welcome back everybody to altcoin daily my name 
is aaron the reason why you subscribe to this   channel is because on a daily basis we break 
down everything going on in the cryptocurrency   space we make this whole market easy to 
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join us on our road to 1 million subscribers   in today's video there's so many different 
pieces of big news in today's video i want to   talk to you about cardano cardano is blowing up 
right now you need to hear about this i want to   talk to you about ethereum we're going to talk 
about eth competitors and eth interoperators   like an avalanche like a polka dot we're going to 
talk about bitcoin of course because there's a lot   going on here i'm going to play you a clip of mike 
novogratz talking about bitcoin versus ethereum i   think he gets it right we're going to talk about 
uniswap and d5 in general and then i'm going   to play you a second video clip of some twitter 
spaces conversation or a clubhouse conversation   this is amazing i can't stop listening to this 
clip it's nft enthusiasts particularly in the   penguin nfts and i don't know if they're doing 
a bit i don't know if this is real but you need   to hear this clip i'll just play you a taste so 
you know what i'm talking about but make sure you   stay tuned for this clip and and that and and 
i and my penguin is me and i am my penguin and   oh my god this is absurd this is something 
that's crazy this is something that we have not   seen before i said i want to be a part of 
this i bought my penguin a few days later   this has been the best damn thing i've ever done 
in my entire life cardano is leading the market   right now both in on-chain metrics in price 
and just popularity getting into september 12th   the smart contracts era check this out cardano's 
new staking addresses have grown 24 percent   to almost 150 000 in just a few short months clock 
this the cardano ecosystem continues to achieve   several milestones with the platform's native 
token ada recently rising to become the fourth   highest cryptocurrency in market cap actually 
i believe it is third so amid the growth data   provided by pool tool a cardano data aggregating 
tool indicates and this all these metrics are very   bullish this indicates ada's staking wallets 
as of august 18th are now at 750 000 stakers   compare that to june 3rd the platform has added 
146.000 wallets representing a growth of 24   the wallet translates to 46.9 billion in ada 
staked value accounting for 71 plus of the 65.8   billion total supply that is staked 71 is staked 
and staking wallets are increasing very bullish   the increase in cardano's total staked wallet 
comes ahead of the highest anticipated alonso   purple upgrade slated for september 12th the smart 
contract era and taking a look at the price of   cardano we're on the day chart cardano is about 
to break all-time highs as we speak if you are a   cardano holder if you heard about cardano on our 
channel let me know in the comments below we've   been talking about cardano ever since 2018.

been talking about cardano since it was two cents   longtime subscribers will note that it was about 
right here the breakout of this triangle as it   shot up to 60 cents it was the breakout of this 
triangle where i became a full cardano bull now   coincidentally this was around the time gene 
simmons was tweeting about it i mean i was we   were reporting on cardano you know since 
the beginning but you remember right here   is when i said i'm a full bull when it comes to 
cardano and that is playing out nicely and why   not there are so many reasons to be bullish right 
now the infrastructure the plumbing the awareness   everything only continues to increase coinbase 
launches cryptocurrency exchange in japan coinbase   today announced the launch of a cryptocurrency 
exchange in japan one of the largest digital asset   markets worldwide the launch is said to be part 
of the company's global expansion strategy and   is carried out in partnership with mitsubishi ufj 
financial group one of japan's leading financial   institutions with as many as 40 million customers 
the partnership will enable coinbase's japanese   clients to deposit funds through the quick 
deposit service as the company aims to become   the easiest to use and most trusted exchange 
in japan that's fully compliant with the local   regulations of course we know earlier this month 
the california-based company coinbase announced   their q2 earnings posting a record-breaking profit 
of over 1.6 billion in one quarter if you have   a coin if you're invested in a cryptocurrency 
that's on coinbase you ought to be pretty happy   about this and about coinbase branching out 
worldwide in general like i said there's plenty   of reasons to be bullish van eck files for an 
ethereum futures etf in the u.s investment fern   van neck has filed a proposal for an ethereum 
futures etf for the sec adding to its stack of   applications for crypto related etfs i believe a 
bitcoin etf will come first i believe an ethereum   etf will come both of those are already in plenty 
of other countries including canada let's move   forward let's talk about ethereum competitors 
like avalanche like polka dot let's talk about   some of our favorite d5 protocols this is where 
the future of crypto is heading clocked this   avalanche hits a three-month high with ave and 
curves 100 million launch on platform i'll explain   to you what this means but as avalanche extends 
its defy offering the price of the avalanche token   has soared by an impressive 40 over the day so 
first of all avalanche has already been making   strides in the d5 space avalanches basically 
they tout themselves as an ethereum killer   i think of them as just a another competitor 
interoperator they're not going to kill ethereum   but they're doing with solana and cardano and 
all of the other protocols we see in this space   are doing so having incorporated several important 
solutions already including the avalanche ethereum   bridge and the integration of sushi swap one of 
the largest decentralized exchanges they've gone   even further so now that protocols can come from 
ethereum onto avalanche they have launched their   avalanche rush a 180 million liquidity mining 
incentive program to try and bring blue chip   d5 applications over and what we're seeing is that 
ave and curve are the first two blue chips to bite   two of the largest d5 protocols with almost 25 
billion in total combined value total value locked   will be launching on the avalanche network soon 
because of this so the future is interoperable   don't believe me let's talk about polka dot 
