MobieCoin Overview (MBX Token)

Mobie Coin is the universal payment and rewards token It's also the core technology of the Mobie ecosystem which includes Mobie Wallet, Mobie X, and Mobie Pay Mobie Coins unique architecture enables near instant, zero-fee Worldwide payments in both fiat and digital currency And Mobie's staking and rewards system allows users to earn more rewards everytime they transact or refer new users it allows provides merchants access to a universal rewards and loyalty program Mobie Coin facilitates easy cross border remittance Transfer major fiat currencies to local currencies nearly instantly You can even pay for everyday purchases with Mobie Coin right from your mobile phone Mobie coin is built on the Stellar network, a revolutionary blockchain platform designed to meet the greatest challenges that face any cryptocurrency and payments worldwide So Mobie has the power and functionality needed to finally bring blockchain technology into the mainstream making it easier for customers to make purchases, merchants to accept purchases and anyone to embrace a bankless future of 0 fee global transactions and currency exchange Mobie Coin: The universal payment and rewards token!.

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