[Modern Times 1.74] Modern Mono U Tron w/ Gifts – 1 / 2

hi guys welcome to the broadcast its first day yeah its first it right and we're playing modern times it's been a quite some time since I played modern times and modern times it's a four-round Seuss event I did check them and we're playing with normal deck I played for the last month or so my gift stron deck I I always say the same thing but I'm gonna make some changes but I just don't find the time to do extensive testing I I think I want to add another fret here I think five frets little light up maybe second – they were probably and or take the Sun ring Titan and input that main again and yeah the ether eyes inside an orbiter it has been okay it's not like it's unplayable hm and it's not like I really really want to change it but I'm so not sure if that's cool the best the best way to deal with a meta right it helped me a bunch of times so there's still some some spots on the deck which I'm not sure about or still I still want to do some more extensive testing and change it around but I just don't find the time lately but hopefully I will be able to have a little bit more time starting next week and we might be able to play some some dailies next week so we will get started with round one here and I have to say also didn't play that well the last few times I streamed and I I get I'm kind of convinced right now that playing this version which I'm playing is a lot more fun but also is worse competitively I think if you play the normal version you without Eugene you have a more streamline and probably a better version of a deck which just performs better but I kind I really like playing the gift ungiving version I like the gifts I like Eugene it's just so much fun but I think if I if I was playing in a in a big tournament I don't know whatever you know I guess the quran pretty or whatever i would probably not play this list i would probably go for a more traditional list and by that i I mostly mean without gifts are given and without Eugene because they are fun but again some decks were just useless I mean son ring Titan used to be in bed slot and something tight and also sometimes was just useless but what is he playing is already a signet we're going to give a man so that's just my opinion about the deck right now maybe I'm just not really at the point where I want to be with that egg maybe there's still some changes to be made and then the gifts and giving package will come better or maybe I'm just you know biased somehow and I I have a wrong opinion and it's in fact performing just alright okay I like I like playing gifts next turn actually I think we'll have to expedition that thing be throw away with Solem let's see what he's gonna play I'm not quite sure what what he's playing I mean it's a spa color so far but what is the dachsies of them he's sick not doing in there is this may be X but accessible no this doesn't make sense for X either he he would have been playing some some artifacts the first few turns I'm not sure what he's playing well we're gonna see now it's probably something we animator kind of so I'm really happy that I didn't remind Deseret gifts and given what home Kalenjin writes okay we don't care about rights very much because we have remarked we can deal with Deseret but I'm a little bit scared of -1 and DOCSIS or total to be honest and one question we can't deal with that well I don't think we wanted him to have tether out just because and I don't think well writes this useless and if we give them bomb community can't pay for one cringing so far so just deny him with value maybe I could just gift right here and you couldn't do anything about it well I think I'm going to go for this so if you want to play something something big we can remind it always we just search just fine another gifts probably so he has rights and he has one pendulum hand he will probably get another one pension or something he can writes some creatures you can write and probably never or tether it if he doesn't get a LAN you already have the land you already have rights okay if he has a contour we lose I'm not going to dream on this because we need to remark the CEO now when it comes so I don't really care everyone Kalenjin from Clinton doesn't win in the game we want mine we want expedition map I want nauseous with all actually because that deals with Yona and can get us back for mine and I probably contour I'm thinking a hard condor would be really good but I think Riemann is good enough right now so I think I'm getting remind Oh Oh stone Austin can get rid of her and we have a camera runs in hand unlike Oh stone because once we have enough mana and Academy ruins an old stone I think we just win I mean he does have stocks just at at all okay let me think about this I can I can noxious I can keep a noxious and use it on Yona or I can get mine now when I'm at nine eleven manner so now we don't even need to remind his Emperor rights now we go for mine stable basically fine saver well we might as well just get our artifact since we have a caramels and this time I get a remind he won't give those mine slaver but we will get an extern so we just have to survive one turn so we have to play this now we want to mites around next turn and just costs five so we have four five six seven left actually don't think I want to play any of these yeah because I want to have remonda I want to be able to blow this and I want to be able to catamarans maybe I should have just blonde this and the text after took to stay at 12 because if we failed to mine server next turn or we can still blow this I'm gonna have a ton of man up to be honest shouldn't matter and where we go we would have been able to win it too we would have just played these two lands and then we would have been able to play whoomp engine plug millions on this swing every turn but he could have could have screwed us over on time so son ring Titan is pretty good against Eugene's not very good against him he does kill as a Deseret with -4 but not very good against the EO and I'm not very good against one kind and so I like a starring title instead of Eugene don't think I like chalice justice cap is probably okay but you have to be so fast alright to stop the owner combo um I think pack might actually be something that went flying I don't think I think all these are pretty bad negates probably