Mining your first Litecoin on Windows (Video 3 of 5) – How fast can a regular computer Mine Litecoin

Hey how's everyone doing today so in part 3 of how to mine a light coin I'm gonna show how many light coins can be mined in an hour on a regular computer now similar to the video I did on Bitcoin like this it's a nothing special about this computer it's kind of a lower end Intel Core i3 I think it's got around 4 gigs of memory again nothing too special so again it's just gonna basically I'm gonna show how many mine coin might like coins you combine in an hour on a regular computer so it just ok so as you can see here I have my light kind my light coin pulls it up on one side I have the light coin minor setup on the other side again in the first two videos I show how to download the like coin miner the light coin pool all of that stuff so basically the goal now is to see it's around 711 probably will start around 712 or 7 13 to see how many like ones we actually combined in an hour now you can see this is my current balance unlike coin up here and you can tell at 50 51 bucks per light coin not that I've done a ton of mining but I don't even know if I've earned a couple cents yet much like the warning when we started this you're not gonna get rich doing this it's fun it's interesting but you know if you're looking to really get into it there's specialized hardware that you buy for that sort of thing so anyway without further adieu I'll get my task manager up and I'll start the mining as you can tell once I start the litecoin miner it starts ratcheting up so between that and the video recording software I pretty much maxed out the CPU eventually yep litecoin miner should hop in front and it should get a little faster once once I turn this off but as you can see I'm gonna refresh this quickly this is going from black to green meaning that it's it's registered that it started that the miner has been linked so basically from this point forward it should register a speed pretty soon and we should we should see how much can be mined in an hour so I'm going to basically pause now the time is 7:12 I'll come back around 8:12 calculate the difference between those two multiply it by the price and we'll see how many tenths of a penny I've earned just a quick note on the computer itself it's a it's nothing special it's a Intel Core i3 think I spent not too much money on it I think it's got four gigs of memory integrated graphics again nothing too special but still leads for a fun experiment how's everyone doing so as we can see it's 8:12 it's been about an hour you can see over here if you just saw the speed went down 2-0 kilo hashes per second showing that I stopped the mining so quickly I figure we'll calculate the difference between the old and new and see what it came out to so let's open up Excel quickly so to start I'll type in the old amount new amount and we went from zero zero three three eight five zero light coins – as you can see up here the new total is point zero zero zero three three nine two three so multiply that by the current price fifty point two six you could tell I mind a very very small amount of Bitcoin litecoin my apologies looks like a little under a hundred Thor a thousandth of a cent so again you can tell not not making very much not going very quickly now the interesting part this took about an hour so the question I would have is what would happen if I were to do this for say 24 hours so that would equal still not even a cent so I'll just quickly do this 1 hour 4 hours now what if I was to do this for a week time 7 ok so as you can tell mining for a week straight my current rate would get me about 1 cent so you know that means 52 weeks so if I were to do this for a year at the current rate assuming everything else stayed static and of course you member is the difficulty gets harder over time it becomes more and more challenging to mine the same amount of light coin but um so yeah one hour gets you almost nothing 24 hours get you almost nothing a week straight of mining at this rate would get me about a penny actually me actually a little over half a penny if you move the decimal point out so I hope you enjoyed this video stay tuned for the remaining couple videos on mining like coin and if you like what you're seeing

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