Movie Review: Tron II Legacy, Tron II, Tron 2

hey boss movie guy here with one of my movie reviews of movies I see when I see him and today I'm gonna be doing Tron to which I just literally finished watching 10 minutes ago um yeah there's not much to say about this movie it's obviously was made to capitalize upon a name of a movie that a lot of people saw and you know my age cohort when I was younger you know and I want to get our dollars and they made sure on too and yeah I mean it has much resin the story makes as much sense as the first one did no that's not true the first one actually as bad as the story was in the first tron movie this movie is has absolutely no story compared to the first Roggeveen the first tron movie is ah not good I'm going to come to the story but this movie makes it look like a masterpiece of storage shelf there is no story try to it's it's it really can't be I mean you know you you actually have to sympathize with the writers of this film for even coming up with this with this film I mean that that's what they what they had to work with was fron one and this is what they came up with four tron too um and you know maybe they should be applauded for that yeah because they didn't have much to work with the beginning and then so they had there was really not too much else they can do yes except make a convoluted story line ah they sponsor nostalgia points of the old film that the marketing guys wanted to get in there that's fun that's what they did uh that's what they get and they did the probably the best they could do which really just says a lot about this film you know it that's the thing too I mean these writers and stuff they're not tapped or not talentless ditto it's not that they don't have talent it's like this is what was dictated that these writers had to write by you know the points in like the references of the that they wanted to include from the old film that scored highest on some matrix or some focus group and that's what that's in the writers were given preconditions to write about and that's what they came up with here and they did the best they could and it's an unintelligible vest which had to be by necessity probably by the dictates of the financial dictates of the movie it's awful it's awful I know it's the horrifying reality of Hollywood is on display and storyboard of Tron to UM it's horrifying this should be classified as a horror film in in some ways in my mind yeah i crack myself up Boston movie guide done

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