okay so I don't see a reason for pithing needle I guess we could name Deseret I guess this business playable womp engine maybe I'm not sure noe for ISO channels that's for sure well so custom might be a thing and I also don't really see a good target for dismember let's see what's bad here we'll go silent arbiter probably not so good fever eyes probably not so good the so lems and that's already enough for these well I'm not sure about the jesters cab move on Canyon I like the negate I like probably also the pact just need them to stop we need to stop him from from getting reanimated como so let's start with these one slot left I like Rima and a lot it's good against flashback it's good because he is he has expensive spells repeals probably not that great hey wolf tree we're playing against reanimate or kind of decklist Deseret re-animator I think we just get a second pump engine to survive or a snap cost summary I hate it when it does this better resource when I do piles hmm yeah I think this is okay as soon as we I mean all we need to do really is by sometimes I mean that bets literally every matchup but but seriously we we just have to contour his first emperor rides you know and at some point we will have ten twelve manner like we did last game and draw mine saber in a will and have Academy runes and it will pretty much be over at best at that point so repeals not very good against them as I said but I didn't really see that Ricardo it has ain't bought Nexus okay okay okay he probably gifts when we tap out here to search for land and that's okay with me ghost quarter Wow he can still if he uses minus one on this this is it it still has in fate it's five five in that right so we can't let him get through this because he would be attacking us with a five five flying in fact and looking what I found we got to keep all of these but we kind of can't because we're going to have to shuffle so we're going to shuffle one of these away it's going to be the angel and I kind of wanna gifts here and just well you still has ghost quarter anyway well we have we have to see because we want to be able to negate or maybe repeal something so we have to see what he plays first and he wants to counter the gifts any kind of idiots but I like this more than searching I mean the Angels gone anyway so we are gonna choose the line we are going to choose Academy ruins I just think we choose four lands I'm debating someone tech edge I think I just choose each trundle and once and then let's see what he gives us and what what he wants to destroy of ghost order no matter what we're going to be able to get Tron relatively soon I mean he should give us power plant Academy ruins and then destroy tower or something so we have no tower we have no mind but we're still ramping like crazy I mean not ramping in that sense but we're still hitting our line drops and the next expedition map basically we have it interesting let's see if he goes for animate or package I have to be a little bit careful now we can't just expedition map into Ken everyone's dress Wow negate well I'm I think I take the the cheap spells I think I'm trying to decide if I care about dress I think I do I think I take negating dress or gift think is Gibson giving negate or something like that now I leave them with tell red that's for sure I'm just going to take negate dress because with the expensive spells we can we're more likely to be able to contour so he should and he will so when you're going to be at five yeah like was we have negated and we have condescend here first so knowledge if he doesn't want to go for anything and we still have Tron I think you miss played our gifts on give him so he can gifts no but whatever pretty obvious discard to me want to keep all the contour want to keep this napkin sir oh wow this is interesting do we play better skull or V angel I like the better skull because we have more mana to win a contour war five mana means basically we have at least well not at least we have two Contras open instead of just one contra and I like that a lot because he can he can gift at our end step and then try to get Jana reanimate it yeah we definitely oh he probably has the owner had and that's why he's casting first chair he wants to discard Jana no never mind that's not what happening I was a little bit scared there and he was gonna do that if you trust a gift I think I'm definitely gonna try to confer it now we have so many contours in hand he has he has tether it and he has gifts are given in hand and he drew a ghost quarter that's unfortunate that's really unfortunate don't want either of these to be honest we can snap cause the gifts actually in his turn and get ourselves mine slave or stone Academy ruins tower or something like that I'd really like to have Oh stone against Iona although right now so celestial kool-aid or reverent mouth Nexus probably bigger problem because if he gets and so are the factors or tether at on being buff next as we die very fast to that so I think I snapped cross the gifts here or maybe it's nap castle first because when we still have the control pin and like that a little bit more just because we have contour open okay um how many countries do we want to have open or free right this is our last hour Wow I still have noxious revival which way am I going to tab here all this gets us Academy rooms but do care probably not i like the first because the next term we have just we hold we just hold free contours open and if he doesn't do anything we get to first and um yeah I'm not gonna come to that I kind of wish I had the first and hand sort of one of these ring moms right now because would be amazing we just you know he doesn't he doesn't do anything we want to conjure I mean we just first at the end I really like that Inquisition I guess I could have Reno if I remind this well he can replay it it doesn't matter you can take one of these I don't really care it takes the negate which is fine no surprise here and next time we have leaf all right this has to be a horrible matchup for him right because we're just one of the most um V control to a gross scale we are like them at the at the far end of the control spectrum I suppose I mean whereas few decks which play more contours when we do and which yeah which are so controlled Lee and just can can stop him I guess I vertex play mole removal they are but