Minecraft Adventure Map Chainlink Isles 1 The Forgotten Sactuary Ep.1

what's up everybody hahaha John Fox here with a new how serious we are playing a an adventure map called chain-link Islands this is a Bulbasaur play craft yes i will link his channel in the description Jules you can just call me I'm Zeebo so that's what everyone calls me it's all right i think im just gonna refer to your boat as publisher for now that's when does it all good alright so um this is supposed to be a fairly quick uh quick maps are doing these maybes thanks a lot ok wait here when you take one of these books okay take this one I will need I will read this one okay all right a message from master link morning it is my great pleasure to welcome you to our growing civilization the chain-link islands you are a very fortunate young boy your parents must really make a mount of money to be able to afford you the all exclusive sweet house secluded from village across chain link number one chain link number 2 is for food beverages and help finally we have chain link number 3 we ask of you kindly to please not approach gently number three as it is strictly forbidden you will be executed wait what ike i want to go changing number three you will be executed immediately if that rule is broken you know what a guy does nothing the kind man in village house number one is jolt in village house to we have danny and indulge house through you have Tommy I would stay away from Tommy he seems to somehow find out the secrets of everybody I'll enjoy your stay that's the link do you want me to read this one go for it okay shut down let's just go master link last week's oath Craig crumbled the tower it is unsafe and shut down sorry for the inconvenience that that's it okay uh book either should we keep these books I'm doing my book okay jab it is Justin oh god no what no no Oh jet no no no no no okay um so I don't know what the goal of this is you do I'm gonna harvest this week oh hi good idea the toughest you do okay I got three but let's go make bread I gotta plant seeds I have made bread wait okay plant your seeds so that we can have more just in case you might need to come back yes I want we attend this from an adventure map to survival instantaneously way I don't know how to make bread I'm very good at minecraft be straight across ok here we go red here take this I'll take that wait here but let's let's make the bread and split it up and then we already get up away how many did you make I have to oh I have one um this could be a problem wait I gave you two more wheat yeah pinkish be able to make one more right no you need three I'll done it you don't have any more no all right wait how did you only make one bread I only had three oh ok well I mean we're playing it's the the thing on the site says to plan peaceful so ok so we might none so yeah it's so we'll be all right okay so check right all right chain leaf village 100 that's why it's called chandling village check that out what's also cool tower guard now hiring who I a good job and finally shut up rip rest in peace harold kumar remainings they get them take them oh yeah i guess that's that's the i guess that's the remains of harold kumar oh I have to pause recording a quick hold on okay I'm not editing okay oh okay three two one okay sorry about that madam pause all right let's uh oh he's already on the chain Jesus dude yeah I feel a void Oh No well I'm not giving you my bread oh ok cuz i have my inventory keep every toys on oh oh this is inventory preserved in this I don't know but keep inventory is on ok cuz i have my bread and the remains of that fallen but that might be something i said on my toe kinetic i have remains oh oh that's nice I and we don't know what this not structure is on your left what I don't know I don't know what that is either oh um looks like a penis okay it does I don't think there's any way to get over them let's be like bridge over there I don't think you can while the sun is setting hell let's see we the TV can find a bed I found a bad oh that's one seen this on it uh just anything move your big head Oh food ah ok fine wait what's that book you read the book you got green message from Joel oh it's joel right here hi I'm Joel the other villa just think I'm a jerk but I know I'm not and to prove it I'm wait what oh I just felt stupid Jojo want to live it I just wanna my and cooked up some stew for you I even built you a sword but I broke it sorry ah this is a corner of town but I'm sure you will find some fun enjoy your stay Joel well thank you joel i will enjoy this Jill's a jerk he wants he was 11 books for a debt for an emerald isle asleep his hot those heartless those hearts are going around him and cast Garrity at the knees in love with me um I found I have danny's next door i'm danny this door I say I message from Danny it ain't visitor can I offer you a glass of milk right in the chest beside me so you're new so your newer ass typo or grammar so