My Ethereum Price Prediction for 2021 (Money Making Crypto Flipping Bitcoin)

it's all eyes on bitcoin right now after a super bullish couple of weeks yep rocktober is more than living up to the hype talking etf mania the highest weekly closing market history and actually by the time this recording we just smashed through resistance making an all-time high for bitcoin there's no denying that bitcoin is king right now dominance is climbing the stairway to heaven while the alts are biting the dust on the highway to hell but don't worry you gotta remember the market cycles we're in phase one right now meaning if bitcoin is king then ethereum is queen biding her time before a face melting solo in phase two the beginning of a kind of call and response with the rest of the large cap alts it's only october and mercury is in retrograde so while your altcoin portfolios might be looking a bit static right now you might be feeling under pressure to go all in on bitcoin but you've got to be patient hold on and buckle up this party's only getting started let's get it welcome to bitboy crypto the largest and greatest crypto community and all the interwebs my name is ben everyday on this channel i show you how to make money in crypto if you like money and crypto be sure to hit that subscribe button in this video we break down the latest on the ethereum blockchain and i update my 2021 price prediction for ethereum ethereum is evaporating into the ether right now and i'm not just referring to the two billion dollars worth that's been scorched since the ip1559 no i'm talking about a massive drop in ethereum exchange reserves that can only mean one thing an incoming supply shock why because people aren't selling in fact they're taking their precious ether off the exchanges and saving it for a rainy day that's in spite of the fact that over 97 of all ethereum holders are in profit right now meanwhile the whales are hungry check out this data from coinbase showing a huge spike in outflows last week to the tune of 400 000 eth or 1.5 billion dollars that's not just a whale that's a monstro levels of institutional activity we're seeing right now are huge unchained data shows serious amounts of ease being moved around most likely being split up into multiple wallets so when the big boys are scooping up billions of dollars worth of ease and putting it in cold storage while almost every single token holder is clearly in the green well you don't have to be a genius economist figure out what happens next speaking of great minds someone who's selling their ethereum right now is tv host and leading candidate as a potential lizard person jim cramer he recently announced that he'd be selling off a portion of his eth as the upcoming launch of a bitcoin futures etf in the us could mark a near-term top for crypto markets look i'm all in for taking profits but then this is the guy who sold almost all of his bitcoin in june june when we were telling you to hodl and who begged his viewers to sell their crypto in light of the evergreen fudge just a month ago i mean he's got such paper hands i'm amazed he can even button his shirt however he's not the only crypto pundit weighing in on ether this week as dallas mavericks under mark cuban said he believed that out of all the crypto assets it was ethereum that clearly had the most upside potential i agree with him that's because as he put it vitalik will figure it out i mean it's hard not to agree with cuban on this one after all the human super computer elian and ethereum founder recently made time magazine's 100 most influential people of the year for his innovation to the rap genre proof of stake is hard but what i do know is when we learn a shard we'll but let's get serious for a second it's hard if not impossible not to be bullish as ever on ethereum given that 2.0 yo could be coming sooner than expected according to tim vico the code might be complete by february next year with a merged proof of stake on the beacon chain likely to follow four months later which is why the nerds at ethereum have voted to delay the difficulty bomb until june 2022 a proposal that will effectively make mining unviable at that time this all comes only a week or so before the altair upgrade is due to take effect later this month the first mainnet upgrade to the beacon chain which according to a recent official blog post offers a kind of warm-up in advance to the merge so what's that upgrade going to mean from a user perspective well as outlined in a recent article from coindesk not only will e 2.0 make ethereum way more energy efficient it will also mark your transition away from economies of scale what does that mean well it'll allow users with smaller investments to become validators on the network which in turn should reduce centralization and improve security as they become more widespread and while the mood proof of stake won't necessarily have an immediate impact on gas fees or speed it will lay the groundwork for sharding which will ultimately see the network load shared across 64 separate chains massively increasing throughput and speed speeds that could reach as high as 100 000 transactions per second in short the merge is going to be scary stuff for the so-called eath killers yep it's hard to believe that this guy created a coin that's going to at least eight thousand dollars this cycle at the time of this recording just crossed over 4k there's no doubt about it in spite of the many delays confidence in 2.0 remains high as ever with a deposit contract now showing approximately 28 billion dollars in east being staked and zooming out into the wider device space ethereum is capturing a huge 69 percent of total value lock across all different chains totaling no less than 130 billion dollars this is all super bullish you can be sure that as soon as we interface two of the market cycle money starts pouring into ethereum well it's gonna break break free in a serious way and yes it's still totally possible we'll see the market cap flipping at some point this cycle a possible catalyst could be rumors of an upcoming ethereum etf i know i know it's literally been a few days since a bitcoin futures etf was approved but already people are getting excited about the prospect of the sec allowing an eth tf after all they've already said ethereum is in a security and while i'm not sure it'll happen that quickly it's clearly the next in line so much so that the applications with the sec are currently pending including one from krypton and gemini trust company who've offered to serve as custodians and hold the trust ethereum yup this isn't even futures etfs we're talking about it's a spot etf which means that given dirty gary ginsler is in charge of the show wouldn't it all be surprised to see it rejected the current time but here's something to think about forget outcomes the hype alone around a possible ethereum etf could easily send ethan to the stratosphere in the coming months talking north of 10 000 possibly it's high 12 14 15 000 and what if an eventual rejection from the sec is the killer blow that sends it crashing back down clear-cut case to buy the rumor and sell the news which is exactly what happened to bitcoin back in 2018.

who knows but i can totally see it happening definitely something we'll be keeping an eye on in the next couple of months in the meantime i'll just say this don't be like jim craig and definitely do not sell your ethereum when it's still off its all-time high when this thing pops it's going to be like getting full-sized candy bars on halloween that's all i got be blessed [Music] you.

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