Morgan Stanley & Bitcoin, des news d’Ethereum 2, Tik Tok et DC Comics en NFT – L’Hebdo Crypto

hello everyone and welcome to a new episode of the crypto weekly so I know you missed a week without a week it's a soft week but we always come back always higher always stronger whether it's me or our friends zooming in for a good new crypto weekly and is that I caught a rifle angina and you won't see my face today this will be that my voice a little bit highs in crypto mode in this new very good viewing episode before starting this video is sponsored by our friends from swiss borg so if you don't know swiss borg it is a mobile application available on iphone and android which allows to invest easily in several areas I will tell you more about it at the end of this week's menu video we will talk from morgan stanley the american bank we will follow up on a big news concerning the arrival of terium 2 then we will take a tour of the nft side with a video dick toc and dc comics and we start right away with the giant american morgan stanley the largest american bank will offer its wealth management clients access to bitcoin funds good you go tell me it's not a big surprise we saw this type of movement has it regularly since these few words or at least announcements however, not everyone will have access to these new funds since morgan stanley put some barriers of entry only people with a aggressive risk tolerance and having at least 2 million dollars of assets will benefit from this access on the business side, businesses must have at least five million dollars to the bank to gain access to these funds to bitcoin and its Bitcoin investments will be limited to a maximum of 2 5% of the total net portfolio value now let's move on to and terium and and terium 2 which deploys its upgrade berlin good community and got me out an agenda for the next updates at berlin level, the latter will be launched on the mind is deteriorating at from April 14, 2021 berlin follows the updates istanbul and glacial muent which took place in december 2009 and january 2020 the name of this update was set after the defcon 0 held at berlin four terium improvement protocols will be upgraded via berlin the ip 25.65 reducing the cost of the pre compilation mode ex the leap and 29 29 increasing the cost of some gas the hib and 27 18 introducing a new type of transaction and the oip 29 30 including a transaction type with optional access lists let's move on to the small nft part of this week we are going to talk about Nathan Ap au Daaka a 38 year old american from ida you who posted a video which has been viewed several million times this video is 23 seconds long has been posted on tik tok has genuinely made a huge buzz and to take advantage of this success in addition to the 6 and that this video is there our friend in pau dacca friends this one up for auction in the form of a nft and well smart the little one and yes since he still put on sale with a minimum price of 500 thousand dollars 1 he's not shy when and let's go now on the last news always in the field of nft where we will talk about dc comics josé in delgo a former dc comics designer was made know for his sketches of the famous character or world of women this one has recently sold for nearly $ 1.85 million his shaped sketches and neft and well seen that this sale went rather well dc comics is said where there may be an opportunity I need to position myself let's go and I thank before leaving our sponsor of the day swiss borg I really advise you to go and test this application me what I appreciate the most is its ease of use whether for select a list of tocane that they have already put directly in the application that you can buy you can invest directly in their tocane the swiss borg token I put you an affiliate link that you will find below in the descriptions and this link will of course allow you to earn up to 100 euros directly in knockout is therefore do not hesitate to go there take a look and haquin time to download the app with this link that will be all for this week's crypto weekly I tell you by the week next for the next decryption I'll tell you again I'm doing my little ad today go see the video I made on polka dot and feel free to me comment what you think what you think of the project polka dot it's always nice and well in between we do not forget to subscribe to the channel I tell you to the week next ciao

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