Mint (and buy) NFTs with NO Gas Fees! | OpenSea on Polygon Explained

Hi, everyone! I'm Mariana, welcome to Create. Discover. Invest.! In today’s video I’m going to show how
to mint your NFT (and even buy NFTs) on OpenSea paying 0 gas fees! That’s right! You can mint your NFT for free and the buyer
also doesn’t have to pay for gas fees! Wanna learn how to do it and understand how
that’s possible? So stay tuned, and let’s get into the video.

So, the 1st step to create our NFT is to go
to and connect our wallet. OpenSea actually supports a large number of
wallets, so you have many options. Let’s connect our wallet now. Click sign. If you haven’t set up your profile yet,
I suggest you do that first. You can insert your name, a short description,
a profile picture and a banner. If that is set up already, let’s just click
on “My collections”. Opensea allows you to create your own collections
for free and add items to them! Here you can see the collections I’ve already
created, but let’s create another one from scratch by clicking on “Create a collection”.

Here, we have to upload a logo image. We can also upload a featured image. The featured image, according to this description,
will be used for featuring your collection on the homepage, category pages, or other
promotional areas of OpenSea. This is in addition to a banner image. The name that we choose for our collection
has to be exclusive, meaning that we have to pick a name that hasn't been picked by
anyone before. We can also customize the URL of our collection,
so let’s do that now. Here we can add a description of our collection. I already wrote one, so let’s copy and paste
it in this field. We can choose the category of this collection. Let’s choose “art”. Now here you can insert a website link and
other social media links. I recommend you fill in as many of these fields
as you can. It’s important to show you have a good presence
on the internet, and it allows people to do more research on you and your work.

Now we have to choose the percentage fee that
is gonna return to us (the creators), every time the piece is sold on the secondary market,
aka the royalties. The maximum amount you can choose on OpenSea
is 10%, and this number seems to be pretty standard in NFT marketplaces in general. We also have to provide our wallet address,
which is basically our public key. On Metamask, you can find it on the top. Just copy and paste this number in this field. Since I have an ENS name, I’ll put this

Moving on, we have to choose between Ethereum
and Polygon to be the default blockchain of our collection. Now let’s understand a little bit better
the difference between these 2 blockchains so we can choose the best option for us. Polygons is an ecosystem of scaling solutions
that is compatible with the Ethereum blockchain. I’m not gonna get into too many details
in this video, but, by choosing Polygon, you can mint and allow collectors to buy your
NFTs without paying for any gas fees! On Ethereum, we are required to pay gas fees
on every transaction we make, but on OpenSea, minting NFTs on Ethereum also doesn’t require
any up-front gas cost.

This is possible because they use a process
called lazy minting, where your NFT isn’t transferred on-chain (or gets inserted in
the blockchain) until the first purchase or transfer is made. Bear in mind that, if the item is being sold
for a fixed price, the buyer will pay the gas fee when he/she purchases it, but if the
item is part of an auction, the seller pays the gas fee to accept the bid. Ok, so now that we know how each of them work,
which one should we choose? Well, there’s one more factor to consider:
while on Ethereum we have the option to auction off our item, at this time, this is not possible
on Polygon. So if this is an important feature for you,
make sure to choose the right blockchain. I’m gonna choose Polygon for this collection,
since my other 2 already have Ethereum as the default blockchain. Moving on, here we can add payment tokens. Notice that, if you choose the Ethereum blockchain,
you’ll have way more options to add here. We can also choose a different display theme
and inform if our collection contains explicit & sensitive content.

Click on “create”. And our collection is done! Now let’s click on it and add our first
item. As you can see, the maximum size of the file
we can upload is 40MB. If your file is larger than that, you will
have to compress it, but as we are gonna see later on in this video, you can still include
the high resolution version of your file in another field.

So let’s choose the file…since I chose
an MP3, I also have to add a preview image. We have to insert the name of our NFT here. It’s also possible to insert an external
link to your own website or to a page where people could learn more about your work. Let’s insert the description for this NFT
in this field.

Here you can see the collection where this
item is gonna be added. You can even change it if you want. You can also add properties, levels and stats. These fields are useful if you are creating
a collection of characters, or collectible cards, and you want to include different attributes
to them. Now here, we can add a link to a high resolution
version of our file. This link will only be unlocked once the item
is purchased. I already explained how to make the most out
of this field in an earlier video, where I showed you how to mint an NFT on Rarible. Make sure to watch that video and learn everything
you need to know about using the IPFS and securing the longevity of your work. I’ll include a link to it in the description. Supply
Moving on, here, we can insert how many copies of this specific piece we want to make available.

By default, if your blockchain is set as Ethereum,
you won’t be able to modify this field, but this can be easily changed if we add this
code right here (?enable_supply=true) to the end of the URL. Now it’s possible to change it. This step is not necessary if the chosen blockchain
is Polygon. As you can see, even though the default blockchain
we chose was Polygon, we can still change it for specific items. We’ll come back to this “freeze metadata”
field, but now, let’s click on “create”. Now that the item is created, let’s click
on it again and press “edit”. Here, we can now choose to freeze the metadata,
but what does that even mean? First of all, the metadata provides descriptive
information for a specific token ID. Here you can see an example. By Freezing your metadata, you will permanently
lock and allow OpenSea to store it on decentralized file storage. ​​This means, your item will be safely
stored and will never be lost or missing.

To understand this better, I recommend you
watch the video I made on Rarible, which I’ll include on the description. Now, it’s very important that you have the
Matic network chosen on your wallet. To do that, just click on the dropdown button
right on the top of your wallet and sellect Matic. If that option is not showing for you, this
means you have to set it up. I’ll also include a link in the description
which explains how to do that. It’s really really simple! Just sign the message and the freezing process
will start. It usually takes a few minutes, but it eventually
goes through. When the metadata is frozen, we’ll see this
message. Sell
Ok, guys. Now we have to put our item on sale.

So let’s press “sell”. We can now set our selling price, currency,
and view the fees associated with our sale. It’s also possible to schedule our sale
in advance! Now let’s click on “complete listing”…since
this is my first time minting an NFT on Polygon, I need to do this initial setup. So I have to unlock the currency, which is
WETH (or "Wrapped ETH"), sign the request and sign the message. Now our NFT is listed! Alright, everyone! That’s all we have for today.

Let me know in the comment section below,
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guys! Also, if you liked this video, don’t forget
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