Mining Bitcoin, Hashflare Vs Antminer S9 – Hashflare mining vs Antminer

hello YouTube this is a comparison between cloud mining with a hash flare and mining with Anand miner s9 this is a follow-up to my previous videos on day 1 minus 9 and mining with hardware Bitcoin miner just a few days ago I open an account with hash flare and put some money in there they actually put close to $10,000 when I contract 62 hashes and I'm gonna compare the profitability on that with my hand miner s9 running alone and the /po Bitcoin mining pool you're gonna see where the differences between maintaining equipment or cloud mining with hash flare in this case I'm gonna compare it with a hash flare which is a Bitcoin mining company that I do not endorse I'm just running a test to see how it works out whether is more profitable to mine using a cloud mining company like hash flare or Genesis mining or if it is more profitable to set up your own mining operation and what are the costs associated with each one of the choices on the side of hash where I bought 62 hashes back into almost sixty seven hashes 50 9.62 Terra hashes back on the 8th of December and pretty much I'm gonna count all the profit that I've derived mine on the next page from December 9th 2017 all the way to December 12 1917 I've aggregated those up payments on an Excel spreadsheet let me switch real quick to it these are in the numbers I've been mining a steady for 4 days the miner total of 0.03 1 1 5 0 a 1 1 8 Bitcoin that – at today's price of 177 44 for Bitcoin has a total value of five hundred and fifty-two dollars it's a pretty good revenue for four days of mining and I already took out the maintenance fee which is basically your power cost based on hash Flair's mining fee for for the contract that I have so let's check out how the a miner s9 has been doing on the slush pool today establish a comparison over four days what will be the the best choice if you had the choice to our mind or by hashing contracts with hash Florida companies this hashing power that I have on hash Fleur is the equivalent to buying 4.4 and minor s9 so basically let's see how much 1 and minus 9 is doing right now and this amount will be equivalent to fold 4.4 163 and minor s9 we can go a little bit further and say that equivalent on 1 minus 9 will be the total amount that I mined for four days divided by the amount of a miner s names that I have based on the equivalent of the Terra hashes that a miner s9 has versus the hostler hashing power so I'm gonna divide the total value on us data that I have mine by the number of equivalent and miners that will be the hashing power that I have right now to see what is deficiency Victor hash I have that I will be mining on four days run on miner s9 using the same hashing power on hash flare a mining one hundred and twenty five point one 56 will be what an a-minor s9 will be mining in four days if I had that equivalent power of four point four and minus nine rushing into the pool because basically converted the hash for Terra hatches and I divided by the amount of Terra hashes that that a miner s9 has in hashing power and then there will be give me how many and miners names will I need to have the same hardware power so I'm mining right now on hash Flair and four days I divided by the number of a miners nines that that will be equivalent to and it tells me that in four days and a minus nine should be on hash Fleur or the equivalent of an minus 9 on hash Fleur is making me a hundred and twenty-five dollars per four days I'm gonna divide that by the amount of days [Music] and this is mining profit because I already took out the power that hash flare is charging me on their maintenance heat so there are no cost associated so let's divide this amount by four days that I've been mining for payouts and basically tells me that my name profit should be 31 / m- 9 add the hash flare hashing raped that I have right now let's see how the a miner s9 actually produces in real life in the slush pool and see how does this compare with hash fare now let's go to the N minus 9 that I have a few reviews check the links on the description for those videos where I do the unboxing and the installation basic installation of the bid main and miners 9 I've been mining consistently for the last 4 days it's lodgepole this is my curry work however I mined more than than the days that I mind on hash lair so I'm gonna go to the statistics let's click on rewards I'm gonna take out everything here for those four days the same four days that I've been mining with a hash flare I already aggregated all the mining payouts that I did for the same date basically this running total that I have here is what I mind with the an miner s9 on the slush Bitcoin mining pool at the current Bitcoin price this is the price of today so multiplying this first evolved to find the total value in US dollars and then I'm dividing that by 4 representing that is four days now obviously this is no number does not consider power because slosh pool has no idea how much I'm paying on power so let's go back to what to mine calm to do a quick calculation of what will be a power cost I'm assuming that I'm paying twenty cents in some places in u.s.

You can get the the power for 10 cents some places are for 20 cents and depending on the bracket you can go as high as citizens space some on a medium power of 20 cents per kilowatt who will be paying seven dollars on daily cost for the power for them minor is 9 I put the Watts here and this is your daily costs on power and I'm gonna put those same seven dollars here for the cost this is the power cost 7 USD so one day mining profit with the N minus 9 will yield $50 on on profit after you subtract the power obviously I'm not including cooling I'm not including internet cost when you're running a large mining operation you're gonna bail way more it depends on so many factors it depends the size of the facility it depends how you manage to put together your operation you're gonna have installation costs you're gonna have power distribution cost you're gonna have my wires you're gonna have to rent space so for a large mining operation you're gonna have more costs here in hash flair you're gonna make in $31 per – 9 or the equivalent of the hashing power buying the hashing power for on a miners 9 and for someone that doesn't have access to by their miner is 9 hash flare is a very good choice you can be mining in no time in real time and of course they will have their management fee which includes all the installation all the power cast all the cooling that they're going to be providing right now it's almost impossible to get on a miners name I've been trying to get a few more but it keeps saying coming soon if you want to get into mining and you want to get in today just go to hash where get some hashing power for the 60 Tara hashes that I'm then I'm that I have right now I'm making a hundred and fifty seven dollars a day which is not a bad profit and I'm supposed to make fifty-seven thousand dollars a year I'm gonna let it go I'm not gonna reinvest this amount and I'm just gonna keep it there to see what it goes to make another video once we reach the one month and two months and three months of milestones to show you what I've been doing if you want to sign up for hustler you can use the link on the description obviously I may get a commission and if you do that or you can go straight and do it yourself I have no interest of you knowing that specifically just try to mine and try to generate some profit if you want to to get into Bitcoin mining again the hash Fleur comparison with with real mining with a solid hardware minor and a minor is nine pretty much comes about the same numbers so $50 on a real and minor is nine hardware unit any hash we're thirty one dollars it's not that the only thing is that the hash we're like contracts lasts only one year but for the price of the Bitcoin today and how much you can mine pretty much you will make a profit out of that and you will for sure return your money back if Bitcoin prices keep going up thank you so much for watching guys as this has been a comparison between mining with an and miner s9 and mining with bachelor hit the like button on this video subscribe to my channel make sure to click that notification bell so you're notified every time that I post the video and I will have to see you again happy mining

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