MTG – Advanced Modern Studies: Red / Green Karn Tron, A Tier 1 Deck Tech for Magic: The Gathering

hey professor do you have a moment well I am kind of in the middle of something right now but you know what it can wait it can wait what can I do for you Johnny I have a question about why mono blue Tron doesn't run car nor Emeril what's the question why doesn't mono blue Tron run car nor a Merkel haha Johnny that's a question many Magic the Gathering players ask yep many many uh-huh sassed a lot so what's the answer let's turn to page 563 well the most noticeable difference between mono blue Tron and green Tron variants like red green Tron is the lack of carne and M rakul in the blue versions there's actually several reasons as to why red green doesn't want to run cards like carne one of the leading ones is that red green Tron is engineered for assembling all three earth lands as quickly as possible mono blue uses the Erza lands but it does not rely on having them all together on turn 3 for the wind it is focusing on a game win based on locking out your opponent's first with counter spells and then finally with a wind condition such as the Academy ruins mind slave or lock here's the best way to think about it mono blue Tron is control and red green Tron is aggro why aren't you playing carne and M rakul in blue tron because it's control and it is engineered to lock out your opponent red green is more like an aggro deck in that it is looking to put a major pressure against your opponent early game the main way it does so is by trying to assemble one of each of the Erza lands by turn 3 if you can achieve this then you will have 7 mana at your disposal and can drop a carne turn 3 which is a major problem for your opponent the deck utilizes land cards like expedition map and Sylvan scrying which can grab whatever ursa lands you are missing as you make your way towards turn 3 adding to that is ancient stirrings also in green which lets you dig through the top 5 cards of your library and pull out the land you need or if you wish pull out a colorless threat like corn or even a worm coil this is also how you help ensure you'll not only have the air salons on turn three but also the needed Karn to drop if you don't manage to get a hold of car and buy turn three then you've also got a nice backup in warm coil engine the deck runs a play set and these apply a lot of pressure to your opponent as well some games can even be won with worms at the very least it leaves you one mana free to continue searching for corn or another major wind condition in order to both filter all that colorless mana into green or red as needed as well as getting much-needed card draw the deck has full play sets of relic of pro genesis chromatic sphere chromatic star and prophetic prism relic can even be handy if your opponent is trying any graveyard shenanigans red green also employs control in the form of board wipe as well since it is assembling the ears lands fast and reliably spells like oblivion stone and all's dust keeps the board clean of any threats pyroclasm is really why we are in red at all and not just mono green although some mono green builds do exist being able to wipe out early game threats from Guice to go if is worth the red splash usually the template i'm showing you here only runs two copies but many red green tron builds run a full play set finally we come to the big win condition Emre cool the Aeons torn and i of ogen is run as a tutor for Emre cool or failing that a worm coil most decks only have need of a single eye and a single Emre cool although I have seen many versions trying for more than 1m rakul a play set is usually excessive but you can experiment I think you are fine with just one there's some great alternatives to consider in addition to Emre cool as well many red green Tron players add in and Lamacq the infinite gyre to a thundering Titan to give more options and more times when a win con can be dropped also many players have recently been experimenting with Mugen the spirit dragon but in limited degrees normally a one to two of googan has some very versatile abilities but costing 8 instead of 7 is what's making him not quite a perfect fit in this deck although only time will tell on that one as he is still relatively new to the scene in terms of land the most expensive and frustrating part of the playset is for grove of the Byrne willows yes you need them and no shocks and fetches just won't do red/green tron like many aggro decks is constantly in danger of just getting beat on to death as it tries to race its opponents to zero many games are won by only a point or two of Life Points you can't afford to spend on shocks and fetches the burn willows are thought to be fairly irreplaceable if you absolutely need a budget alternative the closest bet would be utilizing carp Ulsan forest and/or a copper line gorge or two but this is nowhere near as nice some players do run a single forest since green is more in demand than red most of the time depending on your meta ghost quarter and/or cavern of souls can be added as well usually no more than two ghost quarters main boarded in one cavern of souls and these are much more likely to be found in the sideboard I don't recommend main boarding them unless you really know your meta needs them the red green Tron sideboard is incredibly dependent on meta as well you have access to a lot of hate but you need to choose what you want to hate on a solid bet is three nature's claims for versatility with artifacts and enchantments two more pyroclasm Ziff you are only running two in the mainboard combusts to take out the big baddies of white and blue chalice was better when delvar was on the rise but it is still a strong choice for shutting down a host of decks ley-line of sanctity does wonders against everything from burn to storm but you're not going to be able to hard cast this you need it in your opening hand so I play at least three in the side because it is just that important but again there's just so many options some players have had great luck with slaughter games side boarded and one land war wastes main to help with the black mana requirement hey and if my merfolk ever get out of hand there's everything from choke to boil to beat them down into tier two altogether this deck is far from cheap but it is a top tier deck after all more so after the recent bannings in fact it's fair to describe this as tier 1 again keep in mind that knowing why these decks are constructed the way they are is important but it is by no means the only way they can be built when you came in here you didn't understand why Karn wasn't played in mono blue Tron and now hopefully you have a better understanding of why but that doesn't mean you have to follow that specific build experiment explore test magic still allows for innovation and new discoveries are made all the time it is critical that you understand the reasons for why the archetype decks are constructed the way they are but that in no way precludes you from making your own brews in fact that knowledge will likely help you make your own brew bigger better and stronger

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