My investment income in Smart Trade Coin GO Crypto trading tools BOT Report on the last 21 day JAN21

Hello . In today's video, I'd like to show you the results of my Smart Trade GO cryptocurrency trading tools From the last 22 days from 1 to 22 January First of all, it is not an investment advice It just shows my path to passive income. Before taking any action, read the regulations (found below the video) Ok. At the moment I have 7 trading tools in the set. Five of them are in Bitcoin, two in etehreum the first column shows the investment amount.
The second one how much Bot has earned for us so far and the last one is working time we also have the option to display the amount converted to USDT my total investment in smart trade go is currently $ 9,500 This is the results of the last 22 days.

19 times the day ended with a profit and only 3 days the bots took a loss I wrote achievements in excel For a total of 22 days I went out to plus $ 477.51 !! for Polish, about 1,800 zlotys This is my best result so far. Let there be as many weeks as possible. Of course, it's up to you whether it's a lot or a little.  In my last video you can see my income from December 1st to December 31st.

If you have any questions, you will find a link to the contact form below the video Thanks for watching. That's all for today Good luck and see you in the next material soon. See You.

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