listen part of why i own a small piece of 
bitcoin is i do think there are more people   that are going to enter that fray over time we 
have a very moderate position in our portfolio   i like assets that quite frankly are 
volatile that have upside convexity   and i could see bitcoin like it's done 
i could see it go up significantly   welcome back everybody to altcoin daily where 
you subscribe because you're interested in making   money with cryptocurrency and this channel keeps 
you informed my name's austin join us on our road   to 1 million we are so close and let's jump in 
in today's video i'm going to share with you the   latest news involving bitcoin involving chain link 
decentraland xrp and much more like always check   the timestamps down below in the video description 
starting with our top story blackrock the largest   asset manager in the world is reaffirming their 
bullish stance on bitcoin rick rider is skeptical   yet bullish saying that while he doesn't see 
bitcoin as an uncorrelated asset it's too volatile   he is still a btc hodler because he still sees 
tremendous upside watch this rick you have been   a proponent of crypto uh i think within the firm 
probably more so than than many others where do   you see that now we talked about what el salvador 
did this week but it speaks to all the issues   that you're dealing with here which is which is 
what are real rates what's the value of money so so you know that's a tricky subject so first of 
all i'll say the first thing i will say on crypto   you know people describe it as a hedge 
or an alternative i'm not sure it's a   really great hedge i mean the correlation 
to equities the correlation to risk assets   i'm not sure it's a great hedge by the way 
so when an asset moves 10 to 15 percent a day   really hard to hedge big organic asset pools 
with that as a hedge is it you know is it an   alternative currency listen i've said and i've 
said you know i've said it with you andrew   listen part of why i own a small piece of 
bitcoin is i do think there are more people   that are going to enter that fray over time we 
have a very moderate position in our portfolio   i like assets that quite frankly are volatile that 
have upside convexity and i could see bitcoin like   it's done i could see it go up significantly but 
listen i think it's volatile i don't think it's   a core asset class like like bonds are or like 
stocks are but i think it's you know to have a   bit as more of a speculative tool in a portfolio 
yeah i think i think there's some value to that   so rick is saying that yes it's risky to hold 
bitcoin but at this point from his point of view   it's much riskier not to be hodling 
and he sees a lot of potential upside   let's keep going second piece of news out of five 
chain link has just reached a milestone with 777   integrations so here are the details convergence 
finance which is a decentralized interchangeable   assets protocol converging the world chain link 
has just hit this historic milestone of their   777th integration and chain link has announced 
over half of these 408 of these during 2021   alone so the most growth has happened this 
year and to view all 777 link integrations   we can see the chain link ecosystem basically 
every single partnership right here pretty   cool chain link coddlers are loving this 
congratulations to you but let's keep moving   before we talk about xrp i want to share with 
you the latest hype with nfts on ethereum   loot creators experimental ethereum pet like a 
tamagotchi dies shortly after launch wag magachi   is an on-chain pet that needs plenty of fuel to 
survive so despite being launched by the loot   creator which was a very successful nft drop loot 
despite that this little guy is dead let me share   with you why a virtual on-chain pet died moments 
after its birth when speculators on crypto twitter   spammed it with care only to discover that its 
smart contracts were riddled with bugs the botched   launch of the project wag magachi shows how its 
creator dom hoffman the creator of runaway nft   hits loot and blitmap is so popular that people 
will ape into his experiments to avoid missing   out on the next big thing even if it doesn't 
quite work so take this as a cautionary tale   be very careful before you put money into projects 
and just to be very clear on what wag magachi   is wag magachi is a single on-chain virtual pet 
that is kept alive by anyone who sends gas to   its smart contract and if you send him a little 
eath you can then clean him feed him play with   him put him to sleep in a nice way and you can 
spend gas to boost the pet's stats and keep it   alive if needs are unmet it can die so this is 
just like a tamagotchi only you have to spend   real eath if you want to keep these guys alive and 
although the first iteration of wag magachi failed   a lot of bugs after the pet died hoffman quickly 
released a second iteration of wag magachi v2   which is still alive in just over 3 000 
transactions people have spent over 52   thousand dollars in gas fees to tend to the pet 
hoffman did clarify when launching the project   that caretakers received nothing in return 
besides love tokens but anyway this is the   latest hype in nfts let me know if any of you 
are owning or feeding or sleeping a wag magachi   but i'll keep you updated and next up fourth 
piece of news in today's video out of five   binance u.s hires uber's brian schroeder 
as president ahead of their potential ipo   so indirectly this is some bullish news for 
bnb the token as announced by businesswire   schroeder will oversee the exchange's corporate 
development fundraising strategy product functions   and more in his role as president and what's his 
background who is this guy now running binance u.s   well he most recently spent three years as the 
head of business development at ant group the   owners of china's largest digital payment platform 
alipay where he focused on expanding the company's   global partnerships before that he served a 
similar role as head of strategy and business   development at uber in asia and now working at 
binance schroeder believes that the firm has   everything it takes to become the biggest exchange 
in the u.s in a direct quote in under two years   binance u.s has established itself as a regulatory 
compliant profitable enterprise that serves   millions of customers across the country it is 
clear to me that binance us has all the right   ingredients to become the largest most successful 
cryptocurrency and digital assets exchange   in the us so a bit of light at the end of the 
tunnel for binance us's at least regulatory woes   we will have to see how this plays out let's keep 
moving next up very quick update for decentraland   order a domino's pizza in the metaverse 
decentraland and get it delivered straight to your   door see more on united metaverse so this is some 
of the building going on in decentraland right now   and apparently we can look at openc and somebody 
does affirm that their first pizza food order   from the virtual world was delivered in the real 
world crazy to think about the type of like i said   building going on in these metaverses would you 
do this have you done this let me know down below   and next up we have a quick update on ripple 
this is a continuation from our coverage in   yesterday's video the sec versus ripple case 
takes another turn making investors bullish on xrp   so here are the highlights here are why some 
are bullish japanese financial services giant   sbi holdings is launching a crypto asset fund 
which invests in xrp obviously a huge deal   we've mentioned this before number two there was a 
spike in address activity noted on september 10th   which did rescue the altcoin's price from 
plunging further so a bit of stability and number   three the xrp army prepares to represent their 
interests in the sec's lawsuit against ripple   so the case is between two parties the sec 
and ripple but the xrp holders are prepared to   represent their own interests as well and this 
comes after both ripple and the sec admitting   that ripple owes no fiduciary duty no financial 
responsibility to xrp hodlers in the ongoing case   therefore the xrp army is ready to represent 
their own interests in this case on their own   very very interesting situation how this 
is progressing with ripple versus the sec   but i'll keep you updated that is the video my 
name's austin and we will be at a dodgers game   tomorrow so i'm not sure if we'll be able to 
get the video out but either way see you monday

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