My #1 Secret For Picking The Best Altcoins

If you guys have been following the BitBoy Crypto YouTube channel, for 2020, then you know we have grown at an unprecedented rate. People say, why has my channel grown so much? Well, a lot of it is just pure hard work. But another part of it is my picks have been more successful than anybody else's over this last year. And there's one reason, one thing that totally changed the way that I pick coins.

It made me a lot of money. And it made you guys even more money. It's called Token Metrics. And today, I sit down with Ian Balina
and Bill Noble of Token Metrics to discuss a huge change that is going to rock the trading world. And we're gonna tell you how you can sign up for Token Metrics for 40% off. Let's get it. BitSwap is the hottest new way to trade tokens. Crawling all the top decentralized exchanges, BitSwap gets you the very best price and value for your trades. BitSwap is changing the game. Try it now at Hey, guys! Okay. I'm joined with Ian Balina
and Bill Noble of Token Metrics. You guys know this has been
a smash hit on the channel. And we got a very special deal for Token Metrics coming on a little bit later on the show. You gotta stay.

Black Friday deal. We're gonna give you guys the information on that. But, Welcome to the show, guys. Thank you. Great to be back. Hey, thanks for having us. Absolutely. So, let me set this up real quick. Okay? I reached out to Ian a couple months ago because the Token Metrics picks I had been using, the research, the last 2-3 months, they had not been doing great. Okay? Now, obviously, the entire crypto market was not doing great. I don't know if you guys could tell, there was a big kind of mini
DeFi bubble that popped you know, a couple months ago
and affected the whole market. Obviously, things are now back on the upswing. When I reached out to Ian, I said,
"Ian, what are we supposed to do? Like, Token Metrics has been so valuable,
so important to people on this channel, and the last couple of months, like,
the whole market is down. How– Is there a way that we can do something to where
people are still making money with Token Metrics?" And you guys actually had something in development, and I want to give you guys the opportunity to explain what that is and how it can help people no matter
what's happening in the market.

Yeah. So, on Friday, we have a huge launch
of a new AI called the Quant Grade. This takes performance metrics, basically quantitative data points that quant funds use, data points such as Sharpe ratio, max drawdown, skew, outlier, taking all these different technical factors and creating a whole new grading system based off of this. And currently, in our testing,
this AI is better than anything we have. And the cool thing about it is
we can now ingest coins automatically, from CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, in real time and rate them and grade them based on our AI, based on whatever time horizon
you want to invest a trade in. Why is that big? Because one of the feedback
we got from customers was while doing code reviews and everything's good, we're missing those hidden gems. – Those low cap gems.

/ – Yeah. – By the time you cover them, they already pumped.
– I told you– I told you that like 9 months ago! – I told ya. It was me!
– Yeah, yeah! – Yeah, it was you, BitBoy. Alright. So,
– Give me some credit, Ian. Let's go! BitBoy has been very instrumental
in helping us improve the product. So, now, we can automatically rate new coins as they're being added
on CoinMarketCap, on CoinGecko. That's powerful because now
we can find those low cap gems.

– Yeah.
– For example, on our last livestream, we covered pNetwork. That coin is already up 50%. And it's under $10 million market cap. So being able to find those hidden gems, those micro cap gems very quickly and having it all fully automated, and the cool thing is, everything works based on the AI. The app can go through and measure the risk
to return for each investment. And this is a gamechanger. Yeah. Now, if you guys want to sign up,
make sure you guys sign up at That's a link that supports the channel and get you a good deal, which we'll talk about here in a few minutes. But I think– man, the timing for you guys coming out with this, it couldn't be any better because we had a couple months, things were down, everything was down, people's portfolios were getting pushed to the to the bottom of the earth, – you know, and now,
– Yeah, we solved that issue.

– You solved it.
– So, Which you're coming out with this at the perfect time
because we all see what's coming in the market. Bill, what do you think is coming in the market right now? How are you feeling about the overall market in general? The crypto market is completely mispriced. Everything you see out there, from the big caps,
which I believe is the future of money and the replacement for the five big fiat coins or the five big fiat currencies. Right? So, you know, euro, yen, dollar,
Swiss franc, Canadian dollar get replaced in people's minds with, you know, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dash, Zcash.