removals are not that great against oh he has another ghost quarter I can't believe it our decks are not so great stopping him from from getting a onna or whatever alleged on but they can pop it afterwards this expedition I was actually not going to do anything because this is our last hour and he should know it and he should target the tower can we do anything with that manner no and only one island left Wow we still have eight Manorville sure let's play this expedition man if he wants to trade his colonnades for my for my gem token that's fine if he does I play angel and the next one I equip because yes you tap out right one two three four yeah he has to tap out to do this I guess he has one man open and he loses bed after her block so I just play angel afterwards and then we probably went the next next one we equip and we attack and that's over at least I don't really see only has a path well that's our last island we have one Academy once sure enough we draw a land let's make a difference this is 8 mana hmm no I don't think it makes a difference and well I'd rather have if I bounce and replay this right now I won't have enough mana to control everything in place I will have only 3 mana left it could be free Islands but I want to have more than that so he wants to swing well that's fine I don't care about that at all I'm just gonna bounce this and do some deck thinning we don't want to draw more lands Oh tectonic etch is pretty good right what a caramel is also pretty good well we actually we don't have anything useful in our backyard so I guess we're going to go for the tech edge and kind of bounce this dude guess I could have repealed it well that's interesting yeah now we have two contours and tech edge oblivion stone doesn't really do anything because he only is using its lands tech edge though I like I'm living so might come in handy if he somehow manages to get a yo now in the field or an end so lot effect but we have repealed for and so on effect it's ridiculous how good and so artifact on taxes of the volume of Nexus is yeah we don't do anything right we don't want to do this yet can do this when he declares blockers or before you can declare smokers and I think would just win now only has to double block or double animated otherwise he's dead because if he any mates only one of them I'm just gonna take it and or am I missing something yeah exactly hmm and that lets soul let's store alright let's this would be again too much so again we don't I guess we could have play-doh stone this one maybe I will repeal the better skull instead of bouncing it with its own nobility just so that I can draw a card and I don't think I care about him having won my mana actually I am this is actually good because I can bounce this dude I just want to cycle and we can really and a gifts Wow one two three four five we have enough one wine saver I think we want to play it safe here I'm gonna return this because this is still lethal threat but he has to deal with and at the end of term we can gift into mind slaver and X and Academy ones and see what happens and Benny has to both deal with a better score under the gifts and we also also can go for noxious revival which we'll also be able to get us at our Beck supreme verdict yeah but it doesn't do anything okay mine slaver tightening ketamine runes and noxious levels what I'm gonna choose I think the Titan was from the wrong choice maybe Titan should have been snap car sir because snap cursor or noxious is also pretty good but now we have to get via Cameron's bag that's one too many he has only two blue sources so we're gonna add black sources sorry so we're gonna destroy his black source he has a path most likely but whatever we only have eleven cards left Wow oh he wrote GG I was scared in the first game every turned that he would be able to somehow manage to get Yona but the second game was just I don't know felt easy we were never really in a position where we felt like we were gonna lose soon we were just in control the whole time so I think it's it's probably a really bad matchup so let's report – oh and I will put up the deck again we have to go and we have to get nine points if we want to earn some money let's let's see the chat here now there's so much check going on all right talking about Lutron but but yeah there's nothing really but I need to add they're just discussing different versions of thrown red green and blue do you consider it green trying to be just a little worse when Neutron or significantly worse well I'm not gonna get into that now because we're playing let's see we were playing against what it seems to be a lot of Lutron here tonight or they're just talking about randomly dion max who were playing against what just happened here let's see I always do this and it's Q games getting series now why is this Ohio bait it wow this is this is a feature that actually they just implemented apparently it's not even bad you see guys Wizards is working very very hard to improve the client important stuff like this makes it in hmm I'm gonna have to wait a few minutes until he joins he doesn't I'm gonna talk to him actually I'm impatient so I'm gonna talk to him right away let's see where is he now various come on oh no this is not capable this is if yes turn one discard okay doesn't and we lose this expedition Matt well okay we would have drawn something that's good wouldn't have been half bad I might actually well we're gonna try to go for return for Eugene right well now we see blue so you might have a conjurer so now it's not quite as great at a strategy I like that we have Raymond and Connor sent here Oh okay it's an awesome hmm Oh stone doesn't do anything unless he relies on this so this is bottom Eugene by way also not doing anything I like the gifts all he can go instant speed right I thought him I still like the gifts because we can gift Andrew like free contours which is pretty strong so he has friction on live and he had angels grace how many monitors he need for the ad nauseum I think v right v manners at nauseam I think we actually might want to get a blue source from much or I think you kind of want to be able to cuss to contours so I think we have to get a blue source which is extremely annoying we just get a blue source with gifts thank you but that's not that great I think we have to get a blue source I'm not gonna say