Most INSANE Chainlink Price Prediction (Hint: It’s Over $2k)

people are saying chain-link you get to $200 is that realistic well you can bet your bottom link it is in fact some are saying that that number may not be bullish enough today I'm gonna tell you exactly whine link has a chance to get to Heights even the most bullish investors never dreamed of at the end of this video I'm gonna tell you exactly what my new personal price prediction for link is and you're not gonna want to miss it let's get it [Music] low-to-mid boy Krypto the hardest-working channel in crypto if you're new hit that subscribe button and join both my telegram groups to learn more about crypto or connect with me personally alright guys so today we're gonna be taking yet another look at chain link and at the end of this video I'm gonna be telling you just how high I think it can go I'm gonna back it up with some logic so this is not just picking a number out of the sky my last video about chain link which you can check out above I stated that my previous chain link price prediction of somewhere between 80 and 90 dollars was wrong and that I needed some time to come up with a new one I decided a new prediction was necessary after rethinking chain links place in the hierarchy of top crypto currencies I now believe that chain link for all intents and purposes is a theorem 2.0 until etherium 2.0 comes out and then I'll guess I'll have to be aetherium 2.1 I believe link has not just a solid chance but a likely chance to climb into the number 3 seat of all crypto now I've got to be honest here during early 2018 I thought neo had the chance to compete with aetherium for the number 2 and number 3 spot and that did not work out at all but this is the only time in two years after my neo prediction that I'm once again predicting a project to climb into the top three while neo was build a competitor to aetherium and dub the infamous aetherium killer chain link isn't really a direct competitor to aetherium in fact channel Inc is built on top of aetherium and still exists as an AR c 20 token Lincoln eath actually worked very well together and if you watched my baseline protocol video from yesterday then you know that aetherium is killing it on the enterprise side of blockchain and HEC tech business in general you see aetherium has found a way to capitalize on the movement of business over to blockchain and in that vein link is doing the same thing they're connecting the business of blockchain to the business of tech prediction models data aggregation and many other industries we are talking about multi-billion dollar markets previously I thought chain-linked was going to run out of yes and not be able to continue its pump but I've been proven wrong at every turn I mean look at this chart how many projects create in 2017 are at all-time highs basically zero there are a couple of outliers but link is now crushing its all-time high blue pass five dollars and even topped out over six dollars investors have been enjoying these absolutely monstrous gains now here's a fact the only reason people are still not jumping into chain-link is because they are terrified that the pump is over and they missed it and yes there certainly will be micro pull backs as there is after every pump in crypto but there is nothing in the chart the volume or the sin de menthe surrounding link to believe a macro pullback is coming when Bitcoin starts to take off like a rocket and it pulls off coins up with it there's no reason to believe link is not going to be leading the charge their huge partnership show this is not a flash in the pan project built on hype it offers real-world solutions in the form of their Oracle's that connect off channel on chain data something only becoming more important is demonstrated by the etherium baseline protocol but let's be honest here the use case is great but we all know token pumpa mentals is the main cause for price increases in a while chain link still remains outside the top ten to me along with card ah no link has the very most positive sentiment and hype around it I have people making comments on my tick-tock account about how they're invested in chain link pretty crazy to think about chain link is buzzing and it is only getting louder just go check views on chain link videos so yes link has a strong community and a solid project with ample use case yes they have big name partnerships yes they have a strong team with one of the OS cheese and all of crypto Sergey nazarov yes I have content creators kissing their feet but most importantly the buzz from this project is at an all-time high don't believe me look at 2017 the projects with the most notoriety pump the hardest look at Tron it just so happens this go around we have a bit more development and actually used products but do not discount the cinnamon popularity and marketing of a project paid or community shilling these are what in fact drives price up so before we get to my personal price prediction here let's take a quick look at what token metrics inks by the long term forecast or chain-link they actually rank chain lis as the number 26 best crypto to hold for the long-term which is actually pretty surprising to me de lista is the number 15 overall crypto project for the short-term investor so a little higher now in general when it comes to token metrics I've had massive success using it to research coins I've had several triple