Hello my beautiful, how are you, how are you? I am your friend Norma Escandón who loves you with everything my heart and that I am going to share with you today something of what you have asked me a lot. I I mean some fashion tips for summer, for places where it is very hot, even for the Beach. But first I invite you to subscribe if they are new, you just have to click on the button subscribe and also in the bell symbol so that Youtube will notify you every time you upload a new video of his servant, the Normis. Today a video with some summer outfits, very summery, very beachy and may also serve you a little inspiration, how I put together these outfits and that they are inexpensive garments from our friends from Shein.

What we'll see? Some summer, beach outfits, for ladies of our age, who identifies, well, they will be able to see how those clothes look and I will compare with the website photos, because then we see the skinny model, without any meat anywhere and we are afraid to ask for things because when they arrive who He knows how they will fit us. But remember that there are also plus sizes in Shein, so good, for all there is. Take measurements to buy online in any store, take bust measurements, waist, hip and compare them with the size table that all stores offer us. Y I leave the links for you to see each of these garments and their prices in the box of text. By the way, a question, where is the Norma text box? Right next to the title in this video there is a little arrow pointing downwards. You only click on this little arrow and the full text description opens and this applies to any video on Youtube.

Well, We are going to see these options that I am going to narrate and present to you, summer fashion and a shirt for ladies and I also brought them a couple of swimsuits with their respective clothes for cover truth and I think they are very beautiful options and above all very economical. Let's go! First this polka dot dress, which although the model shows it with bare shoulders, I wear it with the sleeves up. It is an option that I liked, but also, of course, sexy. A very beachy hat to protect from the sun in excess and well, until you want to to go have a drink at the beach they gave me.

These beautiful sandals with applications of pearls and round lenses so that it goes very ad hoc with polka dots and pearls How about these yellow pants? I loved the color. One of the trendy colors this year, the intense yellow, and this blouse that has a long train that well, it looks super cute, I really liked that style. With these flats of Shein that I no longer found, but I leave you other options.

And a long necklace that will always help us create a longer silhouette, to look taller and some beautiful espadrilles. Also for a look more elegant these sandals in metallic gold color that fascinated me, very well by Shein. Remember the chemise style dresses we wore when we were young? Well this one, Although it seemed very youthful to me, it is short, but I think that this fluency helps us to make it look very beachy as it looks good on ladies our age. Very loose, very comfortable, I found it cute for the beach or even to be at home. And this circular bag that is a beauty, really that it seems much more expensive. And very nice accessories in Shein, these glasses, a scarf of course, the circular bag and a necklace with a heart detail.

The sandals, these divine, metallic. And even more for the night a beach bag but with metallic colors. This is not from Shein, but I leave you some similar ones too. Some big gold colored earrings, I found these there in Shein. And this bracelet as in layers that I love, are my favorites. And of course the metallic shoes that I can not with them of the beautiful ones. Now a summer look but more hippie, How about these flared pants that I am fascinated with? Very comfortable and the blouse very cute with a crochet fabric, both front and back. The pants are high waisted, so that's why a shorter blouse can be worn. I even want to dance just like a gogo, these clothes remind me of my mom. Some glasses, these beautiful ones from Shein that they hit the jackpot and cost like five dollars, glasses are not expensive and They come with their case.

And some espadrilles, not very high, to be able to dance at ease. Another option for those who do not like flared pants, well, This one isn't from Shein, it's from White House Black Market, but it's a little flared cut, but very subtle. Also of course with the round bag that I will now carry with everything and the beautiful espadrilles with these applications. Now this blouse is so very rumbera with ruffled sleeves, I loved the ocher orange color, with a "V" neck that it will always favor us more, especially those of us who have bigger breasts and large shoulders.

And these wrap-around pants that look like an apron that ties in the front, but very nice for the beach. It is a very comfortable fabric, very cool. Of course the circular bag that I will not miss this summer. Such very subtle lenses that I found right there also in Shein and this very nice necklace, the truth is that it looks like a necklace of much higher quality. Now a very cute swimsuit, I really liked it, with its chiffon pants and these transparent sandals with some glitters, super flirtatious. Now this red bathing suit with a knitted robe that I put on it, don't you I show the swimsuit but it looks just like the model.

And this bag that is divine, Also these sandals very similar to those of recognized brands and super comfortable. Now a more work outfit for the summer, when it is very hot and we want to dress well, this is a very cute option, a long vest with wide pants. A great trend to type vests tailor but in this case very summery fabrics. One large tote bag to carry everything what we need. And a layered necklace, I love these little necklaces! And finally you are gray sandals that I loved and are tied with the straps at the ankles.

On the way back, what did you think of these options? I already want to go to the beach. I think that soon I have to go to work in a beach place, let's wait, I'm begging like this please, Please, I want to go to a beach where it is hot. Do not leave me beautiful that I have many here videos that you may like, not only in fashion, but also in beauty, health, empowerment, self-esteem, whatever you want. As always I thank you with all my heart beautiful to be here, to take the time, it helps me a lot, it enlightens me, it feeds me have them as friends.

I love you very much and see you in the next video. I send you a kiss!.

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