Minecraft 0.12.0-0.12.1 Mapa de Skywars TRON

Hello everyone, how are you? I hope you are well, here I bring you a sky map wars this is my first video on youtube and well I hope and you like it and we start with the video First of all we go with the credits and the review gives credits created by sketches of the riva of the boots and cream new visits of the voices to see there instructions we will instructions walk the bridges also the road will have to fall the city is prepared so as not to be of damage until a count tele 2 1 and open the hatch good to appear in a place important this is important to increase kim llama's trip for mistakes lighting because the tutorial there is the link but then I will leave you the link a description and says some items are only compatible with 10 points 12.1 because not all versions are compatible well we'll see but they have very good design very good color combination and know around here there are some cars cited for to go prepared to a star wars Well let's see a sand it started to rain and we are going to until the open hatch do not move moment to move is ready se can move and rotate there is no comfort of its results will also open us because very well comes without creative 1 and fast and there is too much salt in the move the design here a little complicated age but we have there something complicated all good up to here the the end of the video is all online is ok it is written in the description of the like subscribe if you want a special map ask for pain or a video on specific also they can not ask me really leave me a comment and I'll do it, I'll do it, there is another time, I saw it friends joining my game, how can you see the gamer kit appear? joining the game

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