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hello there whipper here and today I'm gonna be showing your mod called the Doge mod and by the way guys if we can shoot for 600 likes for dojin Minecrafts that would be pretty epic and by the way also if you don't know what Doge is it's pretty much just an internet meme about a dog that had a picture with a weird face and for some reason that really took off on the internet and then suddenly everyone was talking about Doge and it's often associated with phrases like such a maze and such were and stuff like that and much fun and stuff like that I don't really know he just put much your search in front of something and then suddenly it becomes a Doge meme but yeah that's pretty much it so this mod just adds loads of Doge related items into Minecraft and also a mob that looks exactly like Doge which is just pretty much avery textured wolf so i'm gonna start with the mob itself so I've got a Doge spawn egg here so I'm just gonna place this guy down and look at him he's got shifty eyes he's looking over there he's probably looking at the chickens thinking that'd be lovely for my dinner but yes so here he is he has 50 health blue sharks you want to upgrade him and tame him so he has more health and he's more powerful we have to do is right-click on him with eight dogecoin look at this guys now got 200 health he's got his tail way up in the air he's probably really happy at the moment and his eyes have got slightly bigger and he's now got a red color which means he's my friend and he's gonna follow me around and start attacking aggressive mobs for me and then save me from evil monsters and stuff but there's actually another way he can actually obtain these doji's I don't know if you can actually say doshas as plural but yeah so they do spawn naturally but you can also just convert any mob in the game into a Doge mob just by right-clicking on them with a dogecoin so let's just pop over here and I'm so sorry sheep I'm gonna have to do this just to test it out since there's no other mobs around here but sheep you and now Doge yep that happened hello there guy and now I've got two Doge pets that are just gonna follow me around and attack mobs for me and let's just test this theory out so we're just gonna spawn down some cows here like so and they should start what did I spawn down cows wow that's not what I meant to do at all I want you to spawn down some spiders that's exactly what I wanted to do okay now let's just hit the spiders they should start tacking me and these wolves are going to start protecting me well doges I should say I don't know why I thought cows were aggressive it's not as if cows are gonna start like stampeding and running me over or something that'll be quite funny though so yeah as you can see they protected me from spiders and how much damage if they got not much really and that brings me on to another point you can actually breed them together just by right-clicking on them so I'm just gonna make this guy love me and that guy love me and now they're just gonna have some fun as you know and now we've got a little baby Doge look at him and if I actually hover over him you can see it says baby Doge and he's got fifty of 200 health so there we go he's just gonna row over there and he's so cute and when he grows up he'll get all of his health amount back up and it'll be back up to the maximum but what I wanted to do is theoretically since you can turn any mob into the game into Doge just by right-clicking with a dogecoin couldn't you just like go into the end and kill the Ender Dragon just by right-clicking on him with a dogecoin or maybe the wither and what I'm gonna do at the moment is I'm just gonna spawn down a wither yep we're gonna do this and we're gonna see if we can convert the wither a boss mob into Doge himself and just kill the guy in like a few seconds so here we go let's just spawn out of wither and we're just gonna right-click on him with the dogecoin and look at the Hat we just turned a wither into Doge I mean what could be better turning the evilest mob in the game into the cutest and friendliest mob in the game I mean what could be better than that so yeah you can as you just go up to it with it right-click with a dogecoin and it suddenly becomes something really cute and fluffy like these guys that follow me around at the moment look how cute the baby douches but what I wanted to do now you're probably wondering at this point how do you actually obtain these doge coins so that's what i'm going to move on to now so you can actually craft a doge coin directly using diamonds and then four gold ingots like so in that crafting recipe and you're gonna need to do this first just to get one dogecoin so then you can go ahead and craft the next thing which is a lot more efficient at getting doge coins for you then using diamonds and gold so the next thing is the mining rig and this is crafted like so with a dogecoin and all these other juicy items over here and then you can just place it down and it looks like this and it's got some fans all over the place to keep it cool we've got a pickaxe on the side to show this a mining tool now we've also got a symbol for the doge coins on the side there as well but this thing isn't currently functional you'll know when it's functional because it will start to light up and the fans will start to spin but before that's gonna happen you're gonna need to craft