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[Music] hello everybody welcome back Tekken games once again and they're gonna be looking at the engine minecraft plugin for engine hosting basically what engine is it's a guild and clan hosting for gaming websites they do minecraftedu bunch of other games but today we're looking at the bucket plugin for engine um obviously what engine is is it's a guild hosting website well like I said this is my servers website hosted through them this adds a couple features to it that the split one actually features to your website that makes it better first of all it'll add some more advanced service that's like who's online and stuff like that I'm all information as well um it also adds the following things it has a shop system you guys had to use that it'll add tags like this admin owner and it will um sure you guys all this which is just this it tells you the response and players online all that stuff so what are you gonna need to get this working first gonna need to install your download the engine minecraft plugin my head download download button again know any that you're gonna need fault hit download download that I was gonna need a you're also gonna dungeon website so set that up and once you're set up with that you're good to go you also gonna need a um a server um I'm using a via lucam as a service or a great website if you guys are looking to host server you don't want to host them at home because your computer's not good enough your Internet's not good enough you don't stress your having it at home whatever the reason yes I definitely recommend checking them out coupon code in description box below um anyway I have a control panel you guys all mostly have a control panel if you guys have a host if not you've got just rather folders I'm a semi Mac it's a little bit different but it's fairly the same thing will sleep that okay go home here just so I can get back so first you want to begin by going to your plugins folder and uploading the to vault and engine minecraft plugin both eight links with Minister from box below basically the reason you'd vote is because the basically it hooks into permissions that the coders of the engine minecraft plugin don't have to sit there and add support for each initial plug-in but it kind of just hooks into all of them using volt which is really cool it hooks into most of the major onesies I mean if you've got like something called like I don't know banana perms or whatever that's not a very you know big one it probably won't work need one of these are currently the ones that they support so what you'll do is you upload both the vault and the plugin nut jar then you go ahead and come over to your engine control panel which is your website slash admin and you gotta be logged in obviously to be able to do this I think my page is giving me a hard time here one second sorry about this yeah okay it's being unresponsive come down to the admin home first we'll begin by just saying in setting up the server with the plugin go to your website slash admin oh yes I'm sorry go to games if you set up the server correctly it will be here if not just hit add game go to Engine plugin actually I'm sorry first you'll want to go to server anyone enter your server IP port description features version query port which will be found in your server dot properties file and you gotta set these lines to the core report you want and enable quarry true so it can connect to it after you doing that you can go back to games and you can hit engine plugin obviously you're gonna download install it and install faults like we did here now this is now you're gonna have to get a authentication key now this is my authentication key I've blacked it out basically what you're gonna do is you're going to generate one in your server your national your server here and go into the web console if you're in the web console you're gonna type in okay let's type in engine key and then copy and paste this code in if your in-game type slash and key and then copy pasted in I'm just gonna put it in here engine key copy and paste in and if you guys look here it'll say that keep checking keys invalid is valid and then they'll say the specific heat and the existing one are the same it's ok normally that's what it'll say if you're reconnecting it again but normally for you it'll say I'm successfully done or whatever exactly it says once you tumbled out you can go ahead and you can get started after it's been installed successfully go over to users first of all and you we're gonna set up the tags with the website so basically when you come to your website let me see here ok my site you'll see that I'm owner with a little tag admin and got a little blazing fire behind it I'll show you guys I do that in a second as well good users hid tags add new tag tag name we're gonna put premium because I had this last one I have to do you can add a tag link you can display what do you want um cream yeah firstly does it gave you a lot of them to do so I'm just gonna have to do that for right now and user name special effect she's one you want Sparkle do I guess cool where is it I don't know circle blue okay um you guys can mess around with that now what you need is minecraft sink make sure that says plug-in this installed go to a naval on in selecting a ring to sync with I'm gonna have to do premium obviously that's my last one select world all worlds and sync options user gets tagged on website this basically means that if they get if they get a rink on the website which I'll show in a second that automatic goes to the game I don't want that I'm gonna not do that if they lose a tag on the website then they lose in game I don't want that but if they would get ranked in game I wanted to auto tag these around engine if they lose the ranking game I want to remove the tag on engine that's what I wanted to do hit Save Changes now we've got a tag the people for what they are I'm gonna go ahead and select myself tag users I'm gonna go to premium you guys can choose when it'll expire reminds me never hit Save Changes and you'll go back Save Changes and go back to your server and I believe one second because I already had the owner one just do this your tags your tools click tags I'm a soldier premium ok as you guys see here now I am premium and I've got that blue sparkling look and there's colors and all that stuff to play around with cow by myself