you're new around here huh well here is my advice to you don't try anything fun a master linked somehow always finds out about the mistakes you have made I once broke a piece of my glass replaced it immediately but he still found out I was fine 345 dollars stay away from that weirdo dami what we are yakking about I have no idea but uh yeah you you can sleep in Danny's house I'm gonna go sleep in Joel's house okay closing the doors okay I'm sleeping but when I'm peaceful I don't think there's really not need to close the doors yeah I'm inside the wall arm inside the wall are you yes help oh wait no that's of all Oh No uh again I'm good oh ok I knew I knew I could just walk out I just want to figure out and I guess this is the third guy's house Tommy I'm guessing yeah Tommy yeah okay this time I got it okay he is obsessed message phone message from Tommy yes your rise yes very heroic oh ok why am I heroic um anyways kids I yes very curious I can tell your parent to do something you shouldn't like break into the tower ok that goes off in the sky word yes that is that it isn't it wait what that oh that's it isn't it I can I him like baby the South volunteered well I'm afraid you don't have the key I believe master link he did summer behind the towers speaking of master link he sure is an obsessive man he is madly in love with my daughter Lisa oh dude you got some problems there dude I'm so sorry you better take care of that I mean Lisa though she might get into the wrong crowd you never know what can happen he names everything after his passcode or probably even her knee okay guys just weird okay wait she probably keep that in mind so there's a key be hot shower and the cat passcodes probably something to do with Alicia yeah okay enjoy stay here try not to get in too much trouble Tommy lets you decide that the three houses there's a there's this thing here maybe we should check it out one thing Ruthie so there's a guy behind the tower is it this tower doesn't look like much of a tower I was thinking the broken Tower tell get a watchtower that we went through where you found Harold Kumar's remains let's go buy a truck why not let's go check down here first maybe this is the tower okay why I don't know just a hunch okay have your eyes here's a piggy wait what's out here I don't know private leave now never know although we don't really have a way to get back out yeah those stairs right there oh oh um gate wait what the heck it's gonna take these stairs yeah it's jack kid let's check all right oops okay fine oh nice call okay to my take it I'm good with a bow don't worry i got this will play on peaceful i don't know what we'll need a bow for maybe if you hit this bad I'll see oh no they the arrow that about and I had the bat oh that's dude I got the button hey what do you do oh oh it opens something oh I guess we can climb up from here spain where there's a hole in the ground um yeah over here let's click it Oh magical wall my fancy teleporter Toki oh nice oh and we're back up side nope yo yo I guess you need I guess you need to put the key right here yep all right we're in the tower alright some climb up it oh my gore ah I almost had it you have to get on the vines yeah I haven't played poker in so long what I mean neha 02 vines I think only one of us got it's at I think so well you know what you go first I do happen to have carry vines on me at all times as you see i am a bulbasaur use vine whip waiting for you to make that joke this has been done it says okay yeah damn it i missed ah yeah yeah the other side those vines connecting to the on-site at you can pray it's probably really frustrating watch I know you rose by gaining like why good you suck in Minecraft can get all those hate comments well you suck so bad man i could Pogo better than you good ok now I'm so goddamn i can get on this first one just fine what's me the second one she's got you go through oh I missed ya head gone with it I think maybe there's like a ceiling or something that's blocking it does look there's nothing blocking gannett down I told you ok boy fairly epic we got this oh my god yeah Oh got it ok yet ok made that one yet ok oh nice ah here now hey on to this one I hope only one of us has to make it up there oh I don't think I'm gonna do it ok oh oh crap um this might be problematic hear what I have to make it to the slab that was just above you from here oh you can do it i believe in you I feel oh I believe hard enough oh no damn it oh we suck so bad this is terrible minecraft great who made this poor cool I want to talk to manager yeah okay damn it this this is not good if you make it I'm teleporting to you ok ok I see there's some vines right there damn it see but oh oh you add that part yeah oh no oh so close hey I watched I have it to 0 onwards and upwards again wait ok no haha the low ceiling makes it difficult I know I hate it and up this one end up that one and on this one and onto this one I don't do this one