MOST URGENT Bitcoin Price Analysis (Watch BEFORE Monday March 15th)

welcome to bitboy crypto the largest crypto channel in all of the interwebs my name is ben every day on this channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money and crypto make sure to go and hit that subscribe button smash up the likes if you want to win a full bitcoin you guys can get the uh information on that down below in the video description uh guys today i'm going to be giving you guys an urgent warning about bitcoin that you've got to hear before tomorrow and i'm going to show you exactly what i did last time uh this occurred and how i made an absolutely huge trade which by the way we got big announcement about a trade or about some training stuff i want to talk to you guys about this week uh should definitely be on alert for that also guys i found out a new option i found a new option on my car here uh check this out watch this the visor moves wow look at that it's pretty revolutionary now usually on sunday mornings i'm coming to you with a drive from church but uh i got a little food poisoning yesterday but you guys can see i'm still here still kicking i got a little food poisoning last night didn't feel great all night but i had to come out here playing hooky from church today coming out here giving you guys the video that you guys uh you guys need because there's important stuff going on with bitcoin everybody's bullish right now and the fact is bitcoin is bullish uh and of course at the end of the video by the way i'm going to be giving a few thoughts on my michael saylor interview as you definitely want to stick around for that a lot of a lot of really good uh feedback from that interview and we will be having part two out at two o'clock today but let's talk about bitcoin in the short term because yesterday bitcoin topped out on buy bit at least at exactly 62 000 and everybody's saying 70k is imminent everybody's typing on twitter you know 60k is the new bottom and then what happened this morning we went back below 60k these important resistance lines usually don't work out as pretty as people would have them have you believe that they do but one thing is for sure unless today we get an epic fall of a few percent to put the price uh back below uh 58 000 or so we have emerging a new cme gap now what are the cme gaps we talk about them a lot cme the chicago mercantile exchange these are the bitcoin futures contracts now what we see is since they're only open five days a week is that on friday when they close there's two days of bitcoin action on the weekend that they miss so sometimes uh the price will drop considerably lower or considerably higher or will rise considerably higher over the weekend and it creates gaps in the chart we don't see this in the traditional crypto markets because as you know everything is 24 hours a day seven days a week in the crypto markets there's no off days which you know you think the stock market and cme could get on with that i mean well you don't think people are trading on the weekends but the point is is that the last time we saw this it was at 49 500.

