Most efficient Mining Rig for Bitcoin / Litecoin / DOGEcoin ~3,2MH/s with 5×7950 Radeons in one Box

hello my name is Maurice and today I'd like to show you the second version of my do it yourself litecoin or dogecoin mining rake it's well suited for all kinds of cryptocurrencies but ideally you will use the script based cryptocurrency the hardware consists of five radeon 7950 graphic boards from different vendors the best ones are the Sapphire boards this one and this one if you can get your hands on them just buy them they are the best one to use eggs if X or two XFX board like you can see well I've got a special tip if you remove the red cover you can get down the temperature a bit of the exotic sports and you can squeeze out a little more hash rate the minor uses cgminer 3.7 point2 its boots right of a USB stick with a linux operating system there is advantage that you don't have to buy the windows license you don't have to buy a hard drive because Windows doesn't boot from a USB stick and finally use safety energy costs associated with running a hard disk this minor as you can see mia has successfully solved two litecoin blocks in the past so they are right now they are up on the block chain and some Dutch coins have been soft as well I really focused on efficiency on high efficiency of this mining rake it's the case I use a simple plastic crate from the hardware store it's made of soft plastic so you can use a cutter I've removed the grit in the front the main board rests on a onto heat pads which would use to serve a hot pot on a table normally you'd use for such a manner with 5 graphic boards one power supply unit with at least thousand two hundred or thousand three hundred watt I use to power supplies with 830 and 550 watts which is far cheaper than buying one big power supply the third thing in terms of efficiency you see that there is no separate one off switch connected with the mainboard you can simply set the bios option or the UF I option that the system will boot up if the energy gets back on so AC on power loss you can just switch on the whole rake then with a switchable socket this device right now pulls about 3.2 11 mega hashes per second you see the five graphic boards at the bottom with their respective temperatures and the hash rates they are delivering right now at the wall you'll look at clothes 2400 watts it's set up in the most stable way to run 24 7 I have spent a lot of lots of time to tweak this mining rig for optimal performance when you look at the costs you will you will have to see for this box the power supplies the five graphic boards you'll look at about thousand seven hundred euros which is two thousand two hundred dollars this is very very cheap if you consider getting 3.2 mega heshes out of this I hope you liked it subscribe to my youtube channel if you want to get the latest information have fun mining cryptocurrency by

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