   i am i'm going to use the full amount so i'm 
actually going to borrow it at 210 000.

Okay so   now i need to uh two a couple of things happen 
here so one is the loan that i've now taken   out i would like to eventually pay that back um 
and i would also um i have to pay interest over   that loan now the interest because i'm holding 
the next tokens is uh six point nine percent   if you don't hold an extra tokens it's higher 
i think it's somewhere around twelve percent   um but now because i do this is what i'm paying 
so the 6.9 percent interest on this loan of 210   000 is just a shy of 14 and a half thousand a year 
okay so now we get back to to the earned wallet   and the interest that i'm earning here so you can 
see in or you can see orange lines and red lines   so the orange lines pay back the loan and the red 
lines pay back the interest now as you can see   here i've kind of like six percent 12.3 and 81.1 
is like the percentage of this amount here right   so you can see that here what those amounts 
would be per year then you can also see the rest   basically what's left are these amounts here in 
orange and i use that to pay off the loan so you   can see here let's just shy of 45 000 a year now 
with nexo there is no maximum duration of the loan   and and you can kind of see already like how 
long it will take you to pay back this loan   now it's not completely true because everything 
works compounding and once i have the calculator   up and running and you'll be able to see i've done 
it before i've showed it in different videos as   well and you can actually get rid of it a lot 
quicker than it looks here because of the um   the the compounding um interest rate because as 
you as you pay back your loan you'll also be able   to move collateral from your loan wallet back 
into your earned wallet which will then start   earning you more which means you can pay off more 
which means you can you know like this is the cir   vicious circle here right so you'll kind of 
attack that loan pretty aggressive okay so   that's nexo right that's nexo covered so we we're 
now going to move into property so now that i have   a loan of 210 000 what am i going to do with it 
well for me so i have to have to kind of explain   one thing here uh i am going to 
use the the percentages and rules   that are used in the netherlands because that's 
where i live now that does not mean that this   is not the same in your country i don't know it 
might be it might be completely different however   and what i have done in a different 
video and i'll ask you here again   um if you'd like me to include um the percentages 
in your country in the calculator that i'm   building just let me know and also let me know 
like what they are right because it will just   if i have to go and search for everything for 
every country um it will never get released so   if you can point me to like proper documentation 
it would be great okay that being said   let's continue okay so i've taken out that 
loan for 210 000.

That 210 000 represents 20   of the total amount because in the netherlands the 
down payment when you want to buy to let is 20 now   keep in mind that um different percentages will 
apply if you're a first-time buyer or if you're   just buying to live in yourself or if you're 
buying to let right there'll be different rules   in every country in the netherlands for what i'm 
saying here it's twenty percent okay so i put my   down payment to 20 which is 210 000 that means 
the other 80 is the mortgage that i'm allowed   to take out on that so that is 840 000 so when we 
combine these two that means that i have a total   real estate capital of one million fifty thousand 
which is pretty cool because if we just go back   up to nexo we started off with one million right 
so i've now turned that one million that i have   here that i put in into more money that i can now 
use for um to buy properties but at the same time   the loan is automatically getting paid off 
here right um which just means the reason   like why would you do this well when this loan is 
kind of paid off you can just do this whole thing   again right now so we have now after just just 
over one million here so what do i do i'm going   to buy three different properties each property 
worth 350 000 as you can see um this is always   going to be different in location and place and 
city and all this kind of stuff and all whatever   in in every country um in the netherlands uh when 
you have a rental property that's about 350 000   you should be able to get rental income worth 
just shy of 20 and a half thousand a year   okay so now i've got three rental properties 
that are delivering um say 20 400 a year each   now that's not income right you can't just just 
stick that in your pocket then each property will   have to be divided into two things actual income 
that you are allowed to say stick in your pocket   obviously this will be taxed as well right but 
just for now that's your your income and charges   so what are the charges well on the on the 
loan that we've taken out right up here the   the mortgage we have to pay interest um interest 
obviously will depend on a lot of things as well   but what i looked at here in the netherlands 
it's just over four percent which means that's   thirty four thousand and twenty dollars a year all 
right so that's the interest that needs to be paid   okay so as you can see here that's part of 
the charges so each property will will um   have just shy of 11 000 that has to be paid in 
interest each year now you can see here follow   the red line goes back up and covers the interest 
