MUST SEE! Why VeChain VET will hit $1 In The Near Future

vechain recently reached an all-time high of 0.27 it is pushing the boundaries of blockchain with its robust algorithm if it manages to continue its bull run we could see it touching the one dollar mark in the near future hi v chain lovers welcome to v-chain land your daily dose of v-chain if you're interested in everything around v-chain this is the place for you make sure to hit the like button and subscribe for us to provide you with more vj news and let us know in the comments how much you think v chain will cost next week let's get to it [Music] v-chain is a blockchain platform that's designed to enhance business processes and supply chain management its main aim is to streamline these processes and information flow for complex supply chains through the use of distributed ledger technology it was introduced in 2015 as part of shanghai-based blockchain as a service company bitsy vechain is a distributed business ecosystem leveraging blockchain technology it's specifically designed to be used by both small and big business it was founded in 2015 by the former cio of louis vuitton china sunny lou it was originally started as a subsidiary of bitsy which was one of china's largest blockchain companies it's one among the handful of blockchains that already has a substantial customer base among many established companies the v e n token function on the ethereum blockchain at first v-chain rebranded itself and transitioned onto its own blockchain in 2018.

The vechain whitepaper 2.0 states that these solutions are not just theoretical they are solutions tested and discussed with over 700 enterprises and implemented over a hundred plus fortune level enterprises their initial target is to disrupt the supply chain industry by making data actionable and transparent v-chain has its headquarters in singapore while it has an office in shanghai with investment from chinese vc firm futurecap and a chinese ceo sunny liu vechain is known for its deep ties to china which is a critical blockchain market that's pretty difficult to enter for non-chinese companies the project also has partnerships with many chinese government bodies which include the china animal health and food safety alliance the vechain foundation has also become the first blockchain based entity to join the china animal health and food safety alliance or cafa cafa is a government-backed organization that falls within the purview of the ministry of agriculture of the people's republic of china and includes some of the world's most recognizable brands such as mcdonald's and ibm china has suffered a number of scandals involving food safety cafa sets out to prevent such incidents from occurring as well as to ensure animal health vegan will assist the alliance in the development of its platform by connecting member organizations within china's food supply chain and offering technical support the chain token and v-chain thor energy are the two main distinct tokens in the vegan platform vechain thor is the public blockchain of v-chain v-e-t or v-chain tokens are used for financial transactions on the v-chain thor blockchain and market speculation vtho or vthor token is used to conduct transactions on v-chain thor v-e-t owners can generate vtho for use on the vechain thor blockchain v-chain token is used to transfer value across v chains network and v chain thought is used as energy or gas to power smart contract transactions single transactions on the v chain thor blockchain are able to carry out multiple tasks in addition to this v-chain app users don't have to hold any crypto to perform transactions this can be done instead by the app owners which can make the user experience more favorable for the average user the v chain thor blockchain uses proof of authority consensus which delegates power to certain nodes in the v chain thor blockchain or confirming transactions this means that it only passes transactional blocks through authority masternodes that need to hold at least 25 million v-e-t v-chain has been really active in sealing crucial deals and signing up strategic partnerships with companies of huge reputation in january 2018 dnvgl signed up with v-check for a digital assurance solution for the beverage and food industry as well as data and audit collection pricewaterhousecoopers which is a significant consulting and auditing verb signed up with vechain in may 2017 for providing its clients with improved product traceability and verification cuny and nagel has been in a partnership with vj since september 2016 for blockchain technology to make assets and parcels smarter they are furnishing luxury goods with a chip that contains a private key for reflecting ownership details on the blockchain one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world is working with vechain to develop a new blockchain based traceability platform bayer china revealed in an interview and it had chosen v chain as a tech provider for a new blockchain powered solution that will allow the firm to track clinical drugs across the supply chain known as c secure the system loads a batch number relating to a specific drug onto the blockchain each drug can then be tracked as it moves across the supply chain using timestamps and user identification information at different waypoints because of the immutable nature of the blockchain the data can't be changed by a non-permissioned third party all these partnerships and collaborations led to the massive growth of v chain with all their exciting partnerships vechain is definitely on the right track coin nest is the south korean cryptocurrency exchange and they added vechain thor to their trading platform and they're offering direct fiat to vet pairing while most of the major cryptocurrencies have been suffering recently v-chain continues to move sideways in the daily chart in the weekly and monthly chart it has a great 11.4 and 140 respectively and it's been trending opposite to the current general market sentiment vechain is currently on a bullish movement an anonymous trader v chain justin shared a chart on twitter and explained that vet had formed an inverse head and shoulders pattern on lower time frames this is generally an indication of a bearish to bullish reversal however this pattern was later invalidated and formed an ascending triangle pattern the ascending triangle pattern might lead to a likely breakout in the price action resistance is at 0.27 dollars while support across the low and mid range is at 0.2 dollars the fibonacci extension is pointing to a target of 0.34 on this price structure there are many reasons behind v-chain strong price action as we said earlier vechain already has many corporate partnerships partnerships from big companies like reynolds dnvgl price ward house coopers and many others are seeking to adopt or create their own products and solutions with vechain the rising popularity of vechain in china has also helped it a lot the national government of china has been very open about its support for vechain china bank tv channel shanghai media group reported that the interest in blockchain technology and its application on v chain thought has been growing considerably professor sd claims that the price targets like one dollar and 3.5 are an easy target for vet he also talked about three more factors that could lead to the increase in vet's price he believes that new partners namely byd buyer and bmw coming live on the platform and a potential listing on coinbase could also increase its price the omission of a vaccine passport with cyprus for european countries could also help it in easily achieving its price targets the et recently touched an all-time high of 0.27 with over 46 gains in just 24 hours this price search took place when vet poa 2.0 test net ran 2 500 transactions per block as we mentioned earlier vet has been performing really well over the past couple of days if all things go well and this trend continues v-chain could run along with the bulls and break the resistance level at 0.49 this could lead to prices as high as 0.68 if investors believe that v chain is a good investment for 2021 it could touch the dollar mark this year itself however if vechain cannot maintain its position with the bulls its bullish run could end soon it might fall along with the bears at the support level of 0.05 it should find a way to retrieve it quickly if it fails in doing so its price could fall even more as of may 17th vet is trading at a price of 0.1680 its price has been down by almost 9.7 in the last 24 hours it's currently ranked at 19 among other cryptos it has a maximum supply of 86.7 billion and a circulating supply of 65 billion vet coins even though vchen's price has reduced from its recent all-time high it could still reach 0.3 dollars by the end of may the price could remain stable at 0.3 until the mid of 2021.

With their partnerships with global giants v chain is looking to bring the advantages of smart contracts and decentralized applications to a large number of different industries when we take all this into consideration it is highly likely that v chain might reach 0.42 to 0.5 by the end of this year it might start the year 2022 with a price of 0.44 and continue to trade at that range until halfway through 2022 it could also rise up to 0.5 dollars in between by the end of the year it could climb to 0.7 or 0.8 however if all goes well for vet and it manages to continue its bullish trend we could see it touching the one dollar mark in 2022 itself v chain is all set to build a blockchain based platform that does not only limit itself to the digital world but also can integrate with the actual business ecosystems as well this would mean that the various enterprises could control various functions with the help of v-chain if everything goes as planned v-chain might even reach five dollars by the year 2025 let us know in the comments below when you think v-chain will hit one dollar and make sure to subscribe and give us a thumbs up see you next time at vegan [Music] land

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