something called a GPU which is the same thing as you put in your computer to run games better and stuff like that as I'm sure you're all aware and this is crafted like so and then which you've got yourself a GPU you just open this up what's the GPU inside of the mining rig and then this will mine about I don't know three dogecoins per minute or something and instantly we've already got a dogecoin and it's gonna to start to decrease the durability of the GPU as it starts to mind dogecoin so we've got two already but of course you can actually add additional GPUs into this mining rig and then you'll get more dogecoins and in the same time frame so we're just gonna go ahead and get some more GPUs and see how many doge coins we can get from this thing in a short time span so there we go we've just added three more GPUs into this mining rig and now we're getting tons and tons of doge coins you've got to be careful though because these weren't out really really quickly so you have to keep replacing them with new GPUs otherwise they're just gonna disappear like that one just did and you're not gonna be out to mine anymore doge coins with it so yeah once you've obtained some doge coins you can then go ahead and craft some the doge items that this mod adds into the game song and start off with this doge armour which you can see has this lovely gold coloration to it and we've got a massive d on my chest yep oh wow that's how it's so wrong for you rude minded people like i have yeah a huge deal my chest I couldn't sell more wrong but yes so you can see this armor looks pretty awesome and it's also very overpowered it's a lot better than diamond dharma so it's gonna protect you very well from mob attacks and full damage and stuff like that and you can also enchant this to give yourself some additional protection so yeah that's pretty cool looks like that and it's crafted using those doge coins in the same arrangement as normal armor you can also craft yourself a full set of tools so you can see here we've got a sword and then pickaxe and stuff like that and these again are really overpowered a lot better than diamond as you can see there the sword itself does ten attack damage and even the shovel does the same amount as a diamond sword does but what I love most about these are dogecoin items is their names I mean look at this we've got a mini protect face for the helmet and then much chest armor for the chest plate and then very leg defend for the leggings and Oh shoes for the boots I mean wow shoes your life is not complete without washes and then on for the tools we've got the woe attack for the sword such mine for the pickaxe then mini chop for the axe and then much dig for the shovel and then very farm for the hoe so yeah it's pretty cool those related item names which are really fun so finally we've got one last item to show you and that is the Doge launcher and this thing is crafted using four doge coins and then eight button in the bottom center there and then this thing just launches out doge coins which you've mind using your mining rig and GPUs and then you can fire these out and it does about twelve damage per hit two mobs so if I just spawn down a cow now I think we're gonna use cows as a test subject should kill this cow in one hit and the damage stays the same with range so it doesn't matter how close you are or how far away you are from the mob if you hit the mob it's gonna do the same amout of damage of course it's got parabolic curve to it when you fire it so you've got to try and aim correctly and look at that we just killed that cow from a long way away it's actually dropped egg dogecoin which is pretty neat as well actually I think that's just because I missed loads of shots and when you miss a shot the dogecoin just gets dropped on the ground and you can pick it back up again so you don't lose any ammo you only lose the ammo if you hit the mob directly and then kill it so yeah and I'm just gonna get myself an iron golem so I can actually show you the exact damage value that this thing does so here we go iron golems spawn egg just gonna place this guy down shoot him once with this dodging launcher and look at that yeah twelve damage it seems to do yes kill you I'm so sorry I know you just want to protect villagers but today you have another purpose and that's to showcase this awesome dosier launcher and alight actually that's not the last item in the mod the last item is the Doge block itself which is crafted using nine doge coins okay just place this thing down and look at this we've got the lovely depiction of Doge himself on there looking really proud and shifty with that huge deal oh these puns get worse and worse oh it's just because I'm rude minded actually huge deal I got a huge d wow it's it's magnificent anyway you can also say it's got some rainbow colours around the side for some whatever reason not really sure why I overall it's just a pretty cool-looking block and it's pitch black so now you can't even see the block but yo there we go so that's pretty much all of the features in this Doge mod I hope you've enjoyed this mod showcase and as always if you have please remember to smash that like button and subscribe if you haven't already and the download link will be in the description if you do want to check out this mod and install it for yourself but as always I'll be seeing you next mod showcase

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