MobiePay Ecosystem Overview (Universal Payments & Rewards)

Cryptocurrency has the potential to change
the way we use money forever it provides enhanced privacy and security, creates freedom from
banks and financial institutions and enables effortless cross border transactions. For
this digital revolution to truly unfold and gain mass adoption, we need an easy and secure
way to spend digital currencies and do it without waiting days for your crypto to convert
to cash. And do it without all the huge conversion and exchange fees. Then and only then you
can finally use your crypto for every day purchases. Think that sounds good? Well, imagine
how it would feel to also earn cash and rewards instantly everytime you buy, and earn even
more for spreading the word about this new way to pay? It's all possible with Mobie Coin:
the universal payment and rewards token. Mobie Coin will power global commerce for anyone,
anywhere, anytime. No need for debit cards or bank accounts, simply use Mobie for easy
payments and transactions on your mobile phone. Mobie Coin will form the core technology at
the heart of a broad ecosystem that includes three new components: Mobie Wallet: a mainstream
consumer wallet, Mobie X: a connected cryptocurrency exchange, crypto and trading platform, And
MobiePay: an integrated merchant payment gateway.

The Mobie Wallet will enable mobile payments
in either fiat or cryptocurrency for everyday purchases. Mobie is built around a patent-pending
process to leverage partnerships with major global retailers and online stores by integrating
with existing point-of-sale systems. Mobie Wallet is designed to load or link bank accounts,
debit cards and crypto wallets into a single source. Mobie X lets users spend, send, or
trade, transact or exchange their local, digital or crypto currency with 0 transaction or exchange
fees in seconds.

MobiePay will be an easier, more affordable, reward generating solution
that benefits merchants and consumers alike. MobiePay will dramatically reduce merchant
processing fees and provide an instant, no-cost, currency exchange into their local fiat currency;
in addition, chargeback and fraud are eliminated while giving merchants access to our proprietary
data and marketing platforms to increase sales. MobiePay merchants will also be encouraged
to create extra revenue through a evolving and robust referral program. With Mobie, many
of the roadblocks to mass adoption and acceptance of cryptocurrency are being eliminated and
consumers and merchants can look forward to being rewarded for being part of the digital
payment revolution.

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