okay so great interest is covered now there are   also additional costs which i'm not going to 
dive into right now this is just when you buy   properties transferred over all this kind of stuff 
that's works works out to be somewhere around one   and a half k uh per year and per property um 
so that's there they're in red like they're um   i put them in red because they're like 
that i'm just going to call them like   the bad cost as in like this money kind 
of just disappears because you're covering   uh covering the interest and additional cost and 
repayment not as bad that's why i made it orange   because you're actually attacking the the the 
uh what you call it the actual loan um anyway   um here we go so this is the repayment that is 
um obviously depends on your country what the   minimum is this is it for the netherlands anyway 
to cover it so the repayments here will then   go back and attack the actual um mortgage okay 
great so now we have three properties that are   paying like paying for themselves here at the 
moment right the interest and the mortgage   um that also means then that we 
have the annual income is left over   which would be uh just over 23 000 a year now i i 
don't know yet um like if you want to spend this   if you want to pump it into anything else 
for now i'm just going to leave it here   so basically what we've done is we've put 1 
million into nexo and don't forget as well by the   way and that 1 million that we put in i said we we 
got that loan uh here for one million as well now   just say if anything were to happen 
for some weird reason with nexo   you would only lose the collateral that 
you put up all right um the property   like this is obviously um dependent on on 
your mortgage right that has nothing to do   with next anymore because whatever you use 
that money for that's completely separate   but we now have anyway that that one million so 
we still have 650 000 here in the urine wallet   and then we have um just over 1 million in in 
properties and we have an annual income here   of 23 000.

So i thought that was pretty sweet so 
that's kind of the the left side of things okay   right moving your xrp over and doing this now 
obviously if the value of xrp goes up and down   that amount will change you might have less or 
or whatever extra p that that amount will change   here that value it will just mean that you will 
be able to borrow more or less maybe instead of   three properties you have one maybe you'll have 
ten i don't know but like the the grand picture   like still works okay so that's here okay now 
we get into i guess the the meat and potatoes   and probably what you all came for so very briefly 
um what i'll do here as well i've explained like   transferring your money from xrp ledger over to 
flare networks in a different video so i'm not   going to go into that right now not into all the 
details and i will link that video up here however   and there you go um so for the sake of time xrp 
gets transferred over here to fxrp and it is now   on um flair networks um so at this at the launch 
of flare networks you will have your spark tokens   you'll have your fxrp okay now before i dig into 
this i'm just going to go down and start with the   songbird network and experimental x5 
because they will be released first   okay so we get our songbird tokens what do we do 
with them well as you can see here we've got one   two three four different options um just like on 
flair networks songbird network will also have a   time series oracle i believe it's going 
to be called stso which stands for song   songbird time series oracle instead of ftso 
which stands for flair time series oracle   um so what we could do here is we could delegate 
our vote and by delegating our vote we could then   earn more songword okay now that songbird we 
can then use for multiple things as well uh you   could put i haven't actually drawn a line here 
but you could put it in flare x and swap it for   for canary dollars what i've done here is put it 
into a flare form okay so songbird we can also put   it into flarex and swap it here for canary dollars 
as you kind of mentioned a minute ago if it came   from here but we can do that from the start 
straight away of course we can also use that song   word follow this blue line here put it into fair 
loans as collateral just like we did with nexo   and then take out a loan right backed by 
our songbird so in that case we kind of   have have our songbird put in as collateral and 
we've we've taken out a loan in canary dollars   um you can then obviously use those canary dollars 
for whatever you want maybe you want to use it in   flair farm maybe you want to do something else 
with it i don't know and then the last option i   have here is your songbird you can put it into 
flair farm now when it comes to farming as well   here on experimental finance and with um up here 
with with flare finance when it comes to farming   there's there's multiple ways to do it right 
you've got a single token farming pools and you've   got a dual token farming pools rewards will be 
different for both risk will be different for both   and so on i'm not going to dive into the 
the difference right now because that would   really um prolong this video a lot and 
i don't want to do that i just want to   give a general overview in this video and 
i will then create additional stuff based   on all of your questions right but for 
now just know that you can do this stuff   now i have got a couple of questions myself which 
i'm not i haven't completely figured out yet um   that will happen here on the experimental finance 