– The future of money.
– I like that you said Dash. – I like Dash pretty good right now.
– Right. The future of money and then there's
the future of technology investing. No, folks. It's not FANG stocks and Tesla. It's altcoins and DeFi. On this idea of how to manage risk
when the market goes down, this quant grade, it's the stuff that institutions use. So, when you look at our indices and if you
see our indices switch into stablecoins, okay, that's one warning signal to get out. – Yeah. / – Right? So, we can help people, you know, escape these for vortexes. But frankly, if you're asking me about my market prediction, when everybody's afraid of the vortex, right? Everyone in August was like, "When should I buy?" – Yeah.
– And now, I'm getting calls, and everyone's like, "When should I sell?" And my attitude is 2022. – Right? So,
– Oooooh! Don't– Don't say that. We don't believe that on this channel.

We believe September 28, 2021. That's the day. We have an exact date on this channel. That's the day. It's my brother's birthday. I hate my brother. Okay, so, I had to choose his birthday to sell everything. I'm just kidding. I love my brother. He's a great guy. But if you do what's called the Golden Bull Cycle Ratio, you'll see that– I don't know if you guys know about this. Do you? Have you guys heard of this? We've been talking cycles on it on our – livestream a little bit.
– Yeah. Yeah. So, basically, there is– The amount of weekly candles in between
the bottom of the bear market to the halving, and then from the halving to the top of the bull market, it's never veered off by more than one week, in all three Bitcoin cycles.

It's completely symmetrical. So, because of that, you can basically
do the math and figure out it's 504 days. Somebody worked that out at some point, 504 days from the halving to the peak of
the market, which would be September 28. Now, obviously, it may or may not happen on that day. That's– That's the number we're really focused on here at this channel. We're not gonna tr– We're not trying to manifest
the bottom of the mark– or the top of the market, but if we do it, you know, whatever. I put it first, right? Yeah, that's right.

That's right. So, okay, so, listen. That's cool. The prediction on the market,
people are wondering when to sell, it's very interesting because it's like we're getting
a lot of publicity, a lot of hype right now, but it's the beginning of the cycle.
We still got plenty of time left. Look, it may go on to 2022. If it does, it'd do something different
than Bitcoin's ever done before, but we're seeing different things
than we've ever seen done before, but I always caution people like we thought that last time too.

So, going back to the quant and the AI stuff, that can protect people when the market does plunge because people forget that it's very common to see 20-30% drops even in the midst of a bull market because it can't possibly sustain these pumps up up up up up forever. So, do– I think you got a demo you want
to show us kind of on how these– how the AI and the quant indices work? – Yes.

So let me put that up here.
– Alright. Well, let's check that out. You guys don't forget, we will be going over
a big sale they've got going on here in a minute. is where to sign up for Token Metrics. We swear by Token Metrics. We love it. So, what we're doing with the Quant Grade, we're taking these metrics on the performance
of every altcoin and cryptocurrency and Bitcoin in our platform. And we measure how well does
cryptocurrency perform versus Bitcoin? So, basically, asking the the old question of, Will this help you make more Bitcoin? Because people in crypto who are on alts
are also trying to stack either more Ethereum or more Bitcoin. Yeah. So we go through all these metrics, the return, the Sharpe ratio, the drawdown, all these metrics, put them into the AI, have it figured out, depending on what time horizon you want to invest in, and then creating a grade for that.

And the AI is learning every single day, getting smarter and optimizing because what works now, what'll work a day from now, a week from now, a month from now, for example, back in 2017, – what worked then is not working now.
– Absolutely. So we take alt– we take all of that. And we make everything into one simple holistic grade. So, for example, if you're– a value investor,
a HODLer wants to HODL for one year, – right now, Synthetix is the best investment
– Wow! based on the Quant Grade, – based on all those metrics.
– Yeah. But if you're somebody who wants to only HODL for a month or trade for a month, Synthetix is still a pretty good investment, but it's not the best investment. – Yeah.
– So we're gonna go through all these different cryptocurrencies, import them from CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, and get them these grades in real time based on your time horizon.

And if you're a trader, if you want to day trade Synthetix right now, it's not a good time to do that. – Oh, man.
– So, everything we're doing is fully automated based on the AI, based on actual data. So, we're also taking out the human element out of it. So, now, it won't be biased. Now, it's looking purely at data. There's no human biases. And the cool thing of this is we can now ingest coins automatically and rate them and find those hidden gems based on how well they move. That's phenomenal. I– you know, like I said, we talked
a while back about the hidden gems, you know, you got to have a way
to unearth those things. And, you know, having that in real time where they pop up on CoinGecko, – they got automatically rated like, man, that's–
– Yeah. that has been what I think the biggest thing
missing from Token Metrics, it's been because you guys are focused on the bigger coins.