anything about this sometimes you're just lucky justify for having draw two cards sure sure I go this is this is like Bigfoot I'm just worse I suppose he put top top bottom bottom so I'm definitely gonna get a lot of contours here lightning storm let me actually they win I think this is pretty much their own the only one condition they have is lightning storm okay so we definitely want condescend rement where spell burst spell burst and maybe never gifts are given I'm a blip plot a manger doesn't really do that much I don't think I have anything when moon does anything I guess we can get mine slaver to have a Fred that's pretty good repeals pretty useless unless you use this fraction on live again yes nerf Custer was definitely an option but I only have two blue sources right now that's kind of why I didn't like my snap Custer as much we definitely have enough mana to pay for snap caster condescend plus another corner Center plus Raymont but it's just too blue sources I don't like it it's it would have been cool it would have been really great here because we would have been able to snap Casas gifts so maybe I should have just done it but this is pretty good cuz now we have a very real threat against them in the form of lights lever lock because this is 9 Rufus mine and just one more mana basically this is if we draw one land it doesn't even matter which land we have mines overlock this is 7 9 11 mana plus the Camerons and uni 12 hmm I would like to repeal this just to draw a card but he's just going to sack it so what's the point for action on life ok the thing is if we tap out for mine slaver he might just contour it and we die and I'm a little bit scared of that but I think we we pretty much have to try because we have enough to activate I mean we have we still have enough mana to use Beaufort to use to remod space if Lee Hecht of negation we're just gonna try again he has to tap out this time basically well he's gonna try to come one hour right I'm not sure if I wanna dream on door if I want to converse and actually think I'm going to converse and I wanted this to be gone now now he has to tab for pack next turn oh you are correct if he had a second packed I should have saved the conus and you're absolutely correct on that well I could have just remounted via nauseam with my if you had a second fact it didn't really matter that much as I said angel doesn't really matter well we need a Fred we want to win though but I want to I want to have both ways on top but I want to have the manner on the very top actually so we have mine server log and then after we've seen his hand and use we've done some disruption we can then draw the angel and play it if yeah Eugene is a Fred that's Greg oh I miss plate because now I don't have enough mana to do this actually oh no nevermind I stole this is six-nine I should I should have used V catamarans with one colors man I still have had left I miss played mm-hmm I don't want to play the Eugene here oh that's just really stupid if I just put the mind slaver on top we would have had mine saver lock the sternum won the game basically I mean we would have been able to mine sliver him once and then we would have had to skip one turn draw his mind and then we would have been able to my serve him again and now if he has if he has contour our ad nauseum he wins here hmm doesn't look like he hasn't but bevels definitely miss play on my part so virus in platinum angel on top I should have kept the Academy runs because then we would still have another Iman token tap wrong again but I think if you had a condor you would have kind of mine slaver I mean it's pretty easy for him at this point yeah he doesn't have it but we should have played a tempest Academy rooms because we can use this in our upkeep we don't need to do it in the end step and then I would have had one model source and a secondary – backup I would have been way better than the way I did it too small well I say small because we didn't matter but they could have been game losing miss plays so let's see pithing needle is pretty good I don't think Charles is a very good soaring tight and kept negates contract available he well this prevents – damage was lightning strong but it's not that great so let's see which cards are useless these cards are pretty much useless squelch probably – chalasis chosen five is not very likely chalice on one is actually not that bad well because of angels grace I think all of these are pretty useful mmm maybe not summering titan but the others let's see what we can bore out repeals actually not that bad Eugene bow right Eugene doesn't do anything before I sign an auditor I like I like repeal and cyclonic growth I like it direction on life is one of his one conditions and that gets around that I don't think we angel just eats lightning storm and then we die so I don't think angels very good I think signing Titans probably better than angels if some ring Titan comes into the game will probably win angel not so much maybe we can't get rid of a better skull – don't need we just need to mind savor him so I'm thinking about cellos on one against angels grace maybe we can board out one repeal for the chalice hi hmm I think that's okay we don't need for bound spells if we are only hitting fraction online I can't type I'm too late Oh what is this and this is our capable sadly reclined is lagging and somebody I think somebody message nice you check whatever we all have to check in later I think we lead with this because we don't want him to turn to confer it I hope he doesn't have another wind condition this is one right lightning storm I hope I'm remembering this correctly and I'm not choosing from the wrong card I'm pretty sure it's lightning storm it's discard a land deal two damage basically don't want to show him that we only have at a plant here so this had been like a flooded strand then he might have been able to negate the pithing needle if he play a turn too he probably still has some kind of bones or something to do or he has a number one condition but I don't know about we don't we really need to hit all and drops here we need mana to contour blue men are specifically a second fraction on life wow this is great so repeals pretty useless here I'm gonna gift sir if he has another wind condition and he just plays that nauseam now when we lose whatever and we get to see the second