MUST SEE! Is Elon Musk Partnering With Cardano ADA?!

will the rocket man do what he did for bitcoin and doge finally for cardano every sign seems to point in this direction is cardano gonna have a massive hype shortly stay tuned till the end of the video to know more hi cardano lovers welcome to cardano lab your daily dose of cardano if you're interested in everything around cardano this is the place for you make sure to hit the like button and subscribe for us to provide you with more cardano news and let us know in the comments how much you think cardano will cost next week let's get to it the price of cardano was lately dull ada trades at 13 445 which is the same range as the ethereum rule in the last few days according to coin market cap numbers its market cap is 43 billion dollars it is the world's 7th largest cryptocurrency the four-hour graph shows the cardano price was in a consolidated way in the last few weeks the fact that the currency traded on the same basis as the exponential move averages 25 days and 15 days demonstrates this most interesting of all the pair forms an orange bullish pennant model which is slightly higher than the 39 stage of fibonacci retraction as the crypto industry collectively saw a small market collapse cardano's price slid by almost eight percent ada has recently sold at about 1.26 dollars which has increased its probability of increasing if investors sidelines start to pour in it a 20 lead up to 1.54 seems possible the price of cardano has steadily been up in recent weeks but is now facing a very small retracement it seems likely to rebound from the immediate support barrier even if you've glimpsed crypto twitter in recent weeks you must have noticed elon musk's cryptocurrencies are being tweeted some people don't find this shocking musk is working on space exploration and is following advances in other fields continuously but what's the market going to mean though musk posted on bitcoin in the past he never really discussed the technology behind it he acknowledged in 2013 that bitcoin is undoubtedly an invention only used for illegal transactions on 10th january musk tweeted bitcoins not my secure expression regardless of what he said bitcoin on twitter had even more talk he kept mentioning his interest in bitcoin for the next several weeks before he finally revealed that tesla would buy several bitcoins according to the available facts after musk realized the promise of cryptocurrencies he began to get more information and soon began to sing the loud praises of one specific currency dogecoin for that you can't blame him the world of dogecoin must be the healthiest on the internet elon entered the fun for a bit before he realized that doge was not equally distributed he went back and forth with doge as he did with bitcoin his help was seen recently just a few days later to raise concerns at the bottom this relationship seems to have worked well as musk has made it clear that he and his children have and may own dogecoin cardano is the newest cryptocurrency that musk's eye seems to have caught recently he changed his twitter profile to a fork stabbed in a path with the bio meta fork this appears to be a nod to mary's upcoming mainnet deployment charles hoskinson cardano's creator persuades this though he and his tweets are sec lightning bars musk is also very attractive to potential crypto investor companies all eyes are now on cardano thanks to him the emphasis on an individual who seems well-versed in memes can have a long-run positive impact on the entire cryptocurrency room according to a manager at major cryptocurrency company consensus the european central bank would be in jeopardy if it waits for too much digital euro therefore it may take a while to appear on our platform after elon musk turned his twitter biography into meta 4k wild speculations in the cardano community started about whether the ceo of tesla was referring to cryptocurrency if musk had updated his twitter bio to meta 4k his profile image has been changed too there's a crossroads in the middle of a road divided into two which reflects a fork in the road now cardano ada is market capitalization third largest crypto monetary this is because of ada prices which are continuously up despite the recent bitcoin btc and ethereum eth corrections why then is it 88 the cardano blockchain's native cryptocurrency has risen by 32 over the last 24 hours up from an astounding 343 percentage in the previous 30 days thus the ada price grew unbelievably within a year at around three percent the latter is even higher than dogecoin's doge results which has also seen a revolutionary increase in price on elon musk's shoulders it is also impressive that the native cryptocurrency of cardano currently has a price rally whereas bitcoin btc and ethereum eth struggle strongly in the rent it's even more amazing if you know that cardano's ada doesn't even appear on coinbase an exchange for u.s investors is considered a key portal then how does the ada price rise the powerful price rally and the ada price can be explained with two possible explanations at the beginning of march the forthcome merry hard fork could be primarily attributed to a powerful price movement which according to the ioh killer tim harrison would make cardano a descended multiple asset smart contract network the blockchain from cardano will add intelligent contracts decentralized financing and non-fungible tokens to its network through this update another factor that could push ada prices up is the news this week that ada and polkadot have sold 750 million dollars to ada and dot a dubai based investment company bitcoin btc however polkadot's price does seem to profit less from this news which argues against this hypothesis charles hoskinson the founder of cardano does not know either what lies behind the industry's complexities does musk endorse cardano ada muscat has previously been posted on bitcoin but he never spoke about technology elon was having a little fun when he realized that the doge was not distributed fairly he recently turned his twitter business into a meta fork the fork may signify the billionaire's departure from tesla one keen follower thinks others speculate that this means that cardano will think and purchase or keep ada since at least 22 november 2018 finance has suspended the withdrawal of its cryptocurrency stellar lumens citing the congestion to the network elon musk urged dogecoin's biggest holders as he expressed concern at a tiny number of people who host so much of the cryptocurrency to market more of their assets in musk's organics in the language k of the meta program the runtime verification was developed by one of cardano's co-workers for several weeks he retained an interest in bitcoin until he finally disclosed that tesla would buy some btcs alone crypto news flash is your first source for news and information about cryptocurrencies cardano's culture speculates on the future blockchain of elon musk and the reports about the ada's acquisition any sign seems to point in this direction but the prophet of pretoria is not always sober while he is tweeting the upcoming main net installation of mary scheduled for first march seems to have been a note after elon musk's tweeting dogecoin soared more than 10 percent to get cryptocurrency into the moon you alone are in danger of making your investment choices the future of cardano after the mary hard fork the mary hard fork is an extensive update that offers developers and companies looking to construct or move to cardano a world of possibilities by allowing stocks to be created on the cardano blockchain the decentralized blockchain from cardano is converted into a blockchain with multiple assets this will unleash cardano's full promise for a broad range of services and solutions including decentralized finance defy secure coins and others and will pave the way for the emerging decentralized crypto economy cardano's user-defined tokens are cardano protocol originated the cardano network does not handle indigenous tokens differently from ada indeed cardano's project tokens do not require the issuance of intelligent contracts based on their blockchain the logic behind these methods is already in the blockchain this architecture minimizes the risk of human mistakes cardano's native tokens and user-defined tokens share virtually every property of ada without creating custom logic above its blockchain the major benefit of indigenous tokens is simplicity their implementation significantly improves the blockchain ecosystem of cardano at present high transaction charges and unsecured smart agreements are holding back the decentralized finance ecosystems as we spoke about indigenous stocks solved the second problem by getting their core logic in the leader cardano was conceived to be cheap and this will not change with network tokens the hard fork of mary and the forthcoming complete implementation of the goguan h will add more developers from third parties to cardano to enhance its overall network impact this network migration would lead to an increased demand for the ada by cardano from the beginning ada will be completely trainable unlocking the power and enormous interest of decentralized finance applications worldwide transactions between native tokens and cardano do not generate high fees so decentralized finance apps are even cheaper the mary hardfork is another historic move towards the complete maturation of the cardano blockchain network from the very beginning of the entire development to the development of indigenous properties this will be the first step towards embarking on more exciting ventures firms and companies that support the development of a thriving cardano ecosystem with decentralized solutions with this we've come to an end thank you for watching this video let us know in the comments below what your thoughts are on how much you think cardano will cost next week and make sure to subscribe and give a 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