MOST Important Chainlink Video EVER (2020 LINK Update)

this is the most important chain link video you are ever going to see there's something so big coming to chain link before christmas that it may make you rethink whether or not you want to be in on this project and i'll say this it's probably not good what's coming pay close attention to today's video because i uncovered a lot going on with chain link you have to see to believe let's get it welcome to bitboy crypto the hardest working channel in all of cryptocurrency if you're new hit that subscribe button and check the description for links you can use to connect with me all right guys today we're going to be discussing a crazy insider scandal with chain link the information we're going to give you today is insane and the people who listen to this video will be better prepared for coming market moves insiders have used this information to make millions of dollars and you might be able to take advantage of it as well and if you want to know what is coming in the short to medium term for link we will be having crypto indio join us for some special technical analysis on chain link at the end of this video as a lot of you guys know i've been discussing channeling on this channel for a good bit and today we're going to continue that conversation but you guys have to understand cryptocurrency is an unregulated market i can mark on one hand the amount of projects or people in cryptocurrency who have had serious consequences based on their actions people all the time bring up the idea of crypto influencers or industry insiders being guilty of insider trading i hate to tell you a policeman paulie there's no such thing as insider trading in an unregulated market it just isn't a thing now you could certainly make an argument in terms of ethics and morality but from a standpoint of criminality it just doesn't exist maybe if you keep wishing your local crypto youtuber will go to jail maybe you can manifest it dear baby jesus my one wish and prayer is to see big boy in handcuffs happy now but the point is and trust me when i tell you there's a deep ugly layer to cryptocurrency an area exists between right and wrong good and evil fomo and fud an area where people in the deepest layers of communities are willing to sacrifice their own coins in order to make gobs of cash you wouldn't believe how crazy this twisted chain link tail is now before we get into the twisted story i do want to remind you guys about the bitboy lab this is my new discord server where you can get insights ta charts and low cap gyms we recently called rory an nft collectibles project that's gone up 4x since we called it in a time when almost nothing is going up we only have three days left of our special where you get the first three months for only 50 bucks regular 29 dollars per month or vip membership by two months get one free you can sign up for the lab at so let's get back to chain link i'm gonna set the scene for this link conversation i was discussing chain link with a friend of mine who is the truest of all link marines he's been in chain link since dang near the beginning knows a lot about what goes on inside the community now i'll be honest with you he's probably not going to be too happy with me for sharing this info but this is too important for me not to share with you guys i'll be protecting his anonymity for the sake of this video so here he randomly told me that he was going to spend 20k in order to fund link keep in mind he's a huge bag holder of chain link the implication here is that he would spend his own money in order to make the price go down that way he can scoop up more on a dip but poor little naive bit boy he thought this was a joke in reference to the zeus capital report regarding link so i responded like the ignorant moral person that i am ha ha those link futters be cray you think it's someone from the community here i was asking someone deep on the inside of the community whether or not it was insiders inside the link community who actually ran the zeus capital fudd if you missed that whole video explaining the zeus capital report you can actually click above to catch up on that as i don't have time to explain the entire scenario in this video but the long and short of it is that there was a report put out by a website only registered six months ago called zeus capital this 60 page report destroyed link and stated people should short it to zero interestingly enough there was another more reputable company called zeus capital from the uk they put out a statement that they had nothing to do with the chain link report so i jokingly implied here that maybe zeus capital was done by the linc community itself this is when he gave me this shocking statement the zeus capital fudd was done by the community and insiders for only twenty thousand dollars they were able to flood the price of link down in order to save millions of dollars and buy more you see what people may be missing here is that these insiders are selling their own link in the midst of the fud that continues to push the price down further so it's not like they're holding onto their link and then buying more link with fresh fiat on the sidelines they're selling their link flooding the project then buying back in at a lower price point but look at what else the message says there will be another huge wave of length fud coming before christmas it will be aimed at trying to pry the link out of their dying pepe the frog fingers ribbit ribbit so be prepared link community because these bad actors and your own community will be coming for your bags it's up to you whether or not you want to give it up but check out what he went on to say about the zeus capital situation this is deeper and darker than you ever thought so basically these whales flooded link to bring the price down then reverse flooded zeus capital itself their own brainchild now think about this remember when stories were coming out that nexo was somehow behind the fight on chain link this was because there was some code on the zeus capital website connecting their website to the nexo project now think about this these footers did it on purpose they connected nexo in order to frame them as the culprit this was reverse flooding built in once this was exposed on numerous crypto news websites guess what happened the price of link started going back up pretty unbelievable how orchestrated all of this was in addition these whales were also taking out huge loans on ave with other altcoins in order to consolidate all their holdings and buy more link on credit to take advantage of the tug of war these whales created regarding link's credibility now look i'm taking a bit of a risk on this video because these people got a lot of money and we could be ruining their plans by exposing this but we have to clean up this space this is exactly why they say the retail investors get dumped on because it's often the people you think are on your side stabbing you in the back but we've discussed macro movements on chain link now let's take a look on the technical side with some ta to see exactly what is in store for chain link in the near and mid term each week cryptowindio joins us on fridays to take a look at some technical analysis today obviously she's going to be taking a look at chain link good to see as always wendy can you break down some chain-link ta for us thank you for having me back bitboy and let's go ahead and take a look at link and make the bit squad some money so this is the daily chart here i've got my fibs drawn from about 20 to this low area here of a dollar and 49 cents so there's some things that we need to talk about with link number one it is top five of coin market cap which is a good positive thing and link has had some really great past price action we see these little consolidation periods this first one was august 4th to august 8th and then this next one was august 8th to about august 12th where we had these beautiful green candles that happened well one thing i do need to point out is we're not really having that positive price action as of late because bitcoin has been really really bearish but right now bitcoin is ready to flip ten thousand five hundred and if we're able to do so and continue to climb to about eleven thousand dollars price is also going to follow with link we built beautiful support here at ten dollars and sixty four cents and then more support at about 11.73 currently testing about 13 will we break let's take a look at the four hour chart so this is the four hour chart right here macd is looking really good price action is looking good we are essentially in an uptrend we may have a little bit of a pullback prior to breaking thirteen dollars but i feel very confident just as long as bitcoin keeps on climbing and flips that ten thousand five hundred dollar mark we're going to have some price action that looks like this we're gonna have a little bit of a pullback probably twelve dollars to twelve dollars twenty cents possibly even back down to 10.86 either way just as long as we're able to break 13 we will continue to follow this up trend and i believe hit 16 and then 20 please be advised though you guys just as long as bitcoin is behaving i do believe that link will follow suit hopefully this helped you and let's get some money thanks wendy as always for coming on the show and breaking down some ta because god knows i can't do it make sure you guys head on over to crypto cryptowindio's channel and hit the subscribe button so you can get daily crypto news and technical analysis videos but now it's your turn what do you think about all of this channeling fud do you believe it was from the community or is my friend here talking out of his backside let me know what you think down below in the comment section i hope you enjoyed this video if you did please make sure to smash the like button and hit subscribe to become a member of the bit squad thank you so much for watching have a blessed day big boy out [Music] you

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