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along with bitcoin and ethereum xrp which is from the parent company ripple is one of the top giants of the cryptocurrency market do you have investments in xrp or are you planning to do so then this video is for you hi voters welcome to the xrp vault the place where you can find everything on xrp [Music] make sure to hit the like button and subscribe for us to provide you with more xrp content let's get to it in recent years digital currencies are gaining popularity day by day report xrp is one of the world's most significant and most intriguing cryptocurrencies unlike bitcoin doge ethereum and other big names xrp does not market itself on its decentralization instead this crypto is closely aligned with many banks investment firms and businesses worldwide most of the old coins which have entered the market were designed to solve some of the problems which their founders believe could eventually limit the success of bitcoin the so-called king of cryptocurrency many such as bitcoin cash have focused on bitcoin's lack of scalability however ripple aimed at another defining feature of the crypto its decentralization the affiliation with banks and other firms may seem counterproductive when many traders believe the cryptocurrency's biggest selling point is its freedom from external companies much like ethereum xrp is commonly used to describe both its payment platform and native currency however crypto experts are increasingly claiming that this significant difference could be the critical factor behind ripple's success although the world of cryptocurrency can be notoriously difficult to predict some believe that ripple's xrp unique market position means it could escape some of the turbulence which could potentially shape the industry in the next few years introduced in 2012 xrp did a decent job in the market along with some impossibly unavoidable turbulence however in december 2020 the us sec issued a lawsuit against the xrp cryptocurrency project the sec filed a lawsuit against ripple over xrp alleging that the company held a 1.3 billion unregistered securities offering the suit contends that ripple should fall under sec regulations because it's a security not a currency since that moment things have been quite different a lot of exchanges most notably bitstamp which was even part of ripple's much talented odl network had suspended trading of xrp tokens until they got more regulatory clarity other exchanges were also on alert and could be following bitstamp in breaking or even delisting xrp tokens all of this has led to a huge price drop and a big divide among the xrp fans some of them are throwing in the towel selling at a loss and moving on from ripple on the other side we're seeing this as another opportunity to buy the dip and get xrp while it's cheap as some traders strongly believe the sec lawsuit will be dropped to understand each ripple price prediction it's vital to understand precisely what ripple xrp is and how it functions its platform is called ripplenet unlike other cryptos instead of offering traders and investors a way to make online transactions without going through a centralized financial body that can be slow potentially insecure and costly ripple was designed to make it easier for those very same centralized financial bodies to make payments themselves cross-border payments can be even slower with much higher transaction fees than domestic payments and global businesses can make hundreds of these transactions every day to avoid sky-high transaction fees and unfavorable exchange rates rifle enables corporations to send and receive payments in ripple xrp it provides a globalized currency that bypasses some of the issues that can plague fiat currency and decentralized cryptos xrp like the rest of the market is tied at the hip of bitcoin's price action if bitcoin embarks on another bull run xrp can hope for one as well bitcoin usually has a cool off phase after its mega bull runs and that is when the altcoins take over and have a field day with the bulls often doubling or tripling their price within days with the pandemic breakout the world was sent into hibernation for a couple of months it reflected negatively on the cryptocurrencies sending bitcoin downhill as we witnessed even 40 daily losses however the situation quickly stabilized and bitcoin as the flag bearer took the crypto market back up we are in a significant more run since the summer and if we're listening to the analytics from social media and journalistic desks we are far away from its local zenith when we first shared a list of ripple price predictions in october 2020 the forecasts for 2021 were overwhelmingly bullish from the analyst and ceo of ripple mr robert art to brad garlinghouse all of our shared views believed that xrp was in for a record-breaking year unsurprisingly none of them predicted the scale of the market-wide bull run which has left ripple falling behind competitors such as cardano and finance coin even though its price has skyrocketed so how do the predictions from top crypto platforms compare one of the most striking things about digital coin prices latest prediction is the fact that although the numbers on its graph may have changed the trajectory hasn't back in early march the platform believed that we'd see the price of ripple undergo a series of peaks and troughs before leveling out in august 2021 the price would climb more steadily from this point onwards rising from zero point six two two four three three seven dollars to 0.709158 by the end of december by the end of 2021 the ripple xrp asset will close at a value of 2.61 although this won't be a yearly high it's still roughly one dollar higher than its current price so it should be a welcome sign for existing and potential investors alike according to digital coin price ripple will go from strength to strength despite periods of volatility throughout the year for the next few months the investment analysis platform believes that we'll see the price of ripple undergo a series of peaks and troughs before leveling out in august 2021 from this point onwards the price will climb more steadily rising from 1.922 to 2.680 by the end of december this won't be the asset yearly high that will occur early relatively early on with the price of xrp peaking at 2.726 in july with the market changing so rapidly many platforms have to adjust their forecasts to test notice to keep up that doesn't mean that we should discredit the rest of digital coin prices prediction but it could suggest that it's been over optimistic in its estimations that said it's not the only platform that believes ripple still has room to grow according to an analysis by the analyst shiner on trading view the price of xrp could be said to break through a resistance level of 2.5 in an article published by inside bitcoins the trading analyst aziz mustafa claimed that if ripple successfully hits 2.5 dollars within the next few months we could expect to see the assets bullish trend continue with xrp usd consistently gaining more than 25 percent in a series of 24-hour periods its growth has left many investors keen for more but mustafa is stressed that at this stage the price swing could still go either way like many analysts he isn't ruling out the possibility of a bearish adjustment especially if ripple fails to break through its resistance point of 1.9 dollars within a 21-day moving average prime xbt is also optimistic about the short-term prospects of ripple xrp using its in-house technical analysis the platform has identified a pattern that could signal a new breakout run especially after the price of xrp has now managed to recover after its sec lawsuit in december 2020.

As we can see prime xpt's analysis shows the ripple could hit as high as four dollars soon according to coin market cap this would be a significant development considering the assets current all-time high ath is around 3.225138 a new record high of four dollars would signal a new chapter for the crypto and prove that it's shaken off the unfavorable reputation it gained during the sec scandal the prediction from the platform long forecast isn't as optimistic as those from digital coin price and primex bt but it's not all bad news according to its analysis the price of ripple xrp could hit a yearly high of 1.70 in august 2021 while its value could drop down to 1.22 before the years out it's still encouraging to see that long forecast expects the price to remain above one dollar especially after the price of ripple dropped down to under 0.3 earlier this year and as we know xrp is pumped to reach gains higher than 57 over the last seven days and to think that this price hike is happening when ripple is under a lawsuit does look like a blessing in disguise reaching a new all-time high to about one dollar and five cents right now is a perfect entry point for all those who are active in the xrp community those who own over 2000 xrp should look forward to the future with hope because this digital asset has potential however it's still in its blooming stage which is quite a good time to stock up on xrp holdings or buy in for those of you who are yet to get ready for the massive pump in the coming weeks as long as ripple is successful with its lawsuit we could see an increase in volume for cross-border payments we hope this video answered all your questions let us know in the comments below how much xrp you would like to have in your portfolio and make sure to subscribe to the channel see you next time on the xrp [Music] vault

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