Minnie Yate de Minnie Polka Dot Yacht – Juguetes de Minnie

Hey guys, welcome to Toys On The Go! Today we are going to play with Minnie's Yacht Minnie sails on her pleasure yacht where she has a great time sliding down the slide … Jumping off the trampoline … Or surfing Do not miss it, I will show you all the details of this fantastic toy! Do you like sailing? We started …! This is the box In the back you can see the game possibilities I'm going to open it to show you everything it brings Here is everything Minnie: Hello friends! Today we will sail on my yacht, you are invited! This is minnie She wears a pink and green dress with a bow on her head If you like this video, don't forget to click 'like' and share And subscribe to the channel to see new videos every week, it's free! This is the yacht At the bottom it has wheels to slide it You see Up here you can sunbathe Or get at the controls of the yacht On the deck there is a heart-shaped pool And on this side there is an extendable trampoline From here you can jump and dive into the water! This is a window shaped like Minnie's head This is a rest area with a large bed and cushions And here is the anchor Let's see what accessories it brings Look, this is a lounger Here you can sit or lie down to sunbathe I will put it here And i'll sit minnie This is a table He has 2 glasses and some sunglasses Minnie is enjoying a soda! Look, this platform is an elevator You have to dock it here You see Now Minnie can go up and down this way The set also comes with a surfboard We can place it here And a float That is placed here beside This is a slide You have to dock it here And it ends right in the pool We're going to try it…! It is fun! This is some stickers They must be placed along the boat You will see how cool it is! That's it Now let's navigate …! Look, Minnie has brought her kitten! Minnie: We are going to have a fun day on my yacht, will you join us? Kitten: Meow meow meow Minnie goes down the elevator And he throws his float into the water to get the kitten up Now she jumps off the trampoline The water…! Now you are going to test your surfboard! He is having a great time! Now they go back to the boat and put away the board and the float It's time to play on the slide! Minnie and the kitten slide down to the pool Now she has a soda sitting on her lounger Minnie: Guys, I had a great time! Come back to play with me whenever you want! It has been a great day …! I hope you had as much fun as me Don't wait any longer and subscribe to the channel to see my videos every week See you in the next video …!

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