back-to-back owner and we'll get on with it okay next we're going to go ahead and we're going to look at the shop that gets set up with it you'll go ahead and go over to pages find the page you want I've made this testing page which is not actually available through here it's just a testing page okay you this is actually not so sweet hey you hit this one you hit add module coming down here and you go to um shopping system and you hit edit this will give you all the information this is actually one that I was doing earlier okay rank Q we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna hit edit and name well you want I'm just gonna say VIP price is gonna be $10 I'm gonna say VIP for 30 days okay get these commands and slash test slash test one whatever command you you're gonna give them in the permissions file optional I'm short I'm description just a few happy custom field um you guys can just ask them is any question that you'll get with I'm just going to ask how old are you just as an example you can do this item people that are sent up on your website everyone um this is everyone that's guests registered users everyone guests are just people that have not registered to your site if they've got a certain tag I'm gonna say all after purchase as these tags the user if you want to give them VIP on your website you can automatically that was here which I'm gonna do and tag expire like 30 days and this is just the expression like well the tag not the actual commands so we'll set that now go to minecraft commands and commands execute I use permissions bucket so this is the command to set a player to a certain group and you said say the group you want so this is name basically name will be the variable replace was the purchasing minecraft username talk to me about the second ID market wins I'd like to add broadcast thanks name for donating and you know I'm not gonna put their name in expiry commands basically this is what happens when the 30 expire length is up okay so I'm gonna set them back to the group default oh yeah require user to be online for commands execute um that's important if you're giving them like if you're going to be running the give command to give some diamonds or whatever less important that to be online for that to happen so basically once it online then it'll activate the then it'll activate do you thing externally that says if there's a ex peril inks basically it'll run these expire commands so 30 days so when they buy it it looks execute these commands it'll wait this amount of days and then it'll ask you these commands hit Save Changes not sure what happened there um anyway yes and also I upload image I probably just had an error real quick shop settings you guys couldn't obviously shut up your shop ID user and verify minecraft character basically what this means is on your website they have to come over here click on their account they have to come two characters and they have to add a character for minecraft by following these instructions that's recommended because and you can make sure that they got the right username you can have them you can have them ask for the UM you didn't even really just type it in but the promise if they've misspelled it or they do capitalization then it doesn't work and then they've got them barking at you because it didn't work and they're complaining it's a big mess or you can just not ask for minecraft car do not recommend it because then you can't give them the ride up and even if it's just a donation I guess so that makes sense so yeah okay and this is you can I turn PayPal one of these I'm just putting this email in hits a form US currency safer purchase long this will tell you all the purchases you get payment terms basically the user must agree to these terms to proceed with the payment that's important because you don't want them suing you because they didn't watch they didn't read the terms because it wasn't required give them the terms so that my personally falling you persons of following terms you agree to the following terms new refunds I don't know whatever you say here and it's a form then you go to discount coupons this is basically um adding coupons to it you hit coupon coupon code just the code they enter to get a coupon start date the time that the coupon will become valid to date the end date is when it will be kind of unvalidated off you can do it by percentage off surprise or you can do it by dollars or value off i'm uses basically this say you can say you know the first five people to get it king you know gets a discount and do that let's just say the first one person you hit create coupon and notifications you can check off what you want and um and you guys can you know send message the user do if you're the owner two admins whatever you guys can also um email them which is important and it'll give the information the username that they enter what they bought I had a prize description all this stuff and you guys can customize it to what you want and hit save form and that's pretty much it as long as far as that um so let's go ahead let's close this up here let's hit add module we have to edit it and then we have to add module and now it's here and we can rename it to just shop now I'll go ahead and view page and you'll see this is the site um this is the site you just hit VIP you say oh this is VIP for ten days yes these commands test test 100k that you got a picture here if you want bye you can applaud hey just gonna keep I'm gonna say summer that's the one I made just because it was in the summer so it's coupon I don't know I'm 50% off worked I agree the terms and conditions you can read them here and it you can hit Pay Pal now remember you gotta read them so you can't click with it and then you can continue and once you get the payment they will receive whatever commands that you had said in there so yeah I believe that's it they'd pay and then you get the money and then they'd get whatever you had to specify it in there that's pretty much it guys I'm teaching you guys how to use the engine plugin for engine hosting for people and show you guys how to get these tags how did it make them sync with your user how to make a shop and that's pretty much it so be sure to please come rate and subscribe and download this plugin if you have an engine website so you guys can have some fun thanks for watching [Music] [Music]

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