as well as on um up here with with flare finance   and it's it's about the wrapped part like you'll 
see it here in gray i actually haven't added it   down here i'll i'll do so and i really would like 
someone from flair finance to come out and explain   if this is possible i've asked it on twitter 
but they have not replied um you have a choice   do you want to use your songbird for the time 
series oracle or do you want to use your songbird   in safe farming and there is i believe a third 
option and it is to do both at the same time   however in that case you would have to wrap 
your songbird so this is something that i need   to learn more about but this is how i understand 
it at the moment because flair finance themselves   are a time series oracle um actually you know what 
i'm going to go into the depth this a little bit   more up here i believe it's going to be it'll 
be the same here but i'll just rather cover it   up here in infrared finance because then we can 
have the whole picture um just just to keep in   mind here i believe that if you were to wrap 
your songbird you could have it in fair farm   and then at the same time earn the oracle 
rewards as well as um earn and the the   the benefits like say from from from farming okay 
now there is a reward i think it's one million uh   put up at the moment um for taking part in farming 
on experimental finance on top of song word and   that um that reward will be paid out in songbird 
dflr what you'll then be able to do when the   platform goes live you will be able to take this 
dflr all right and let's follow this this line   here and you'll be able to exchange it for flared 
dflr okay so this is i'm just going to leave this   experimental kind of platform here once again it's 
a sandbox it's experimental but it will have real   value because of the limited amount of tokens and 
the tokens are needed um in order to to use it and   obviously supply demand you know how it works okay 
so i'm just going to stop covering this and go on   to the real thing now because it is basically 
the same but better okay so now we've moved   up here we're now on flair networks and flare 
finance we have our spark tokens we have our dflr   we have our fxrp right there are the three tokens 
that we now have have here when it comes to your   fxrp you can obviously use it for farming you can 
put it into flare x to swap it for something else   um completely up to you um once again depending on 
if it's a single token farming pool or if it's a   dual farming pool a dual token farming pool risks 
are different and we also have to keep in mind   stuff like impermanent loss now all of that i will 
cover in additional videos if you'd like me to   um but for now just know that you could 
put it in here in flower farm you could   then earn yield thin with it with that yield fin 
obviously i've went through these loops before   right in in in a previous video without yield 
fin then you can put it say into fair loans   from mutual and so on and these are all loops that 
will loop back so that will speed up the process   now one thing that i've added is that yield fin 
that you earn together with the yield flare right   so the yfr and the wifi um are used or can be 
used for governance taking all right when you   do that um you will earn um yeah like i believe 
it's uh yfn yflr and all of the uh f assets   so then when you earn them here what you can 
do is you can put them back in here in in flare   farm right so you kind of just have one big loop 
again here now i i know that you're probably um   like accessing this i like this is gonna 
be another video as well i'm gonna just go   i want to keep it high level here today but like 
how this all works um you will not access it   through say very mutual what i just mean here is 
that you could then uh earn the yield fin that you   earn if a mutual you could use it here for the 
governance and you could obviously use all of   this as well if you wanted to but i want to see 
like in the beginning specifically i want to try   everything and see what um generates the best 
returns and then i might fine tune it as i go   go okay but just know that's 
possible okay so that is the fxrp   we now also have spark so this is what i 
wanted to touch on earlier when it came   to that wrapping right so your spark tokens 
you can put that in fluorex you can swap it   for stuff right you can also put them into flair 
farm once again think about the single token   dual token farming pools like um that's stuff for 
another video but just know that you can do that   and now it gets interesting it's these gray 
lines and this is stuff what i kind of said   i was confused about not confused i like i need 
them to confirm it so the guaranteed way that   i know is you can take your spark tokens and you 
can just delegate your vote in the ftso you will   then earn flr and at flr you can then put in um 
say flair farm for instance right or in flower   access swap or whatever but like you you can do 
whatever you want with that what you've earned   however what i would like to do is both i would 
like to take my spark put them in flair farm   earn yield and at the same time i'd like 
to earn um the oracle rewards from the fdso   now a lot of people think that that's that is 
possible but it's not you'd have to wrap it   right so wflr is a term that we haven't heard a 
lot in our community but it's basically wrapped   spark right wrapped flr um f um spark token 
as i understand it um just like normal flr   can't do much it can obviously be transferred it 