a polka dot hub part of the polka dot network   has launched an update to bring the ethereum 
virtual machine defy to polka dot so ethereum   d5 applications will now be able to access the 
polka dot ecosystem using metamask and a variety   of other things again the takeaway here is that 
all of these protocols are talking to each other   they're working with each other the future is 
interoperable polka dot based defy hub akala has   integrated tools like metamask truffle and waffle 
the integration gives developers the ability to   create the same user experience as on ethereum 
using metamask ethereum users will be able to   easily switch to the akala market to access polka 
dots so defy continues to gain in both market   share interest and popularity and many people are 
wondering how can i get exposure to defy well mike   novogratz says galaxy digital is rolling out a 
defy index fund solution galaxy digital's new   fund exposes investors to uni ave comp and other 
ethereum based tokens people want exposure people   want to invest solutions are coming to market now 
speaking of mike novogratz great guy leader in the   space follow him he follows me he was recently on 
cnbc and i liked the answer he gave to the host   the host basically said hey is bitcoin falling 
out of favor eth and d5 seem to be the new thing   and mike novogratz answers this beautifully 
i think you know bitcoin and ethereum are   just different both bullish listen to this the 
bitcoin has slightly in a relative sense lost its   attraction relative to to some other cryptos like 
ethereum in particular are you in that mindset   as well you know i listen i think they serve 
different purposes bitcoin's lane is really just   store of value it's digital gold and the people we 
see buying it are buying it as a hedge versus the   basement of fiat currency ethereum and solana and 
luna and all the other level 1 solutions people   are really investing as a venture bet on what the 
future of finance can be i mean ethereum could be   the culture the currency of culture right nfts 
could mostly be built on the ethereum platform   and so that excitement of d5 plus nft is being 
built on ethereum's thriving money to that space   so real different reasons i think their cousins 
they'll co-exist they'll be correlation because   they're crypto but they don't serve the same 
purpose bitcoin is going through a supply shock 78   of the circulating supply of bitcoin is illiquid 
and therefore hardly accessible for buying this   points to bullish investor sentiment as large 
amounts of bitcoin are being hoarded which reduces   cell pressure let's go even further exchanges 
are down 111 000 bitcoin in the last 30 days   one of the largest drops of exchange inventories 
in bitcoin's history so think about it like this   currently 14.5 million bitcoin are classified 
as illiquid leaving only 4.2 million bitcoin in   constant circulation that are available for buying 
and selling bitcoin is going through a supply   shock ethereum totally different but ethereum is 
also going through a supply shock this is just one   metric of many that are like this talking about 
the eth2 staking contract 95 000 eth was sent   to the deposit eth2 contract yesterday it's the 
most since july getting close to 7 million each   locked in the deposit contract again supply shock 
this means they're not selling them anytime soon   very bullish una swap 25 million uniswap proposal 
sparks another governance controversy i'm bullish   on uniswap but they have been coming under some 
criticism or critique lately let me know what you   think of this flipside crypto has requested a 25 
million grant from uniswap to build a community   driven analytics firm so this is actually pretty 
common in crypto protocols in d5 endows where   these tokens and these dows have access to large 
treasuries and people or entities can request a   grant to hopefully help the protocol and they 
request the money and the dao or the governance   can vote on whether to grant them that money and 
so flipside has requested 25 million now critics   of the proposal have questioned why the uniswap 
grant should favor only one actor in the space   this one and as you recall we reported to the 
other day unisop's governance process was also   criticized last month as a small number of parties 
can influence votes due to the number of tokens   that have been delegated so it's pretty 
interesting the uniswap protocol is decentralized   there's uniswap company which is not decentralized 
there's one uniswap interface of many the main one   which has levels of centralization and then 
there's this so let me know what you think   in the comments below and we will end it with 
this this is the pudgy penguin nft's hangout   i don't know if this is theater i don't know if 
this is real either way i cannot stop watching   you let me know what you think of this pudgy 
penguin nft enthusiast i'll see you tomorrow   and and that and and i and my penguin is me and i 
am my penguin and oh my god i i was going through   some crazy things and and thank god like i said i 
had some supportive people with me along the way   i've had some amazing people supporting me and 
constantly lifting me up now the day of the of   the mint i minted so many other projects and 
i and i invested not money my me i invested   me into these projects and for some reason when it 
came to the penguins i didn't know much about cola   i didn't know much about mr tubby i didn't know 
how amazing how influential these two people were   i didn't know at that time and i didn't 
know what they were producing and i said   you know what i'll call out on this one 
regardless of what everybody was telling me   i said you know what i'm gonna call out on this 
one i'm gonna save some money i have a girlfriend   let me take her out to a nice dinner and i 
find myself in a group chat with 18 whales   and all of them are telling me these 
penguins call mr tubby these are people   that we've never come across before the devs the 
discord the way that you're managing all of this   this is absurd this is something that's 
crazy this is something that we have not   seen before i said i want to be a part of 
this i bought my penguin a few days later   this has been the best damn thing 
i've ever done in my entire life   every time i have a long day and things i can't 
explain to people i look at my penguin and i smile i i realize the happiness that my penguin gives me   my penguin gives me life my penguin is the 
reason i'm here my penguin is me and my brother   understands i'm 22 years old and i'm going out and 
i'm supposed to be partying and i'm supposed to be

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