say guys beauty she took another video and let's guys this time what i leave everything else a video so that the channel can know and bringing here is a butron mode I think you’ve already seen the film with the tone that it’s very I really liked it I found this mold and decided to bring it it he's really cool the the only thing that adds in this mode it’s just the tron’s bike, the clothes that don’t add a touch you how does this mold come on let's stop dodging the controls where you will not be a world and I will get you this way you will have to come here in these paid and down here you will find the head of the XVIII for the ready writing after that you come here on ground and put and remember this here is a pig they did it in a little bit with the head of the style you click on it and you will walk away it will take you and you’re going to guide and it’s good if it comes down to you against controlling the speed too at the time I was seeing this mold I left it on a motorcycle that she bubbled and it became the focus again it’s the same little again which is the hit which is the body teacher like I ride there is on the bike is not eating sense of a click is now walking like taking remembering i'm going to let download the mod in the description to let download is texture also you download for you is see how this one dies for your minecraft let's see kurek how are we going to stay will stay here is floating in a ballet if you liked the video will leave your trash if you are not subscribed subscribe to the channel and if you want more share on your social networks and that's it until the next ruy video

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