wind condition I really don't know what the second wind condition could be though because I've played against at nauseam like once laboratory mania guy no come flag rate I don't know so I'm going to look at that conflate how do they pay complicate hmm I like o stone all stone next turn we put a contour fake contour on needle then we blow it and he loses to unlife oh if they use the flashback of course I'm stupid I didn't read the whole card I just read the effect I'm the man across things will flashback okay Wow Wow how lucky are we just so lucky so I'm thinking here to just – just let him do this and then crack it and he dies not even try to contour just let him do it and we activate oblivion stone he uses refraction on life and he's dead am I missing something I guess we have so much mana we might as well try to conquer it as long as we keep five man open what he just he just goes to at least like zero life and then he dies I don't see how he wins I guess there's no reason about to let him to let him try we have so much mana we can we can try this and even if he contests this we still have enough to blow vo stone swan song I was jealous this channels well it's unlikely though but he's able to find a wind condition if he doesn't go below zero why did I eat why did I remark vietnam's iam I could have remodeled this man song and then he wouldn't is didn't that was just that was just really not smart what I did I should have just scream out of the swan song I mean I don't care about him having some random contour but him having an awesome well as I said I'm just trying to wrap my head around this up Livingstone and him trying to go off and I guess we get to see it now so let's see what happens here at least we get to see his whole deck oh I guess we we needed to do it while this first storm was stag bow because now he's ghost just gonna angels grace but I still don't see you in condition did I miss it I'm lessee lightning storm well he has echoing true for this but does he have enough mana he has four for no free no forest bird guides but gets him to six mana one forbus yeah he has enough man of oh he can occurring truth now I needed to do this well before storm is why we had nausea most almost AK I kind of thought I would get priority somewhere but even that wouldn't have mattered because wherever the Angels crisis instant and a split second so we can't react to this so now our only play is to do this and then he angels grace and we lose so I did miss play and I needed to use vo stone in response to at nauseam I knew I was going to screw this up but once you had nauseam had resolved there was no way to go back and to changing business in paper magic if you make a mistake here it counts it would have been fine now even if it was no split second that wouldn't have been fine because he didn't need to use it yeah so that's on me stupid mistake there let's see I think we're boarding is correct though yeah I saw the slaughter games because slaughter games on mind slaver is almost win yeah I think the boarding stays the same no contour but we have decent draw repeal on gifts I like it it would be way better though if the repeal was a riemann or kana sent I don't know if you have if he has been natural even if yes but not where we get to first and gifts right Wow very unfortunate we draw each second Academy ruins here he does not have a blue source so far so he seems to be having problems with his hand I guess we can discard one ruins it does open us up a little bit against I guess he can no he can't really go off this turn I mean if you has two spirit guides he can angels grace moretz bird guide now he would need free it son Michael so we can I think we can tap out here for gifts and probably go for packed converse and something like that Oh actually I think we just go greed and we go tower noxious with level son ring Titan that's pretty good right you thundering Titan and tower so he has to put both of these in the graveyard so he has to give us the other two cards which is going to be noxious with level where's the tower tower and Titan not just revival so he has to put both of these away and jester's cap and then we we use the noxious revival on the tower oh I guess this way he can give us he would be able to give us Titan cap and we wouldn't really be able to do much maybe a contour or cellist channels of one it's not that bad I like negate I think negate or pact I think I'm going to choose I'm going to choose negate I like a contour if we take just escape of minds later he's just going to give us Titan mind slave or a Titan hair cap and that's not gonna be very good this way if he gives us Titan the gate we stole we play Academy ruins and we still have contour open and we can get the Titan back Titan and mine saver is probably about the same here but the Titan we can play right away if he gives us the tower gives us a noxious revival and the gate I can want to get the Potala back and play the Titan I mean one turn later obviously I'm gonna play carom earrings first and then I'm gonna put the Titan on the top and then next turn we have Titan men r+ negate I don't like this map cast on that situation why do you want this nap caster we only have two blue sources the only good snap cross the target is we don't even have a good snap car to target I just don't like it in that situation I like the contour way more I think a contour as before things if this is a snap cross right now what would we do wouldn't little do anything seems like he's going for it he knows we have one a gate though so he needs he needs to Simmons bird guy oh he uses slaughter game's name an online card search drug players crayon hand and library well ok let's see what he's gonna name if he doesn't name some ring tight and we're getting it back that's for sure he can't name tower he has to I think he has to name Titan if he doesn't name Titan yeah he does named Titan ok even mine sensor so he can't look at our library yeah he's taking his time looking out looking at our deck now we only we only have mind-slave a left basically so if yeah if he has this second slaughter game is we're in a bad position interesting I really want to draw ya rement I first think about reminding my first but I want to play whatever I draw next turn I don't want to do nothing next turn I guess I would have drawn one card though I do this whole room