MOST Parabolic Bitcoin Bull Run EVER (URGENT Bitcoin Analysis)

welcome to bitboy crypto the largest crypto channel in all the interwebs my name is ben everyday on this channel i show you how to make money in crypto if you like money in crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button guys we got some really interesting stuff that just broke just came out we've also got obviously the bitcoin price dipping dropping dramatically down to 34k what the heck is going on well great news i'm going to tell you sort of sunday drive video where usually i drive to church and uh tell you what's going on in the markets but today actually playing hooky two weeks in a row uh we've got all-star tournament to finish up today um so we got that going on and um so we're just driving around getting ready to have breakfast with the family here in a second but let's talk about bitcoin i want to talk about two things first and foremost i want to talk about the story that just came out on who was buying the bitcoin dip you're going to find this very very very interesting okay and then number two we are going to be talking about what this recovery is going to look like i think i could be wrong but i believe we are starting to look like we're heading to that 2013-2014 scenario i think it will be a little more abbreviated than the last one we'll talk about what that means uh and if any of this information uh if you find helpful uh from this video uh make sure to head on over to deals sign up for buy bit sign up for femex uh these are two leveraged training sites if you'd like to go along on bitcoin you think the price going up go short on bitcoin believe the price is going down you can make money whether bitcoin goes in either direction and if we really were in a bear market which i don't believe we are right now then i would be telling you to short bitcoin and that's what we're going to do with those two sites i've got great deposit bonuses so make sure to check that out all right so let's start with the story that just broke very interesting analytics coming out about who bought and who sold the big uh bitcoin this week so uh the dip was caused by you guys will think this is super interesting most of the coins that were sold the majority of coins that were sold on the way down pushing the price down no surprise coming from wales but here's the more interesting point the majority of the coins that were sold to crash bitcoin were only one week to one month old that means that these coins that these bitcoin had only been added to those addresses very recently and as most of the people doing the selling were whales then it seems like that definitely points us back to what we've been talking about for a while absolute coordinated manipulation these coins were bought a few weeks ago just for the purpose of selling and crashing the market to buy back in oh and buy back in they did addresses holding 10 000 to 100 000 bitcoin added over 123 000 bitcoin on wednesday the day after the crash they bought let me break this down for you guys that are newer and explain exactly what all that means that i just told you wales bought bitcoin a few weeks ago with the idea of selling those same bitcoin in mass on one day in a coordinated series of hours in order to crash the price down more and then they go in and they buy up the bitcoin at the cheaper price guys there's a 40 drop a 40 drop in one day that means that these people were able to get bitcoin at a 40 off discount this was planned this was coordinated okay most of the buying here's here's another interesting thing with all this chinese fud coming out most of the buying was done by people in the united states okay coinbase reflects this we know this because coinbase had a 3 000 premium on the price of bitcoin on wednesday meaning more people in the us were buying bitcoin than any other place don't buy into this everybody's giving up on bitcoin because it's not true okay so let's move on so now we've got that out of the way we know what's going on in this market shaping up to be the 2013 2014 scenario now i i did not want this scenario for sure i want the 2017 scenario where you have healthy corrections price goes up through the whole bull market 2013 2014 bull market following the 2012 having what happened then was that we got a huge run up in the beginning hyper bitcoinization as they call it and then an 83 percent drop and then we recover now the drop that we just had okay even though it wasn't 83 it was 55 percent this looks like to be the same kind of drop that we had back then back then there were there was a series of i believe five monthly candles in a row that were green that was a record of that point and then i i think it was a record i'm not sure i know six is the record so i would think uh five probably would have been the record at that point uh but what happened is after that a dramatic drop now i've been looking at the weekly chart i was checking out a video this morning from uh crown's crypto cave uh if you guys know that channel some ta stuff somebody sent to me from him i need to get that guy maybe on our list for around the blockchain or maybe let me let me know guys did you guys like the interview with ryan for unc uh ryan from uncomplication on our channel during the live stream on friday if you like that make sure to comment down below and let us know because i'm thinking about doing a couple ta uh interviews throughout the week on our regular live stream who knows maybe even move to a third live stream and do it just have people come on and do ta so let me know if that sounds interesting to you guys we use market cyber we don't get too much into the other types of technical analysis but if you want that let me know but i was watching his video this morning and i was finding a lot of interesting stuff he was talking about he was going and he was showing the 2013-2014 bull run in the recovery that took place as i'm looking at it they're showing the weekly chart the weekly chart really spoke to me it spoke to me spoke my language the weekly chart basically consisted of one gigantic red candle followed by two recovery candles meaning after three weeks following the the gigantic crash after three weeks following the gigantic crash we stabilized pretty much there was another dip we never went lower than that initial dip and the price was definitely able to recover so i think that's something that we could see here right now the price of bitcoin continuing to drop i do not think we're going to make new lows if we were to go below 30 000 i mean 25 000 is a possible target but for me i think what we're going to see is we're going to see two weeks to get the price to stabilize where people are feeling confident in bitcoin again and feeling like the market is healthy and uh these people get on my tail sometimes like i'm not a dodge demon so i'm expecting to see a couple weeks of the price stabilizing but i do not believe that we are going to see what we saw last time uh in 2013 and 2014 which is the price dropped okay the price dropped and it took four months for it to reach an all-time high again i believe it looks like maybe we could get an all-time high again within two months there's just simply not enough time left in this bull run to be able to have a four month recovery so what i can see happening is a two month recovery price stabilizing getting back to new all-time highs the momentum from watching bitcoin recover is going to eventually lead to a two to three month absolutely parabolic cycle like we have never seen before especially at these prices because let's be honest when the price of bitcoin went from you know two dollars to 12 over 2012 uh or in between 2009 and 2012 i mean that's a 400 gain right like that's crazy well i mean it was much cheaper than that 2009 but i'm just thinking about when i bought it in 2012 it was 12 a piece like that's that's big right the percentage gains are big but imagine bitcoin going from sixty thousand dollars to three hundred and twenty thousand dollars and that's what we're potentially looking at in this bull run i am not shaking off of any of my price targets i think we are right on track plan b agrees with me willie wu agrees with me several of the people that we have leaned and relied on the heaviest on this channel all believe it so why don't you drop me a comment down below let me know if you want to get some more ta guys on the channel let me know what you think about bitcoin draw those comments down below that's all i got be blessed bit boy out

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