My $10 Million Crypto Portfolio REVEALED (Shocking Holdings)

everyone wants to know what's in my portfolio sometimes i wonder myself if you watch my appearance on graham stefan's podcast you have discovered that sometimes even i have a hard time figuring it out i decided it was time to pull my wallets together and show you the bit squad what exactly i own we're gonna go where no other youtuber has gone before us we're gonna show you the literal dollar amounts of each coin that we own no one is going to give you guys the transparency that we provide on this channel and hopefully we can give you guys some guidance on how to set up your portfolio let's get it bid swap is the hottest new way to trade tokens probably all the top decentralized exchanges this web gets you the very best price and value for your trades bitswap is changing the game try it now at welcome to bitboycrypto the largest crypto channel in all the interwebs my name is ben everyday on this channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money in crypto make sure to go ahead and hit that subscribe button which also makes you eligible for our full bitcoin giveaway you can find the details on that down below in the video description now in this video we're going to be discussing my personal crypto portfolio and you have to understand certainly changes a lot constantly adding new projects but also if you enjoy these videos showing you my personal crypto strategies make sure to go ahead and smash the like button so we know you enjoy this type of content as we get into the portfolio you will notice several things first and foremost you will see that our top overall holding is bitcoin this is not the case for a long time i've been extremely alt-heavy for most of my time in cryptocurrency i think all coins are the easiest and most explosive way to make your portfolio pop for people coming into crypto who may already have money who are able to put let's say six figures or even close to that in it's important for them to have some exposure to bitcoin in most cases 25 to 50 percent of your portfolio should be in bitcoin that's at least kind of the standard line that most people tell you but if you're trying to flip a few thousand dollars into six figures then bitcoin just isn't gonna get you there our number two and number three holdings are ethereum and cardano i believe picking the top crypto projects out there gives you the absolute best opportunity to stay balanced and have a stronger portfolio why well the volatility and risk of top projects is much lower than that of projects say outside the top 20 or top 100.

Even if you're looking to degen out on some low cap coins you need exposure to the top coins out there the gains are still great and the risk is much lower this is the type of advice i even give my own family so definitely it's what i strongly believe in you must have a top coin heavy portfolio but something else you'll notice is that my portfolio has a lot of coins in it like a lot like probably too much you guys will find that we don't own every single coin that we ever make an altcoin video about some point you run into a lack of money in an over diversification problem in a perfect world i'd own seven figures of every coin known to man that just isn't feasible keep in mind though that i've got an eight-figure portfolio so i can afford more exposure to more assets but honestly even i feel like i'm a little too over diversified but it is what it is it's probably not the most optimal way honestly and looking at it makes me think about maybe trimming it some but these coins are like my babies so i don't know who would get cut survivor style you should file this though under do what i say and not as i do category for your portfolio though most of you should keep it somewhere between about five and 20 coins at most especially if you have a portfolio size between a thousand and ten thousand dollars for 10k or less i would heavily suggest five to eight coins at the most the reason for this is pretty simple if you have one thousand dollars and you own 100 coins you just aren't going to be able to make massive gains if a coin 10 x's which takes forever outside of altcoin season then you could add like nine percent to your portfolio i say it all the time crypto's cyclical so your coins in your portfolio will come around and pump during the bull run and when it happens you want to be able to make the big gains you're not just in it for the tech am i right oh you are well i think you're on the wrong channel for the rest of you it's pivotal that when your coins pump you take the most advantage of that as possible those are the sweetest times in crypto and they will be gone before you know it if you want a video by the way where i show you how to construct optimal portfolios please just let me know so right before we get into the actual portfolio itself i do probably have a little bit more crypto floating out there in random wallets and this also doesn't include my buy bit and trading portfolios which after last night are doing pretty well themselves this is our huddling portfolio but the point is to the best of my knowledge this is just about everything that we hold so here we go okay guys this is uh the moment that you have waited for here we go we're gonna show you the full portfolio this is pretty intense there we go there you guys see it uh for you guys that thought we were billionaires um we're very sorry to disappoint you but this is our our portfolio right now you guys can see number one we have bitcoin coming in uh we have ethereum at number two cardano at number three polka dot at number four ever that it gets a little interesting we do have some uh some ave in the graph we told you those are some of our biggest holdings uh chain link oh my god look at this coin wow it hasn't changed in the last 24 hours usd coin uh so yeah we do have some dollars in the account an ethernet chain we've been talking about a lot lately this is one that uh we are really big fans of and we think it's going to do really well that's why we're investing in obviously and then synthetics uh elrond uniswap compound cosmos you guys can see from there we have some projects we're partners with cartesi dex kit ferrum network um other coins we're fans of theta network v chain uh then another one we're advisor for yf die you guys can see we do still have strong holdings in frontier we love frontier we think it's a good long term play uh solano tezos avalanche uh you guys can just see the whole thing right there iost still holding a little iost i think the iost people are mad at me but is what it is uh so then we've got uh benchmark protocol that's what we're going to be talking about uh in the future another project we're in advisor for smart key you guys can see we have a lot of tokens so um you guys can see we have mantra dow apy finance we've talked about that one a few times uh and then it kind of gets down here to where it starts getting to turn into dust here in a second uh but there it is guys that is this is the whole portfolio right now uh like i said in the video we do have uh some you know we still got money in private sales that are out there in other places and then of course we have our buy bit portfolio but in terms of what we hold this is it and look look how many pennies of projects we have uh but guys that's it so let's check out um a chart you guys want to see the chart here you guys can see uh the pie chart of what we have in our percentages we have bitcoin is 30 of our portfolio right now we have ethereum is 22 other is fifteen point five eight percent uh that's gonna be all your smaller coins and then cardano ten point nine two percent uh dot five percent of a three percent grt three percent uh three percent in dollars that's a long story chain link two and a half percent uh ern one point four seven percent e gold and synthetics those are going to be our main holdings you guys can see a heat map right here on uh you know what's happened in the last 24 hours of it uh these are our most uh profitable coins our most profitable coins here are uh cardano is our number one most profitable coin we've ever had and you are in and i think that ern is going to end up actually being number one uh here in the near future you guys can see uh nimik you guys might remember we talked about nimik a lot don't really cover it as much anymore but it was very profitable while we wrote it over the summer uh and things like that you guys can see down here coins with the biggest losses uh ave we kind of bottle off the top of that and then uh ethereum i don't know why it's showing ethereum with one of the most losses i guess just because it's been lagging lately but that's it guys that's the entire portfolio um and uh i don't think anybody's ever done this before you got people that have shown you percentages uh but we literally showed you the dollar amounts we're the most transparent youtube channel out there period and i don't think anybody can question that at this point so you guys let me know what you think drop your comments down below what do you guys think about this portfolio um do you guys think it's a good one uh do you guys think there's some coins that we're missing i just want to know what you guys think uh the one thing i will say that is not on that is not on here for sure is uh cro i keep my cro uh in my uh my uh wallet uh i spend a lot of that actually to be honest with you uh that's you know we we actually spend crypto so uh that is the one coin you guys might be like why is that not on there it's because i did not link that so i did forget that just thought about that while i was on here but that's the one coin that uh we do own that's not on here and i think i probably have about ten thousand dollars worth of that right now so all right guys let me know what you think drop those comments down below no going back from here that's all i got be [Music] blessed [Music] you

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