on your first thing way to I think it's it's either both islands or its repeal islands oh wow if you place the second slaughter games now any names mines neighbor it's gonna be tough to win we still have one bomb clench in them but that's literally only when condition at that point engines grace I'm not gonna come to that I'm gonna contrary at nauseam and I think I'm going to actually start with Rima because he needs an arrange of crisis and wants to go off I don't care if he has another one of these in his hand right so I'm gonna start up a forum on why I used my heart contour condescend at this point hmm he uses pact I'll have that resolved here's the next room and if he has another Peck we're going to use our pact and if he if he has two packs and hands then we lose Wow don't want to pack the specter riverbed practice that nose in practice packed he keeps you at NAS and we do our part buddies yeah I I think I want to draw a card more when he eats us well he has only one card in hand if his last card is a peg I'm seriously gonna rage but he had free packs on hand yeah now he's down to one card I think this is the right play because of this one card is never acknowledged and another angel sprays come on I mean we still have this conocen he's saying he didn't expect the pact well nobody expects the pact of negation oh I didn't even think about this I let both his pecs of course he I let both his pecs resolve he just gained wow I didn't even think about he had to pay it but I but I let them both resolve of course he can't even pay can't even pay one of them because this doesn't have an a contour Wow what are we are not well what a weird matchup every time I play against the stick I play against the stick like once every other month or so I I miss play one of the games because I forget just how exactly they they do stuff so we're 2 and 0 we need to win one more time to get into the money and we're back to that magical 66% win rate or 67 percent win rate I mean I think there's some tables still going so we are going to watch them 2 tables still going on gonna open that up and we have blue Tron okay blue tron against bogles I wish I would play bogles I have a really really good record against boggles of livingstone cycloning rift chalice you know platinum angel there's just so many cards they cannot deal with ether eyes on an arbiter all sudden robbed of a can be aware even if one can gin just sometimes there's enough to stop them for a few turns but it seems like the bolus player here is is having a good time let's actually have a look at the chat here why does it have to do this when you move one up a chat windows it puts this game into the background so we have a repeal here on the ER more this is gonna keep him alive right this turns into a 1:1 and this turns into a 8/8 yeah so this is gonna keep him alive at least but and he still has enough to go for tronex turn okay he can search up the mine and then he has ten mana which would be enough to mind stay over or two Oh stone or two cyclonic craft cyclonic roof would be very good here because we don't even have totem arm or anywhere so um of living stone would just be blowout but he he needs to draw all you need to do something and he also placed gifts on giving snap caster but he plays I think the shock trooper list we have eight cards here wow I didn't even notice this the small things obviously if you were looking at this at paper table you would in a paper game on a real table you would see that this person has a lot of cards in their hand but here in metric online it's not so obvious but keen sense obviously did a lot of work and this means if he plays something like home kind and Oni has vo stone well he has Oh stone plus the Cameroon's plus a lot of mana which means he's just gonna be able to Oh stone every single turn and at this point it's probably game over unless michelle has crows and screw up I think it's croissants group is literally the only thing I can think of that would help crows on Scorpio stone and attack for lethal that's the only thing I can think of stony silence doesn't help it's too slow any other artifact removal doesn't help it's too slow just cracks and responds I guess Boris chomp chorus from would do the trick give well actually no it will just save your creatures you would still lose your or us I think borrows from is you know Bertram is all your permanence gain indestructible right it's not just creature Sabourin would be pretty good but obviously not in the colors of baubles I think poor sharm is all your permanence spurred dance are pretty good follow-up row gone slam some some stuff on this and immediately gain a huge body and on top of that you you get to draw cards if if you face a board wide as a bulbous player the card in your hand you really want to have is this bird answer I'd especially against Lutron which doesn't really play spot removal but again he if he has Landen hand he can just easily Oh Stone lock you need eight mana you need ten mana plus um plus Academy runes and he has nine right now so if he has an island well because because he has to turn no yeah if he has if he has any land that comes into play untapped he can just oh stone block his opponent he does have totem are more vets true but the opponent still loses all the enchantments so the opponent is left with what size is this usually this is 0-2 I think we upon this left with a zero – yeah so the opponent does get to keep his creatures after the neck so stone so you just have to use vio stone and via text at man so that he can't reinsure them before attacking the creatures I mean and this would be way easier to to analyze if we knew what his five cards were but he has he has a bunch of cards which could help him like as I said cyclonic rift mine slaver ether eyes and he does play land he did not okay he has my server look so he had he had he had tower in mind slaver so now he has my several of but I don't think he has the time to actually play it out let's see what the opponent is going to do one level mind there's a treasure mage treasure mansion to warm car engine four minutes is plenty of time to when he just plays wonk engine and then he mind slavers like seven times maybe he mind slavers and he attacks with the spur dancer into the Wankel engine then he text with the mobile and to evoke attention after that he attacks four three