ok I'm back here again ok so there's only this part that doesn't have a ceiling on it wait a minute oh dang it I almost had it oh oh wait oh I got it I got it dang i know an easy way to do it watch me watch me I got this I got this we don't have to go all the way around it oh I see you can just climb up from here oh no now you jumping hit shift i freakin had it and if I go hope I might come up home wait a minute ok see ya i can do that too huh nope oh almost I was messed up I'm just gonna take the long way I think hey chest uh tutorial energy drinks and we have energy drinks is that the only thing up there no no that's the chest and um yeah wait can you climb higher or anything no oh it's at the topmen yeah okay then I guess I don't need to make it up there anymore oh let me read this tutorial looks like okay to use white click on the ground right in front of you while holding a bottle you will smash it gaining the extra speed and jump ability okay energy drinks oh my I masterlink shall have the privilege of drinking each energy drinks I can run so fast and jump so far I bet I could clear the snap-in chain link to aha okay so we need these to get to changing to let's go all right wait um ah how do we get out I think for the top darn it okay I'll go through it and i'll let you out okay i'm stuck oh it's a spider web yeah i'll make it up there and then uh I'll let you out okay and the meantime you can keep practicing your poker skills if i can get out okay need that okay up that okay now I keep hitting my head on that truck I hit too many buttons ah ok open shift oh crap too low okay I got that but the binding mastered this is a fact of doing it correctly okay that works yep yeah yeah yeah okay wait do we go top yeah we do okay I'm up on top okay get outside and let me out I am oh there's a little pool water outside by the Sheep okay i'm waiting by the door okay I'm coming now look at the flower I got flour for you oh thank you oh it's inside now we're not going back in there okay so chain link to I'm guessing this d-link working do not attempt to jump you will die yup right here alright so I think you're gonna need a splash us both okay I didn't get an energy drinks B we gots me too ready okay okay only only a minute so definitely not mess this up okay oh yeah yeah more difficult than I thought luckily we hit that checkpoint right and I still got more right by me to wait wait a minute okay whoa what what do you did you lose it no one the other side oh I don't have the speed effect anymore yeah noble on the other side see that's what we just came from over there oh oh hey hey watch the chicken wash the chicken dead now oh ok well that was convenient did you hit the check when he already I done for my that's why i spawned i heard again okay well convenient for us a little bit huh this will save those other speed C potions or just later ease we have to get back okay uh which one I'll go up this way you go that way to look both wearing this way was the only continue over have the chain-link three key okay we do not so we ought to go this way egg oh I almost with you tonight i have x 20 cake cake gag gag not hungry hey look look look visa I cake seven hours event average joes yeah this is um hey food what food a journey and it's a book I'm here you can have two cookies that oh and to those and I bet okay okay okay a journey you can read this one okay it's five pages I don't want to read five pages hi I'm Lisa the daughter of Tommy well I work here at the restaurant and you would not believe what happened yesterday some stupid robber stole all of our food and replaced it with mushrooms how rude not only that but master link went through chain length 32 find the robber well this is a lot to ask but will you go after him he can't do this alone to help you on your journey I prepared lots of food and I know Joel made you a sword I'm not sure if he gave it to you already of course you would need a key to get through chain link 3 strangely enough master link keeps his extras somewhere in the potato dispenser I'm not sure why dad found that out somehow thank you straight hero I will stay here because chain link to broke and I'm not risking that sort of jump thanks for everything Lisa apples cook chicken its allies or not Apple's the mushrooms potatoes right here you push it did you get it I don't know keep pushing it yep channle three key got it all right I got mushrooms maybe we should push these other buttons too just for the they just about to spew on mushrooms it looks like oh right because the book said that everything was replaced with mushrooms oh I didn't hear you say that mushrooms okay well yeah I gotta organize my Detroit there just don't gotta Jamie three key yes let's go we're about 20 minutes into the episode should we should we end this episode here and then continue next episode um yes cliffhangers alright see you guys next video sure you

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