You will now be able to pay for your Tesla
with Shiba Inu, car company announces! Finally! This is something that the SHIB Army has awaited
for a very long time now and it’s finally here! This is not the video you want to miss, as
I cover every single detail of this news and more! So, make sure you stick around to the very
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day and you sure don’t want to miss any of that. Alright, let’s check out today’s video! There are, at least, two petitions out there
requesting Tesla to add support for Shiba Inu.

One was created about five months ago by one
Daniel Hidalgo. It reads,
This request is designed to kindly ask Tesla (Elon Musk) to accept Shiba Inu as payment. It will be a great success for Tesla and its
investors. We’ve all enjoyed the trip. Shiba Inu is a similar meme coin with a great
future and a great project. Shiba has power and Tesla will do the rest
in our community. Thank you. So far, the petition has garnered about 53,000
signatures, about a tenth of the total number of signatures on the Robinhood petition. But there’s another even older petition
started six months ago by Chester Gray on change.org. A while back, Elon Musk had asked his Twitter
followers whether Tesla should start accepting Dogecoin to be added onto some platforms as
a payment method, but that was a fail.

So, why can’t we accept Shiba Inu as a payment
method for Tesla? The proposal immediately gained overwhelming
support from his followers: within ten minutes of posting a poll, some 400,000 people had
voted. Almost 80% of respondents had said yes. Shiba Inu is unbelievably trending at this
moment, so why not make it a payment method for Tesla? Elon Musk supports Dogecoin, and the breed
of the dog on Dogecoin is a Shiba Inu. So why can’t he accept Shiba Inu token? Since Shiba Inu is in a lot of hype now, then
there are high chances that this could possibly happen! This petition, however, seems abandoned, gathering
only about 120 signatures. Whatever be the case, though, the SHIB Army
has been looking forward to some good news from Tesla.

However, the Tesla boss delivered a stink
bomb a couple of weeks ago when he came out to say that he didn’t own any SHIB. Naturally, SHIB’s prices plummeted after
the comment. And even though the token later made a strong
comeback, you can imagine everyone’s shock when it turned out that Tesla had added “Shiba”
to its payment source code. Here’s what happened. So, toward the end of October, someone somehow
found that Tesla’s official website now referenced a payment type “SHIBA” in its
source code. The discovery sent the SHIB Army into a frenzy
as people assumed the time had finally come when Tesla would accept SHIB payments. The backend code could be accessed through
the Tesla checkout, or through a V2. Verified both by Planet Crypto and Tesla reporter
Sawyer Merritt, it sees SHIBA feature alongside Bitcoin, Apple Pay, and several other potential
payment methods. However, the SHIB Army might have rejoiced
too early as it turned out that there was more to the mention of SHIBA than met the
eye. As gfinity esports explains, while the website
references “SHIBA,” the code does not trigger any scripts to run, nor is it enabled.

However, one programmer suggested the code
could form part of a new crypto payment gateway at checkout. Tesla previously accepted Bitcoin as a payment
method but removed this after citing environmental concerns. Instead, it could be a simple joke designed
to tease cryptocurrency hodlers. The SHIB Army has turned its back on Elon
Musk after the CEO confirmed that he did not own any SHIB. This recent addition could be a joke at their
expense. Some hodlers suspect that anyone with access
to the Tesla website back end could have just added it as a joke. According to Watcher.Guru, the Shiba reference
has since been removed from the page. However, the V2 code listed above still appears
to include the term. Alternatively, the code only mentions SHIBA,
and not SHIB — the official ticker for Shiba Inu token.

It could be a codename for another payment
method: Dogecoin. Well, to cut a long story short, it was later
confirmed by a user who tried to simulate a payment that the SHIBA mentioned on the
Tesla payment source code was indeed Dogecoin and not Shiba Inu. This probably makes a lot of sense considering
Elon Musk’s massive support for Dogecoin.