times so he needs he needs like six turns so he has like 40 seconds upwards of thirty seconds for each turn I mean that's what I would what do I play play womp engine now and then just mine slaver get rid of his creatures and then swing just swing and keep mine sobering but it obviously we again we don't have the information we don't see what cards they have in their hands but he needs to seriously start considering the time I'm sure he is it's it's tough when you have my favor I mean he could also he could he could have just Oh stone twice righteous Oh stone and then play my phone call engine I mean look at this it's just over he just he just mind several lakhs from now on and swings in the air and again yes time is an issue but indeed I hope he I hope he at least manages to to win it and well this spurred dancers getting pretty big but he doesn't have life links so he can trace the angel in the air I think if I was Lutron player I would get Oh stone and I would put a stone contour on angel what's important is that he doesn't swing with angel because his opponent has reach if he forgets about reach then he loses I would get old stone just past return put a contour an angel Crego stone I think because that's probably faster than mine stare ring oh he's actually gonna loose on time here I think yeah I'm pretty sure now he's gonna lose on time not sure if he took too much time or if it just was unwinnable all the time said he has everything and silicon when the rift Wow and now you mind save a lot and you win he still has to play for us he has two minutes cyclonic rift he still has to play for us but now he's just gonna swing for 12 I mean he just needs to attack twice wow that cyclonic rift I'm pretty sure that was the top deck he didn't have that in his hand did he if he had lesson in it in his hand he made it way way more close when it needed to be or maybe he just played it all right I'm not sure again it's difficult to say if you don't know what cards they have in their hand but ridiculous how close this game is and then I'm pretty sure he top deck this cycling career I mean it was crazy enough that he had all the mana all the creatures oh stone and my saber and was unable to win and then he topdecked minecraft that's just crazy now he's even taking his time tapping all the stuff and it's GG at this point wow what a finish I mean I'm obviously rooting for him but it has to be kind of frustrating for the bogus player wow what a game hmm I've had quite close games but I don't think like this I've had a game I finished with minus 500 life with angel and play and my opponent had like a 24 24 lifelink trample but he had no removal for Angel and then he just decked himself because he had keen sense and he drew like more cards when I did I haven't screenshot somewhere I think I'm going to grab it hmm let's see the chat here let me put up the deck everybody's oh this was this wasn't our last game this was game to Paris supporting I thought they were done both of them had very little time left Versailles boarding so I think I have a side warning bark and it doesn't show me so I'm just gonna put up a deck again now I know this actually let's see we have bear done side warning we can get in no well the time is so low I think the blue truant player is just gonna die on time sadly we won't be able to see it oh nevermind great we do get to see it it wasn't a match it was Game two so now it's 1 1 so when look at the time two friends misses there's very little chance for blue Tron player to pull this off he can spam of six but he will lose anyway I mean if it was like one minute versus two minutes and you used the f6 button very very aggressively you might be able to pull ahead if you were the aggressive deck but if you have a control deck and it's 30 seconds versus four minutes no you're not gonna you're not gonna take it away you know you're not gonna win it I'm actually going to tell them what they already announced ready now no more guys amaura cool each champion right and I think Khan I think I pretty sure of these are ones which they announced so far and bogles wins lost to time 40 seconds to snap cards snip Costas delivered the beats wow that's amazing I've not done it before but I've won I've had some very very close wins with a huge time difference but I don't think that close I've won a couple of times with like two seconds left on my on my clock so so this was the game now and and now we should have pairings in a minute that's sup oh we already have pairings and it's me against Bowl goals so bowl sets with same matchup again no I can't because it's not a deck I can but it's not it's literally not a deck my blue Widex I have this deck I'm not sure if you mean this but it's not X and it's not opening for some reason it's it's miracles it has white Sun zenith which should be in treaty angels and detention sphere and telling time rema and it's just blue-white control I'm not sure what that you're talking about I do not have blue eyed X hmm hang on so yeah I'm playing against Michelle wall oh you mean my papa deck but that's that's not even a deck I mean if you mean this one that's just something I tried out which didn't work so this is even less a deck when we have one I mean this is literally unplayable and my mother my mother um the white deck it's just bad but it's playable hmm I'm not sure which take you're looking for um I think I know what you're talking about the upper streamer antiva or baba he you might be talking about his dick and he's streaming Fridays he probably missed a mulligan he's probably who you're talking about who played the blue-eyed expec so a little bit confusion there's different streamers streaming on this stream over on this channel and I'm I'm not him and he's not me stupid hands here which we will have to mull again it all makes sense now I was really confused for a minute Wow if you want to see his death list you can probably check out his YouTube videos on magic gathering strat YouTube channel you will probably find his decklist in these videos or you know message him on illness on there on the magic air inside great target for work on a sign I think this is pretty straightforward slam angel hope he doesn't have mainboard paw do they playmate mainboard home do a play mainboard path I mean they play post war artifact hate I know that I play crows on scrub and stuff