You know? And, hey! They're bigger. They're more reputable. You know, that's good, but, you know, there's a lot– people want those little gems. – You know?
– Yeah. And, also, we have one of the cool thing
we're launching on Friday. So, we're taking the guant grade
and turning that into AI indices that are specific to different exchanges. We'll have one for just Uniswap, for Binance, for Coinbase, for all exchanges.

So, for example, if you want to just Degen
in DeFi on Uniswap coins, we can have a quant grade
only for indices on that platform. And this is something our customers
have also been telling us to create. And that's launching on Friday as well. And we'll also be launching SMS and text alerts, plus email alerts. So, if you want to get a text message when a coin on Uniswap is pumping, we'll do that for you on our platform. And that's also a gamechanger. That's good. That's good. So, when your girlfriend says, "Let me see that text!" It'll be about tokens, about making money.

You're like, "This is how I get you that Gucci bag." You know what I'm saying? – Absolutely.
– Right. You can tell them Token Metrics made you into a one-person hedge fund. That's right! Absolutely. – She probably won't know what that means.
– Right. But all she cares about is, "Can I get that Louis mask?" – You know what I mean?
– Yeah. So, well, that's good. Well, let's talk about the sale because we got a huge sale going on with Token Metrics.

Absolutely humongous because look, you got short plans, you got long plans. The long plans you pay at one time, it can add up! You know, obviously, where people there
are trying to get their money up to begin with, It can be a big investment for them. So, what do we have going on with the
Token Metrics Black Friday Sale starting today? – The day this is published.
– Yeah. Yeah, so, on Black Friday, between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can get 40% off of Token Metrics. That's 40% off over 4 days on Token Metrics. So, to say thank you because this is
also our one-year birthday anniversary. We launched Token Metrics on Black Friday last year. So, as a way to show appreciation, as a token of gratitude, you can get 40% off by becoming a customer. And this also applies to current customers as well. So, if you're up for renewal, if you want to extend your plan, you also get 40% off.

Just use BitBoy's link down below. We make it really easy around here
for our people to get the deals. Okay? So, I think 40% off is huge for this. You guys can get– You know, you can pay monthly,
pay yearly, whatever it is. You definitely get a good deal
when you use, you know, my link. And you get the 40% off. Now, also, for people that want to renew, right? Yes. So, if you want to renew, just go to, go to the support, email us support at, and we'll take care of you because there's a manual process to it because if you're already a customer, but if you want to renew, we'll take care of that.

Yeah. So, if you're already a customer, you want to renew, you can go in through the website and make it happen. So, Bill, what do you– What do you think? What do you think
the advantages are of using Token Metrics? We'll end with this. Okay. So, new people, they're gonna come to Coinbase, okay, and they're going to go, "Wow, I want in on altcoins. What should I do?" They're going to be able to hit our indices. Okay? Get reputable you know, allocations, analysis from the team. Alright? And then they've got
an instant legacy-like experience, except it's crypto. – Yeah.
– And then there's the crowd that may be already in Coinbase or Binance and wants to be, you know, wants to
take a shot at the Uniswap casino. Okay? And rather than be in a casino or get scammed, okay, our quant system is going to get them involved. Right? Because that's– that's what people want.

So, whatever stage you're in, we have a quant grade that can create an index for you. And I'm very confident that
this will be super successful because out of the entire year, every single month, we picked
huge winners with Token Metrics until– I guess it was Aug– September, August and September, I think
where things started taking a dip, but, of course, it was marketwide. We were outperforming the market for 9 months. Dramatically. It wasn't even close. That's actually like, I think Token Metrics has a huge thing– a huge part to play when it came to growing my channel because my monthly picks that I was making
with Token Metrics were knocking out of the park so hard that people said, "Wait, maybe BitBoy actually knows
what he's talking about." But I didn't! I just use Token Metrics.

That's all that it was. So, guys, Ian and Bill, it's always fun
when you guys come on the show. I love you, guys. You guys are awesome. So, like I said, You guys check it out. Really excited to see what happens. And, guys, thanks for coming on the show. Hey, thanks for having us. Likewise. Alright, guys. That's all I got. Be blessed. BitBoy out..

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