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hi everyone welcome back to the channel we had 
an amazing news yesterday bitcoin finally broke   the all-time high from 2017. now the question is 
where will it continue now i wanted to give you   for this video the top cryptocurrency that you 
guys need to have before the end of this year so   you need to have it for next year i'm also going 
to be reviewing the reason behind them the price   expectation and why it should be in your portfolio 
so let's dig in now before i forget i'm gonna go   back to my daily crypto trading analysis and price 
analysis so don't worry about it guys and for the   next week i'm gonna be publishing a video where 
i'm gonna cover paypal vs square the reason   why i'm gonna cover because they are now the main 
player in the crypto sphere so if you are enjoying   now from this crazy rally paypal and square 
probably have a very big impact on it and this is   something you should obviously discuss understand 
how the business model is how much you're actually   purchasing, fees, and all the rest.

We're gonna 
start with bitcoin so bitcoin is currently trading   at nineteen thousand seven hundred and eighty 
seven dollars now we are now exactly in the same   territory that we were back in 2017 in december 
now if you look at what happened for the last   seven days from last seven days bitcoin is 16 
000 and if you look at the last 13 days 13 000   in the last 19 days 10 000 and the lowest in 
the last 52 weeks we're talking about 4 000   now obviously bitcoin might be the first but this 
investment will come with a lot of volatility a   lot of ups and downs so you might be buying today 
at almost twenty thousand dollars and in one month   time it might be even ten thousand fifteen 
thousand dollars but if you look at the long   the long term especially with halving 
especially with more and more companies or   making big statements saying or allocating 300 
million dollars coming like Grayscale that have   over 10 billion dollars of asset under management 
of bitcoin and more government or actually saving   slowly starting and acquiring bitcoin this is a 
very good positive sign for you guys to look at   investing in bitcoin so when it comes 
to prices this has become very tricky   a lot of people believe that bitcoin 
will reach around 100 000 to even   1 million dollars per coin but let's be a bit 
more realistic for the next year so right now   bitcoin is trading at almost twenty thousand 
dollars so if you're gonna be on a conservative   side so let's say for the next few months a 
25 % gain or if you want to be on a medium range   conservative maybe you can say at around 50% gain 
or if you want to be really bullish and you really   think this is it you can also say it's gonna be 
around $35k to $40k dollars so this is my price range   depending on how conservative or how bullish 
you are on bitcoin for the next year saying that   it's guaranteed there's gonna be some retracement 
some price correction if you're in for the long   run most likely is going to be in your favor so 
now let's look at ethereum now unlike bitcoin   ethereum hasn't yet retouched again the all-time 
high that we had over 1 200 back in January 2018   so right now ethereum is trading at over 600 
dollars now if you want to be on a conservative   side probably we're looking at 900 to 1 000 in 
the near future so in the next few months or so   and is will ethereum surpass the all-time 
high probably it will surpass the question   is when so if you're on a conservative side and 
you're looking at potentially i would say 30% -50%   gain Ethereum will probably be able to do 
it for you guys now the reason why   ETH has such a big value is it's all start from 
2017 with all the icos which stand for initial   coin offering where many projects were using the 
smart contract of ethereum to be able to raise   funding for the project now that was the catalyst 
for ethereum reaching this price of one thousand   two hundred dollars now in 2020 we have the 
whole movement of DEFI so decentralized finance   and also we have all this staking so with all 
these decentralized Finance there was a need and   most of them were has been built on ethereum 
ecosystem it also once again has increased   the value of ethereum now another thing you 
should know that is also a plan for ethereum   2.0 which will involve staking would to be 
launched this year all this reason are additional   information and tool that you need to know to 
understand why ethereum is valuable another thing   you should know that ethereum was the first 
blockchain to have implemented smart contract   and everyone is looking at ETH to try to 
either improve or to collaborate so with ETH   success we're obviously going to see the price 
valuation going higher and higher we're seeing now   more and more project investing in ethereum 
or using the ecosystem to build some other   project that will increase their project value 
but also the project of ethereum so this is   something you should also consider when it comes 
to ethereum well the third coin i would like to   talk about is xrp now i'm having a lot of mixed 
messages regarding xrp now xrp back in january   reached three dollars now will XRP reach this 
price again maybe yes maybe no but the question is   how far they can go now to understand what 
should be the price valuation of xrp is   xrp price valuation was always dependent on 
collaboration and big institutional using it and   therefore the price went up now recently there 
was this article where it said that the ripple   are selling 33 stake of moneygram now this was the 
exact same company that helped them raise to this   specific price valuation of over three dollars 
now i'm not saying that was the only reason for   the xrp to be valued at that time three dollars 
it was one of the catalysts now until today   i haven't been able to use on a platform xrp yes i 
know there's a lot of banks that are using it but   it's not been used by individual or retail 
customer yet now for this specific reason   I'm not eliminating xrp from the portfolio but i 
should have a more conservative price valuation so   my valuation for xrp for the near or far future 
would be around one dollar i'm having hard time   to give it a price tag of over three dollars all 
right so please don't hate on me i'm just trying   to look at it from a neutral perspective and 
there's a long way for xrp to go to reach three   dollars and i'm seeing a lot of obstacles when 
it comes to it especially now when we have all   this stable coin that at that time didn't exist when 
xrp went to this price back in 2018 to three   dollars so right now we have stablecoin we 
have many different tools that can maybe compete   or might be better than xrp so price 
valuation approximately for XRP is one dollar   so let's talk about chainlink so chainlink 
has to be always thought from perspective of if ethereum, is growing up and their whole ecosystem 
is growing and the DEFI ecosystem is growing   also chainlink will grow the reason why is that 
Chainlink created a service that helps smart contract   connect to the outside word with their oracle 
without chainlink and a reliable source   that they use most of the smart 
contract and DEFI will not be able to work   perfectly and will have a lot of issues so that 
is the reason why Chainlink is valuable for ethereum   ecosystem and also for a smart contract.