like that well if he has the part and we just eat it and I think it's worth a try we're kind of lucky we're doing as well as we are considering how we started with a multi-faith which was four lands and one expedition that we kind of we kind of have to be happy that we are even still in the game as soon as we survive this run I think we're in a pretty good position having access to snap caster condescend and on how much are we going to need this is five so we can let them pay for more this might be a little bit risky I'm gonna do it anyway because if he plays land path we can't condescend big enough basically okay he goes untapped land I mean he goes tapped land what am I saying oh yeah I can't block this another line I'm a little bit I'm playing a little bit riskier if he does have pop but I really want to put if I want to put a clock on the board Betty has to respect if he doesn't have lifelink and if he does play life in here I'm going to go snap cross her on the scent not for any of these spells well so reach lifelink and path is basically what we're going to contour Wow on a multi-faith so we definitely want chalice definitely want Eve rise negates seem okay snap caster seems okay punk engine might be okay I don't see cap happening Bonhams no dismember no dismembered against expert dancer isn't bad bad though scrolls no needle no pecked no so these nine are useless I think these five are pretty good this Punk engine might be okay let's see what we don't want Sonam is too slow rement doesn't do anything all of this stuff is so so cheap Eugene pretty good I think we I think you you you want to keep the angel on better skull I think you want to keep all these five big dudes and you want to bring in beasts five for sure arbitrage sucks you're true that is true I serve on finding that much better I suppose suppose it's probably about the same the upper comes in earlier that's the only would be mean quality I mean our doors still it he's still a big dude he still blocks like a four or five or four four six spirit dancer he still blocks spirit down so it's been enchanted a couple times you think Solem is better I was going to replace him with one can general Letterman but Solem hmm I have trouble seeing bad soul um well why not give it a try we are up one game and this one this one won't make a huge difference I mean you shouldn't think like that you shouldn't half as the boarding just because oh one doesn't matter but I'm willing to give this a try this card is not user it useless it Rams and the chump locks and it throws your card so it's it's okay it's not useless right and it's it's not quite obvious if this is way better than silent arbiter or womp engine is way better all of these are literally just buying you time just eating up some damage and I like this hand I like it quite a bit actually if ur eyes is pretty strong better skull come when you well it probably won't win us the game right away but it will buy us some time with a live link I'm blocking and doing that stuff not just survival good not good on its own but it can get us back to e4 ice worst-case scenario it just gets us back viva rice and we we draw the combo card and I think Eugene is pretty amazing against right – just – – and he loses everything and then you – – again and again and again and you get like four board wipes out of one card he's she is stuck on one land I'm gonna capitalize on that hopefully what am i doing I'm not doing anything we could not just revolve the expedition map here I think I'm going to do it since our opponent is not really interacting and we still have snap carcere which we can use to get the noxious level back maybe you shouldn't maybe well I don't want to tell anybody how to play let's leave it at that but I think you probably shouldn't I'm just gonna do it I'm just gonna complain about my opponent keeping this hand you shouldn't keep one LAN when you're on the play not even when you're playing boggle I guess I could have played this better skal but we're just winning base off based on this spell verse at this point so I'm my plan is just just barbers and then gifts and getting the end of the turn so let's get mine slaver Academy ruins hmm ex okay it's over yeah so I don't really know what to say this wasn't really a magic game right this was just just sad so I don't know the deck I don't play bowls but I think on the play one land no matter how good it no matter how good we had this one lands willing I don't know what's still reporting real quick I'm gonna have a bunch of time so since it was ended so early we're gonna have a bunch of time left in the round so we're gonna watch somebody else play who did we not see so far both tree and play net our side boring drunken sailor and government what a game just based on these two names I can already tell this must be I can't watch this let me just find a game which we can actually watch oh let's try this again now wait we're just starting for some reason I know they were side boarding probably or something okay so the player from play we just played against oh come on don't be a dick I want to watch this game in chat at the same time but it won't let me okay let's go here we we have we have scape shift against something that's actually I know where I'm gonna put this and put this here I don't care about Chet so I'm not gonna be able to read her what you're saying for a minute so the bogles player she's asking have a red match abyss and I'm gonna talk to you about it while I type because I'm good at multitasking that was a joke I would probably not be able to type and talk about in a coherent matter so I think the match up is over rated as a bad match up so people say oh this is unwinnable if they win with I roll and they have an idol on then you basically always lose there's very little way to win so if I have not for you just lose but if they don't have that you can usually repeal on the sand ream on something first few turns and then you slam bunker engine let angel or better skull so I would say matchup against Auburn is probably 6040 in their favor just because 50% of the games they're gonna have we're gonna win the die roll and then we're going to be a favorite and then they don't win but I roll it's probably about even I think if they don't win with our roll it's probably about even

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