Mind blowing Facts about DogeCoin: The Doge Coin Revolution 😳

is dogecoin the new bitcoin the first woman elected to public office in the us only got there because she was nominated as a prank facebook originated in mark zuckerberg's drunken creation of face mash a way for his peers at harvard to rate the attractiveness of female students and if the intent of the creator mattered bitcoin would rank as a total failure since it was created to allow small online payments and instead is hoarded or used for speculation what would be your reaction if a cryptocurrency created to mock the numerous fraud cryptocurrencies has a value of over 50 billion dollars now this one actually happened a cryptocurrency created with a doge meme as a fun alternative to bitcoin is in the news now what is this dogecoin is this the future of cryptocurrency why did elon musk change his bio to former ceo of dogecoin all answers are here come let's take a dive into it the arrival of bitcoin in 2009 opened the floodgates for digital currencies since its launch thousands of alternative cryptocurrencies or altcoins have emerged to accommodate a vast range of use cases some seek to establish themselves as money while others aim to fuel smart contract platforms like ethereum dogecoin is a joke token or internet parody of cryptocurrency created in 2013 whose total value rose to almost 50 billion dollars recently 100 cents make a dollar and value of one dogecoin was 0.06 until recently the value of dogecoin skyrocketed to 37 cents almost increasing 180 percent what created this surge dogecoin is a joke token created by two software engineers jackson palmer and billy marcus as a faster and fun alternative of bitcoin it all began as a tweet by jackson palmer with the picture having name and logo made from shiba inum as the name suggests it's largely based on the doj meme that took the internet by storm in 2013.

The original image depicts a dog of the shiba inu breed whose inner monologue is displayed in comic sans font following some encouragement palmer went on to create dogecoin.com when marcus stumbled across the website shortly after its launch he reached out to palmer to make it a reality and began work on what's now known as dogecoin dogecoin definitely did not stay worthless even as bitcoin dipped dramatically over this weekend dogecoin was trading near all-time highs upon the launch the cryptocurrency rapidly spread across social media within months it hit a multi-million dollar market capitalization dallas mavericks owner mark cuban believes it's very educational and entertaining and crypto bull mike novogratz says he'd be very very worried if one of his friends was investing in it this surge may appear confounding how can a joke be worth so much since it started in 2009 bitcoin has had a fixed supply of 21 million coins that will ever be minted not so for dogecoin there is no limit to the amount that can be created what is the difference between dogecoin and dollar while dogecoin has a lot of memes and jokes behind it the dollar has the u.s economy and population this explains why there is so much trust in the dollar in 2018 robin hood began allowing dogecoin to be bought and sold free on their platform which gave more exposure for the coin dogecoin had a meteoric surge because it got listed in coinbase the most popular virtual currency exchange in the us it became the fifth largest cryptocurrency by market cap with a 700 price hike when the dogecoin got launched online community banked in it by inviting attention through supporting unconventional causes the dogecoin community has earned a reputation for charitable contributions it took off as a tipping system on sites like reddit where users would send each other small amounts of dogecoin to reward content creators this giving spirit was echoed in its more ambitious fundraisers in 2014 it raised over thirty thousand dollars worth of dogecoin for the jamaican bobsled team to participate in the sochi winter olympics the team had qualified but couldn't afford to get to russia for the event in the same year the community launched two other initiatives doge for water raised another thirty thousand dollars plus to drill wells in kenya and dogecoin enthusiasts later sponsored nascar driver josh wise with over 50 000 in the cryptocurrency as a result wise famously painted his car with the dogecoin logo tesla ceo elon musk has previously tweeted that dogecoin might be one of his favorite cryptocurrencies following a community poll he was jokingly declared the ceo of the coin rapper snoop dogg rock musician gene simmons promoted this on social media another reason is the promotion done by the reddit group called satoshi street bets built upon enthusiasm for cryptocurrency it is a group for dogecoins named after the satoshi nakamoto the founder of cryptocurrency the famous snack of usa slim jim 2 tweeted about it on april 23rd 2021.

Kronos also tweeted that they bought dogecoins and are planning to introduce a special limited edition air purifier which could only be bought using dogecoins coinbase listing gave it a giant spotlight and attracted mainstream attention but the irony is that the owners of the dogecoin don't own any dogecoins now jack palmer left dogecoin firm in 2015 and billy marcus sold all dogecoins to buy a car earlier like many cryptocurrencies there are several ways you can acquire dogecoin you could mine it yourself or accept it as payment for goods and services the easiest method however is to purchase it via a cryptocurrency exchange typically you'll first need to buy bitcoin or another popular coin then trade it for doge once you've got your dogecoin you can use it as you would any cryptocurrency hold it for the long term on a hardware wallet trade it against other coins exchange it for goods or tip others with it bit refill is perhaps the easiest way to spend as you can purchase gift cards and vouchers for a range of retailers dogecoin the cryptocurrency created using open source software project litecoin is an inflationary currency with no maximum limit what are the concerns related to it now cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and may crash as fast as they can rise its susceptibility leads to sudden scares as well as manipulation by small groups who often hold large numbers of the virtual currency in circulation when the dogecoin bubble bursts it will be a catalyst for regulators and legislators to become more involved with cryptocurrencies and hurt the entire industry said the also creator of cardano which is currently the sixth most important cryptocurrency in terms of capitalization of the market regardless of the uncertain future of dogecoin surely there are many who are now regretting not having bought units when the cryptocurrency was just a joke and they were at its lowest price as it happened with bitcoin which in february 2017 cost close to a thousand dollars and on april 14 it exceeded 64 000 will a day come when you can buy tesla and apple products using dogecoins as payments will dogecoin gain functionality that is something we have to wait and watch write down in the comment section what you think about dogecoin and will you try buying it by the way if you're curious on how we are making money from youtube without even making videos check out the link in the description it's a course that helped us convert our one thousand dollars to twenty thousand dollars per month check it out if you're someone searching for a passive income stream trust me it works also check out our new videos if you haven't yet quenched the luxurious soul in you see you in the next one

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