can be used for paying fees um and i think that's   pretty much it however when you wrap it you get to 
do all the cool stuff with it so that cool stuff   could be for one ftso now because flair finance 
has its own um ftso all right time series oracle   i believe that it will be possible to 
wrap your spark put it in flair farm   use flare farms ftso to still earn the 
rewards now i need flair finance to to   confirm that they will actually give us those 
rewards if we do this and if this is possible   now something that has to be mentioned here is 
that when you um how to explain his best yeah so   you're able to delegate your vote and un-delegate 
it like pull it back out as often as you want   right you can change that around you can do 
all that stuff however you're only able to   delegate your vote um to three different um time 
series oracles um as once from a single wallet   okay so you might have three of them that which 
you might want to use um and that is possible   you could put one third of your spark uh you can 
delegate one third of your the your spark votes to   say ftso one uh another third ftso2 and another 
third to ftso3 fine you can do that however you   could not then also do it to afford obviously 
in case of this example because you've nothing   left but also save you you were to divide it by 5 
and put 20 everywhere that would not be possible   right maximum of three so now we can do another 
issue with flare farm so whoever holds the wrapped   spark gets to choose right they have the power 
so when you have it you're able to delegate it   however when say in this case fair finance 
would have it they get to delegate it right   so my point here is that you can then no longer 
choose which ftso you're going to use you'll   have to accept that flair finance will choose 
it now and also because if they have it in one   wallet they will also only be able to use three 
different ftsos at one time right this is as far   as i all i understand this i hope i'm explaining 
it correctly for you guys um which means that i   might have three in mind someone else hate my tree 
in mind and someone else have another tree in mind   which will not be possible because if we all put 
in our whatever we our wishes flair finance will   simply not be able to do it because it's 
more than then allowed so that being said   if what i think would be allowed is allowed you 
could then have your wrapped spark tokens here   in flair farm flair finance would then delegate it 
to whoever they wish the only thing that i'd like   to know is would they return the rewards to us if 
they do then you'll get your double rewards right   you could get your rewards from the um from 
yield from farming and also from the fda's o   okay that's kind of the wrapped part please if 
i say anything here that's incorrect feel free   to correct me i'm not here to convince you of 
me being correct i am here to learn just like   all of you but i want us to to figure this out and 
work together okay so now we've covered our spark   we've covered our um fxrp and the next thing um 
then would be our uh dow flair right our dflr so   once we receive it this will be i'm doing all this 
at this off by heart and chatting away here so um if i am not mistaken one month 
after flare networks goes live   flair finance will have that snapshot and you 
will then get your dflr and when you get your dfr   you'll have between five and seven days to swap it 
on flair x right after that this becomes useless   okay so that's something that you have 
to keep an eye on now when you swap it   obviously then the um you'll swap it for for 
yflr and then that yflr you'll be able to do   um obviously swap it for other tokens here in 
flair x but you could also say put that in flare   farm as well and once again i'm going to stress it 
it all depends on the possibilities when it comes   to single token farming pools and dual token 
farming pools um we might not start off with   um the possibility that that we have all 
of them in say single token farming pools   but then who knows when we would through 
voting whatever that might all happen   so that's kind of a very high level overview 
here of this um this is probably too much to   take in in one go i understand it and as i 
said i'm also going to be adding stuff like   uh notes to this as well and then to use your 
rewards from nodes um i think the kind of to sum   up like this this here a couple of things 
so if you would like to to use like them   or have to have this as a whole as a sheet to 
kind of play around with the mess around yourself   uh once again please check it out in the patreon 
it's it will be there um once i've uploaded this   i'll also create a google sheet to actually fill 
in the calculations as as far as they're known   as well this left side here will be pretty easy 
the right side not so much until it's all live   and but i guess the the main thing here is 
like once you have your xrp you've got a choice   do you want to go left in to say centralized 
finance or right into decentralized finance   um both have their cons and 
their boat have their benefits   um yeah i think that's all i want to touch on 
now and i'd love to get your feedback um if you   like this video guys please do give it a thumbs 
up a lot of time effort goes into this stuff   subscribe if you want to stay up to date 
with the rest because i will be sharing more   um pretty soon and obviously i'll be giving 
you updates along the way feel free to ask   all questions that's what i'm here for and yeah 
have a great great day guys all right goodbye you

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