so from price perspective we had   a few weeks ago or back in august we 
had a chainlink almost touching 20 dollars   now right now chainlink is trading around almost 15 
dollars it's fair to say that Chainlink will probably   will regain this price of $20 but let's look a bit 
further so we are very comfortable that ethereum   will grow we're seeing a very big momentum in 
the DEFI world and all these exchanges if it's   Uniswap, Curve and many many more so we can also 
fairly set it the price range for Chainlink for   next year should be between 15 dollars to even $32 
this is only based if ethereum ecosystem will grow   you're going to see more and more successful 
project on on ethereum that are being used and   are growing we should also increase the value and 
the needs for Chainlink so again i'm not expecting   crazy valuation i'm being a bit modest with chainlink so i'll probably say $15 to 30 dollars so   basically we're looking at 100% potential gain in 
the next few months or by next year again it's all   conservative i'm not trying ridiculous amount of 
money i'm trying to be conservative and realistic   now let's talk about Cardano or ada Cardano
has been through a lot of volatility since the   all-time high back in january 2008 now back then 
prices value at over 1.2 dollars and today it's   around 17 cents so we're looking at eight times 
to nine times to try to regain the all-time high   now contrary to back then cardano has a lot of 
competition so you have a kind of blockchain such   as Polkadots i'm also going to compete.

We have 
obviously ethereum .So Cardano has a long way to   try to regain that all-time high now saying that 
there has been very big communities surrounding   cardano they have been doing a lot of work behind 
the scene and it seemed that we're going to see   some more price movement but the likelihood 
for to go back to the all-time high of 1.2   it's probably very low so on a conservative side 
i'll probably say around 30 cents for cardano by   next year on a medium positive sell say 60 cent on 
a bullish and amazing know that Cardano is able to   bring on a lot of enterprises and big confident 
or using it and similar to DEFI system or being   used on Cardano then i'll be looking at around 
90 cents so this is my price range for Cardano   and yet again the reason why it is in the 
portfolio that i'm covering is because there's a   big community and there's a big hype and there's 
probably some price action with cardano so you   want to make sure to have it on your radar 
and then we have Polkadot or dot the coin   now this is quite new project and he's trying 
to compete.

It's already has a very good position   in coin market cap and this is a project that has 
been able to attract a lot of developers around it   and start building projects and it seemed to be 
not a very big hype with retail there's more hype   in regarding from the developer community which 
is obviously a very good sign another thing that   i like about Polkadot, that it doesn't have some crazy 
prize volatility so whenever you look at polka   dot it's hasn't really had 
crazy movement so when he got listed we're looking   at almost three dollars and then we're looking now 
at almost five dollars and a half so this is for   me it's a good sign in me that is this project is 
specifically been built for use case and there's   no price manipulation so i think that Polkadot
will be able to deliver a lot of amazing project   on top of it will have crazy price movement 
probably not the most.

