[Minecraft] Der ETHER Mod Installation und Vorstellung 1.5.2 [German] HD

yes hello welcome to a new part of me Today I want to show you how to get the award for mass murder not with but with installed for minecraft 1 5 and 2 that is very very simple and indeed works First he goes to your minecraft so here goes to options and the fund update and then on then is logical and if you have cracked what I hope not if you go then of course make this tag x force separated so then you have only times my head washes then he goes on this side of the download link is packed in the description so quite could here a bit down and then you see here download here points then you just get open so then you can close the whole thing when it took a while and it is best of course also on the desktop so that is now very simple double click on it and it opens this window so now he goes to install mod there you can make a backup do if you want your minecraft from minecraft folder you get then yes or no, you can make up your mind, I'll do no like this now that could take a while now because he still has to do everything clean in with you he will probably be a window still appear with downloading that and that is so far little scare that is quite normal like that I have to say that the eleven murder is written with an e a bit unlike the eleven motto with a that I have always imagined and me also don't really know everything about it, so if something is still missing tell me I'll make an extra video because I have myself now to look now of course again not prepared as always how stupid I am but well installed in the place then you can close that and we'll see you in a minute in minecraft, see you soon bye so we are now in the main menu you will now you have certainly already seen at the start you saw such a small window that it was not bad, too, should just keep clicking just waiting so now you have a new window with mazda could look at what now setting was installed, I haven't seen anything new yet I think something new could be seen with control no there is of course not no okay, everything looks completely normal then we will simply create a new world, let's call it who world let's call it creative and peter lohmann stay there doesn't matter some are generated By the way, I won't show you the crafting recipes, you all will find it yourself on the forum and so you can take a look around the You need to come to eleven where are you this is, logically, this is the monastery and not like the murder of the elf but at evernote you have to get used to it first, there is also so that you can cow i have almost reached the destination for noises again there is a new vehicle is that fit and gold I think it is made just like a flint so how a completely normal lighter just with gold instead of iron that's how you build it a completely normal nidda portal that means you need 14 blocks 14 glos anger and one click on it and I don't know if there is a stop whose sound I have there not yet passed but probably that is also possible come relatively quickly with the rhine in the ether so let's see something we are now expected here so you will of course be one now see huge difference to murder that is all very strange I think I'll do a little something to show myself it is so you have to do it so that you can see a normal tree here dismantle so I'll do it shortly Dismantling whiskey is possible but now I just mean how quickly you can and dismantle it For example, much faster than normal wood also means going far i need zack as in the hardware store and if you build these things now these Sheets gets the weird cutie you can get it out now of course I don't have any food hunger but you can eat it and then you can get out of the wood you can yourselves normal crafting and so on and so forth also from the stone behind that looks like caps so you can do something too now it's going to be creative again so japan sweden over so a clouds around here you can sink in that means I’m on this blog, so to speak, but I’m sunk you should therefore always be careful here there's still something like that so the landscape always looks something like this with small particles and so on and so forth so far i have so i can show you all mods pug there is a lot for the new as you can see I'll show you all of them first friendly animals or respectively the animals that make your man out of the ordinary world knows it must look a little different first of all the evag and the increase looks like that from which you can get quite normal meat and leather then the flying pig that is very funny and looks like sun The hot ones are already flying there you can right-click on it and then sit you hold onto it and you can also control it where I show it so there we have it the next thing I'm going to show you can just go back and get down so with normal flying then we have the spider it also has the normal 1 properties and the angel creeper of the hat his halo when you hit him, the saint has it on it look and it took a little longer to explode was the village that's exactly what takes a lot longer to explode then it is good that this thing is here then I can give you the same next show that's up wrong entrance over there that's a dungeon that flies everywhere As you can see here, a lot of people just look around and there is this one over here I have no idea what they are called that here, for example, a ghost is responsible and that is here the adventure would then be the same as the others in terms of sport the nix the dante the angel was we the halloween loose no idea how the hot big tray we already had ghost warrior nothing should we didn't have that and the atlas so now we have it here and then she has to turn it off right away Here we see the one on the left that is one of the final bosses when you go against them fight to let these things spawn and then yes i think they attack I don't know exactly and she can teleport and I don't have to shoot that myself yet should now miss me a bit from the wait so that he later that will be the feedback is something is wrong piss off until now gone no now she is gone she is back gone so we were now at the mixes are now being created new now comes the dante the age of power about the same age it is enough again dante and the other and the other I think I'll go up here was a platform where I can introduce everything, maybe I'll go just hit the cloud, I don't even know how that can drill like that spot dante halloween take this is the normal one spring moscow that is strong and makes strange noises the name of the ghost warrior that of being up here that is, so to speak, that is, I think have no idea then we have here what was that again That wasn't supposed to be the case, we've seen it before and now here's the one indulgence that's how i think i don't know what god is supposed to represent because it's really really really hard you can beat the piece just not well ok well those were the mobs like said the mod is really extensive, now I'm really trying everything but it will be very difficult and I have to hurry now yes, then we have the e-book here, the doctors hang on to them sound islands that have here over why are there weird too hallways inside i have no idea what i mean by that sometimes you can see there Suddenly sony appointment Schacht but reminds one and there is nothing more I don't know if there are any more spawning, maybe I'll have to go again inform here the things there is a sign on it you go in goes to Left down a notch and then it’s nothing I think it should maybe there will be another box under the trap I don't know and that is why the islands are almost always built in the same way at least a bit of rest then I'll show the weapons first after that, all of them and ice-cream will of course still be here, so I see now must show the special first you can guess what they all so you could shoot here you can still do it equip there is a lot that can still be done here, what i can do with the bow maybe still show I know I need an extra file for this doesn't look like that from okay good first the word that makes ice cream as you can see so ice that puts ice walls on with a right click laid the floor and then ender's place for a funny thing comes along he pulls out such a white ball and you will be teleported to something right delicious but if you have that you should use it with caution right click made his fire looks a bit super mario and then, for example, you can do it here now that looks like this chain from mario i don't know exactly what their names are, then we have that on what I have already shown you can join with algae That's how it should be of course there must of course be other then already made sense of course not all discovered yet i think there is still some underground and in bergen I really only have that a few times played and I hope you can forgive me if not please write in the comments whether I still want to make info video if you want to see more of his bot then of course still have it here the celebration i don't know exactly so far i just got what it was now on it so and so I've noticed so far that when you always do it now network as well as clicks there flies so very slowly and thing long and I don't know what the things don't seem then so I can take a quick look if they when it comes to pug damage, the dante hellmich don't just do an atlas for them the nice guys who make goals don't tear down that's fire and the sport now also wants these critters, sometimes they fischer should actually go there that are all are almost infinite as a striker up to and including that is still there, I've already shown, I don't even know did I did I did I already showed it quite easily okay that's whole cool what else there is of course new tools are so everyday I got fed up with so then we have this four ax as I said that everything from the doctors then there are these flowers and you can find them all everywhere observing that exists here I don't know exactly what it should look like he theoretically be here somewhere cloud becomes neighbors from cloud i don't know exactly there is still something new I have to take a quick look through well there is a sampling but i have no idea what this game is doing here the bare ones probably bulge around the eyesight I don't know what to do to add this emblem Letters come the plants yes there is yes I know what that should do wait a minute I'm trying to click on it with beans okay there doesn't happen so tools then haven't got the last one here things they get everything in the dungeon and yes well i would say that's it book that's it with the nonsense with the tutorial, of course I hope so please leave a subscription or an eyecatcher did not like it a thumbs down of course and please write the reason in the description as I said that's it and we'll see you next time see you again

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