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-Do you like money? Even better, do you like free money? Well, Ethereum And the value of other cryptocurrencies soared to the point that even You are running an old PC, it may also be worth it Start mining when the system is idle. Therefore, NiceHash sponsored the video and we will provide You show how to build on existing hardware Dig, it’s an easy way to make money easily , Almost no shortcomings, Especially in cold weather And you need to pay for heating the house, Anyway.

(Opening music) You may already be familiar with Decentralized digital currency, and with government-issued banknotes or coins No direct contact, Especially if you have seen the one from a few years ago The words of the mining series. But how many of you are actually doing something? Especially those with 6 or more RAM With graphic card. May be surprising, but If your electricity price is cheap enough, thank you BC Hydro, Then without doing anything, Adjust the system to be very advantageous It is very easy to mine cryptocurrency, And it’s very convenient, it’s still winter , In fact, gaming equipment plays an important role in heating your house The efficiency is no less than that of an electric heater.

However, there is still a problem , Why bother, Bitcoin has not only undergone major changes, And since Eth2 can run, We can't know Ethereum What will happen, but for you , There are nearly two years left There should be a complete transition in Ethereum Before the proof-of-stake system instead of the proof-of-work, mining is usually done. Yes, Bitcoin is currently falling, But sometimes it will rise. Therefore, if it is possible in less than an hour Complete the entire setup within time, then this may Not a bad idea, such as subscription, not a bad idea. Don't miss our upcoming GPU review. Now, NiceHash Miner has been on the market for many years, But it’s been a few years since we talked about it , They have made some very cool changes.

In short, NiceHash builds a system in which you are actually Sell ​​computing power to the highest bidder, then The bidder will use it to consider a particular coin. They get the generated coins, And pay you in Bitcoins based on the current market price. This is for people who want to get Bitcoin Really helpful, Because Bitcoin now requires efficient mining of ASX. Of course, if you want something other than the governor Commodities can be traded on exchanges. Now, NiceHash is not the only option. Large-scale commercial mining operations Would not use it, but frankly, We are not very interested in helping these people. NiceHash has been us for many years The tool of choice for personal mining in small hours. One reason is that almost every Mining software requires you to either close Anti-virus function of all third-party algorithms, Either completely allow all content to pass. Both are obvious security risks. In contrast, NiceHash’s new QuickMinor is digitally signed , Does not require any third-party software Perform overclocking, undervoltage or mining.

Moreover, because it only uses its internally developed excavators Miners and OCTuner, so you don’t have to grant Any suspicious software permissions. For those who are worried about security risks, This should be a heavy burden for you. Of course, it does have a disadvantage. Using NiceHash’s traditional mining machine, You can target the algorithm with the highest payout, Exchange algorithms instantly to make more money. QuickMinor only uses DaggerHashimoto to mine Ethereum. Having said that, Ethereum is currently dominating The market, so it is not a big deal at the moment. Player versus mining One of the other big concerns of course is that they The wear and tear of expensive graphics cards, especially now. Now, as we showed a few years ago, Between a worn GPU and a brand new GPU There is no performance difference. At least as long as other conditions are the same.

The challenge here is that modern graphics cards Dynamically adjust parameters that do affect performance based on heat and power limitations, For example, the core clock. That’s how it is, silicon will Degrade over time And heat The higher the sum voltage, the faster the degradation rate. Therefore, we want to minimize these two aspects. This is because QuickMiners has built-in automatic GPU adjustment function. Therefore, all we have to do is go to the beautiful hash.com/maya/mining/rigs. There is a yellow optimization button here. This is really great. Therefore, you can perform light optimization or medium optimization, Let's enter the light mode. Then you might actually be able to hear the fan there The configuration file has changed, But this is not the only occurrence.

At the same time, it will reduce the video memory Voltage and overclock it, To maximize the efficiency of the card. -Actually, they are lowering the core clock , And then reduce the power consumption target to meet the demand. It’s not a big deal, but I mean Say it is close enough. They will be discussed later. -Now, it can be used with 20 series and 30 series Nividia GPU at least now , But as long as you There are at least 6 performances of Vram, you can also use their guide To manually adjust the 10 series card.

It should be noted that currently AMD cards Need an alternative overclocking utility. If you want more efficiency, or if you want, I'm heating my basement with this thing that cares about me, who cares? You can right click on the system tray and go to OSI tune , And then all the way down to the bottom. The auto-tuning here should enable you to get higher efficiency, Or maximize the squash speed. If you want to play manually, It can also be done. NiceHash has a full set Guide, you can view it on its website.

According to the method we just showed you, we Bitcoin sitting every day About 5 dollars, which of course Depends on the current price. Is this there I would recommend a new GPU to spend scalper prices, hoping to get you back your investment To the point. But, as in my "Prairie" ( Grand Pappy) often said, You never have enough free funds Come and spend on lttstore.com. He was right, the big water bottle over there. By the way, before you leave, We do want to provide one last piece of advice, Not about adjusting equipment Or suggestions for buying graphics cards, but suggestions about wallets. If you plan to hold any amount of cryptocurrency, We strongly recommend that you get some kind of Hard wallet or digital wallet that you control yourself. Because the entire crypto exchange is basically Has disappeared overnight, and you never know who will DDoSed or hacked, or their founder will die next.

Therefore, it is always best to keep your coins by yourself . Now for the purpose of full disclosure, NiceHash was actually hacked several years ago. However, unlike most other services and exchanges, They actually use their own money to eventually repay All new encryption was lost during the attack Owners of the currency, this is actually we are happy to work with them on this project The only reason. Because remember , It is not your error that defines you. After that is how you deal with the consequences. Just like I would never commit not to tell you our sponsor NiceHash The same error. If you haven’t figured it out yet, It can easily turn your PC into a mining machine. No registration is required, and they can even be exchanged. Therefore, you can trade coins for other cryptocurrencies. You every four hours Pay once with Bitcoin and they are fast. Miner completely Made in-house, it is safer and easier to use than ever before. Therefore, to learn more and register now, Please check the link below.

By the way, how many of you are already using NiceHash Or other services for mining. And, if you haven’t already, make sure you Looking back at the mining adventure series a few years ago, It's obviously a bit old now, But there are still a lot of Very good information about cryptocurrency and mining..

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