The people that will probably   will be holding polka dot is developers people are 
building behind it and understand what they are trying to   achieve and this is something that because of this 
very niche community that we see with poker dot I think it can really have a very big success now to 
be on a conservative side i wouldn't say poker dot   will be priced over ten dollars because we have 
such a strong competitor we have obviously cardano   we have obviously Ethereum so polkadot will 
really need to be able to bring like an amazing   project they'll be built on top of it they'll 
be able to bring their retail behind it so we   need to see a project will really define Polkadot 
that we haven't yet seen so. it's still a   big question mark but again there's a potential 
for it i'll probably say up to ten dollars again   i'm being conservative and we should have to 
wait and see now one of my favorite project   that i really think that can really make a 
big difference is REN.

So REN basically created   an open protocol providing access for inter 
blockchain liquidity now we obviously have   some other projects like kyber network where they have 
tried to do it and even Bancor but ren has been   able to provide and such amazing infrastructure 
that he has been listed and integrated with many   many platforms so we're talking about zero x we 
have talking about Uniswap ,Loopring, Dex-ag  and Curve so we're seeing there is a lot of interest 
in regards to REN infrastructure so it actually   does two things number one REN offers the 
ability to interchange your cryptocurrency that are    not native on ethereum to other cryptocurrencies 
so they're able to do it with bitcoin, Bitcoin    cash ,zcash on ethereum infrastructure and also 
give you the option to wrap your bitcoin or other   cryptocurrency on the smart contract of ethereum 
which is something that is very cool which   obviously helped extend all the defi movement so 
this is something that i'll probably look for REN i think ren is really has a big potential we're 
looking now at three 34 cents which is not   yet reaching the all-time high all-time high 
was back in august which touched $53 cents   so we can say with all this movement of defi
and with assume getting price higher and higher we   can say that ren will also benefit from this price 
movement we will look at 40 percent gain in   the near future from $34 cents to $50 cents to $55 cent and this will 
be when maybe we're gonna see ren trying to reach   through one dollar so the most priced action i see 
for rent it's probably between 200 to 300 percent   gain which will put REN price, with a price tag of 
one dollars or around one billion dollars   market cap now i've been talking about DEFI now 
there's another company that is not a DEFI, it's a   proper company that has raised money back in 
2018 and they created an amazing system to   enable anyone to have cryptocurrency to basically 
deposit cryptocurrency and be able to withdraw   money within a few days in some cases within 
a few hours i'm talking about a company called nexo and they have their own token the beautiful 
thing about this project is that they're actually   sharing and distributing their revenue and their 
profit with their shareholder with a token holder   with their own native token called nexo now back 
in 2018 nexo had a price of 38 cents and right now   we're actually are looking at almost reaching that 
all time high so after almost two years Nexo will   try to regain once again this price of all-time 
high now the only reason why we're considering   nexo because if we're thinking that the whole 
ecosystem of cryptocurrency will keep growing is   you want to have a platform that is regulated 
they have the proper channel to distribute    the dividends and proper channel for anyone almost 
anywhere in the world to be able to deposit crypto   withdraw fiat and obviously pay interest and 
or even get money from it so if i actually   want to in this case i have let's say i've 
usdt and i don't want to be in crypto   anymore i can actually lend this usdt and get 
interest back or i can even lend cryptocurrency   so it's given ability for people that do not 
want to trade they still want to be in this   industry but want to have a more simple 
more traditional platform or company that is   licensed then this will be a platform for you 
guys to consider now i'm not an affiliate with NEXO.

So obviously I would suggest you guys 
to look at it now from a price perspective um   nexo will probably not have a crazy rally so 
i'm being quite conservative by saying right now   it's priced at 33 and i'll probably say around $50 cents 
for the next few months if we're gonna have this   momentum of cryptocurrency but probably not touch 
one dollar the reason why because they distribute   the profit with nexo holders or token holders so 
this is the reason why so if you're looking for a   constant money making machine obviously 
dependent if people are using a platform   or lending cryptocurrency to the platform then 
obviously you'll be able to make some of the   profit so the more nexo token that you have the 
more you can actually benefit that's from one side   and if people want to pay back their the 
interest that they actually took they can   actually pay it with the native token actually 
get a discount so this is all my cryptocurrency   that you should probably consider buying them 
this year and again i didn't give you guys   crazy price speculation because i don't do 
that i'm more realistic until next time bye

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