Still, Elon Musk is a businessman, is it possible
he has reconsidered his stance on the matter? Well, not exactly, sadly. But you can still pay for your next Tesla
with SHIB! A report on Benzinga confirms this. The Vegas Auto Gallery announced in a Saturday
tweet that it now accepts Shiba Inu in addition to many other cryptocurrencies for luxury
and exotic car purchases! So, whatever your car preference, Tesla, Lambo,
Ferrari, you only need to head down to Vegas Auto Gallery in Las Vegas and snag one for
yourself without having to sell off your SHIB. Experts suspect that all the sudden wealth
that Shiba Inu has brought to its investors, especially those that invested shortly after
the token launched provided the trigger to get the dealership to start accepting Shiba
Inu. As reported on Benzinga, the announcement
follows a recent analysis showing that an investment in Shiba Inu of as little as $15
would now be worth over $1 million, if done early enough.

Blockchain data also shows that the token
is approaching a major milestone as the number of its users continues to grow. This is definitely good news for Shiba Inu
and SHIB holders as we see more businesses begin to accept the token. Once this is widespread all over the world
and Shiba Inu gains mass adoption, SHIB holders would hardly ever need to sell off their bag
since everyone would accept SHIB. If this happens, and no one sells, SHIB will
moon without a doubt. However, while we await that, SHIB prices
have been dipping, is this token going to rebound any time soon? Some analysts have been tinkering with this
question and their answer is quite revealing and not what you’re probably thinking. But before we get to that, this channel has
a daily giveaway of 100,000 SHIB.

For a chance to participate in the giveaway,
all you have to do is be subscribed to the channel, like this video, and comment #ShibaInu. Good luck! Alright, back to the video. First off, there’s fantastic news! Shiba Inu has now surpassed 1 million holders! The official Certik audit is on the Shiba
Inu website. So, you can check it out for yourself. This is wonderful for Shiba Inu in so many
ways. It confirms what we’ve known all along. The market can’t get enough of Shiba Inu. A million holders is huge! Regardless, SHIB prices have continued to
fall in spite of its achievements. Well, to be fair, SHIB isn’t the only token
in the dog house as Dogecoin has also suffered a similar fate.

Does this mean that this is the best time
to take entry positions into the meme coin market? Well, this video is not financial advice. You’d have to do your own research and decide
about that. However, the analysts have advised that investors
be careful not to set unrealistic expectations when investing in Shiba Inu right now. Many who bought Shiba Inu in the past few
months and weeks, did so because of the touted potential to make huge gains.

Now, while Shiba Inu has definitely not exhausted
all its bull runs, it might be wiser not to expect explosive gains like we saw in the
last few weeks to happen all over again as this technical analyst suggests. Shiba Inu is stabilizing. So, crazy gains are out of the question for
now until the project really gets its footing. And while you patiently wait for that, please
be on the lookout for scam artists looking to rip unsuspecting investors off.

Many are already beginning to circle the Shiba
Inu community, posing a serious threat to the project’s long term viability. The Shiba Inu official Twitter account even
had to publish a short video in which it itemized all the different ways unscrupulous entities
were taking advantage of naive investors. In most cases, the scam would involve fake
Telegram groups, in which SHIB holders are tricked into handing over theri wallet keys,
email address, or passwords, SHIB community members are lured into these groups with promises
of free giveaways and other similar perks. So, please be very careful. The Shiba Inu team is not running any promotions
or giveaways and doesn’t plan to run any in the near future. Any group that claims to be acting for the
Shiba Inu team in that regard is not legit. So, please, avoid and report such tweets,
if possible. Finally, some news from AMC Theaters which
has announced that it will be accepting Shiba Inu from 2022. Well, all the arrangements to make that happen
were finalized last week. This was learned when Adam Aron, CEO of AMC,
tweeted that the company was going to be integrating the SHIB token with its payment system within
four months: Attention #SHIBArmy: Our friends @Bitpay decided
to support Shiba Inu specifically because I asked, so AMC can take Shiba Inu online
payments of movie and tickets and concessions.

AMC Theaters to be the first BitPay client
to accept Shiba Inu. Timing 60 to 120 days along. This is a wow! So, it seems to be raining good news in the
SHIB Army, regardless of the token’s price dip. In fact, a fantastic rebound is expected soon. And while we cannot exactly say when for now,
it’s clear that it will happen sooner or later, especially as SHIB gets increasingly
used for commercial purposes all over the world. And with that said, we come to the end of
today’s video.

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