digit winners if you want to check out token measures yourself and get a 14-day free trial then you can do so by visiting TM bit boy dot live and tell them bit boy sent you I'm just kidding there's no one to tell that to it's a website you right now they are scouring link as an overall seventy four point seven two out of one hundred much better than many other coins but surprisingly low in my opinion but when you zoom over to the right and see link giving a six thousand two hundred and forty three point six percent return to early investors you realize people have been doubting link the whole time all the way to the top and I think that this is something very important to mention I love token metrics it has been far and away the best research site I've ever used but I want you to sign up for it sure but do I honestly believe it's the very best out there literally no question about it in the last three months my token metric monthly picks have netted 12 out of 15 winners going off of other side so I was lucky to pick two or three out of five but I'm consistently picking four out of five literally all three months at our winners but I just don't think that any coin research side or analytic prediction model takes in the fundamental analysis and common sense of the psyche of a crypto investor this is why a lot of the price predictions we've looked at on token metrics and other sites have been ultra conservative they're not factoring in the massive catapult these projects will get when Bitcoin starts running the same way it did in 2016 2017 this is what will lead altcoins to the promised land if Bitcoin ever hits all-time highs you're all coin bags are going to feel like stocks instead of millionaire making opportunities however when we look at this short term price prediction model for link on token metrics we said it actually has quite a bullish price prediction over the next few months token metrics is predicting a $9 link over the next few weeks and if you didn't know their price prediction models are insanely accurate with the last three months price predictions were linked it was an average of 94 percent accurate the research team thinks that now is not the time to jump out of this project as it will blow well past its current numbers but unfortunately can't get a long-term price prediction from Tokyo metrics that's where I come in so just how beneficial is holding on to link for the long term I've already stated that I believe link will be a top three project so let's break down what that means in terms of market cap I believe bitcoin will hit $225,000 which actually I've been thinking about amending to a higher number as well but let's stick with that let's assume all coins rally and Bitcoin dominance falls to 30% around the low last time and etherion drops to 8% dominant let's go chain-link at about fibers and dominance at the number 3 spot a 225 K Bitcoin with a 30 percent dominance would make the overall market cap for Bitcoin about 6 trillion in the overall crypto market cap about 18 trillion dollars so 5% of that would be directed towards chain-link at the number 2 spot yet buckle in this is crazy 5 percent of 18 trillion dollars is 900 billion dollars cuz we make chain-link almost as big as Apple or Amazon but what what does it mean for the individual cost of a link token based on the current circulating supply this will place a price per individual thinking unbelievable $2,700 that's a 450 X from where it is right now so now we are talking insanely bullish retirement money heck 10 year old could retire with those gains so like do you guys not think it's possible to 450 X then right even here in crypto you should have left in 2018 and never came back now look while this prediction is based on math there's no guarantee channeling it we'll get to the number three spot there's also no guarantee Bitcoin dominance will fall took 30 percent or that chain link can grab a 5% share of the market for those things happen was six of your Bitcoin then we're definitely looking at closer to 450 X gains than 10x when it comes to link over me personally it is so hard to imagine link actually getting to a 900 billion dollar valuation and I'm also not exactly sure about how many link will be in the circulating supply 12 months from now maybe somebody can drop that below so why is he all of the above happening in some form or fashion it just seems like those numbers are even too high for a moon boy like myself so let's be conservative here and say Lincoln's up with a 2% share of the market well that would put link at $900 for the upcoming cycle and I believe that is def possible at this rate link doesn't even seem to need a Bitcoin spike to reach insane levels but certainly won't hurt so am i amended official prediction for link in the next bull run is $900 much higher than you'll find other places I'm sure but I also don't think any of the link Marines will be complaining if I'm right but now it's your turn what's your prediction for link in the next bull run am I crazy or not if you're holding a bag I bet it's music to your ears if not you may want to grab one just in case so make sure you drop your thoughts and comments below hope you enjoyed this video if you did please make sure to smash the like button and hit subscribe to become a member of the bits 1 thank you so much for watching have a blessed day [Music]

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