And the price of bitcoin uh i believe at the open was like maybe fifty two thousand dollars fifty one thousand dollars so i had set a really big trade on buy bit which if you want to trade on by bit make sure to head on over to deals and just a reminder if you wanna get market cipher today's the last day for ten percent off the co drops to five percent starting tomorrow that's from the man crypto phase himself i mean i can't find him on it i gotta just gotta go with it so uh make sure you guys uh you know get get your market cyber copy while you can but i had set a buy order for market or for buy bit at 49 500. and if you watched our hidden network videos this weekend or maybe when i talked with my friend jim on uh on the live stream last week he made a gigantic his first six-figure trade ever because he did exactly what i said set that buy order for right at that cme gap give yourself enough room to make sure it doesn't wick down and he made a six-figure trade off that because the next day the price absolutely boomed well right now we're seeing a similar situation where the cme gap i don't know exactly where it is i haven't actually uh i did pull it up earlier this morning i forgot to double check it before i went live here i forgot or before i got this video forgot exactly where it is it's somewhere between 57 and 59 thousand dollars don't have that exact number for you can check the cme guard uh gap or check the cme chart on trading view uh you guys can google it and pull it up probably but what i'm going to do is i'm going to set an order down right at that cme gap overnight uh and 7 30 eastern standard time tonight or 6 30 central standard time is when the the cme futures opens so that means that will be the time where we know exactly what the spread is between the gap now there's a chance today the market could dump and could get down there before that if that happens then that's also bullish because generally what we see is we have to see these gaps get filled now what is the fundamental reason some people will tell you it's because you know the institutions are always going to pull it back and get their orders filled and stuff like that i don't think that's necessarily the case especially when we see really small gaps i just think that it boils down to this [Music] most of the time they get filled number one because the market just moves up and down that's just the way that it works so you know it's not like when you see these gaps that you know it's never going to go back to that level again it almost always will do that but number two there is a psychological effect since people do understand that these gaps do exist that people like me based on history say i'm going to set an order there because generally they come down fill so they act like little magnets just kind of pulling the price of bitcoin back down to them and so right now that's what i'm going to be doing is setting an order right at that cme gap i'm gonna go in probably you know here in a couple minutes uh coming to you live from the driveway today uh gonna come over and uh set that order and hopefully it'll get filled overnight and we'll have a really big day tomorrow and then i can talk to you guys about that trade and i can also talk to you tomorrow about what we're going to be doing um but it may not get filled maybe it doesn't get filled right away but once that gap does get filled that gives bitcoin basically permission i guess you could say to continue running to the upside so everybody's saying seventy thousand dollars or eighty thousand dollars well yes i do believe that is going to happen i think this week we are going to see massive moves i think we basically have about two weeks of really bullish action going on here until the futures contracts expire on the 26th for the month and that's when i think we'll see a big massive pullback leading into april which is tax time who knows what's going to happen next month uh but you know bitcoin is already above a lot of people's wildest dreams and expectations but it's just getting started and i think my interview with michael saylor which by the way a lot of people complain about the music we're not going to do music on interviews anymore uh because i i think some people said michael sailor was talking a little low they couldn't really hear him so we released a second version last night window music we're just going to keep them both up and then the one today will be posted at 2 p.m eastern standard time with no music so you guys can get access to that and watch the second part second part is extremely interesting for a lot of different reasons me and michael kind of go at it a little bit we kind of go at it over some things and i think we were basically uh talking about the scarcity and rarity of bitcoin and i think we were just kind of coming from two different perspectives uh but one of these are sure michael saylor believes there's gonna be no bear market he thinks this is it he thinks that the last bitcoin cycles are totally irrelevant they mean nothing he can't make predictions i don't know if it's because you know he can't make like very bold like absolute predictions i think because of his you know role as ceo microstrategy but he definitely implies a giant price for bitcoin we can't really give us a schedule for when that's going to happen so you guys will just have to check out that interview uh but i think at the end of the day i love what michael had to say i i i did not love uh that he got only one out of about 12 jokes that i made uh or maybe he got them and he just hated them and wanted to ignore them i'm not sure about that but it's a great interview a lot of good feedback part two today is gonna be just as good uh i i hope i hope these videos get a million views uh not because like oh i wanna get a million views on a video but the stuff he says is so important to look at what he's doing and to look at his idea of bitcoin as the apex predator the godzilla of assets the godzilla of wealth is bitcoin and uh today we're gonna address you know in this interview several different topics but i think for me personally like i love what he says i'm just going to keep writing with history until it doesn't work and then when it doesn't work i'm really in a no in a no-lose situation i wouldn't play some golf at topgolf on friday night uh which was pretty exciting uh i met one of my friends uh uh friends or boss or partner i don't exactly know the relationship but uh he's been watching the channel for about a year and he's made a lot of money and he's done really well we got to play top golf together it's awesome uh you know talking with him and hanging out and you know what we've been able to change a lot of people's lives on this channel and it has been so refreshing to see that and the history works and it's going to keep working until it doesn't work and because of that i think the importance of you know looking at the cycles is so pivotal but what i told uh mark is his name mark shout out mark had a great time i did out drive uh you ain't quinn but i'll just leave that for another day okay but the point is is what i told him i said you know i'm really in a no lose situation with it because if the bitcoin cycles bear themselves out uh then you know we look like geniuses because we're riding with history but if the bitcoin cycle gets broken and the price of bitcoin doesn't correct and it keeps going up for a very very very long time because it's true value it's been proven then oh god i was wrong and we're all insanely rich you know so i mean everybody's gonna be totally happy uh you know whether you're here's here's the takeaway anticipate a drop anticipate the bear market but don't get to a point where you go 100 off the table in case we're wrong you want to hedge your bets you wanna hedge your bets so uh yeah guys that's all i got for today i hope you guys enjoyed this video check out my michael sailor video today at two uh you know feeling a little under the weather today so i'm gonna take a day off to kind of break and relax of course after i give you your daily content probably going to go back to bed is what i'm going to do uh but i'm going to set that order first you guys let me know where you think bitcoin is going over the weekend i see a 70kd big 70 to 80k bitcoin over the next couple of weeks drop your predictions down below that's all i got be blessed

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