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almost every time people wait for the 
cryptocurrency market to make a huge run up before   getting into altcoins and they end up getting in 
at the very top of parabolic moves when really   we should be looking to get in when the projects 
haven't even made a major pop up yet so in this   video we're going to be taking a look through some 
of the altcoin projects i see being high potential   we're gonna look at my criteria as to why i think 
these projects could make crazy moves to the   upside then we're gonna do some technical analysis 
on them to get optimized entries so that if and   when these projects pop off we can be thinking 
about selling when others are thinking about just   getting in and if that sounds interesting to you 
make sure you hit the like button on this video   if you're new to my channel i make content all 
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the first project that we're going to be talking   about was nice enough to do an ama and do token 
giveaways and answer questions to the community   so there's some interesting stuff a little bit 
later on in this video we'll get into that a bit   later on but let's get into the first project so 
first coin that i want to talk about is mahadao   and mahadao is a pretty interesting project 
their ecosystem consists of three tokens   and what they're really trying to do is utilize 
something that they've created called a value   coin instead of a stable coin so basically if you 
look at all of the stable coins that are out there   they're pegged to fiat currencies which you know 
due to inflation are constantly depreciating so   the stable coins that you're holding are losing 
value as well because it only has the buying power   of whatever fiat currency that it is attached to 
but what mahadaya is trying to do is have their   value coin which is earth pegged to a basket 
of uncorrelated assets so it's five percent   bitcoin 15 gold and 80 fiat currency and then the 
third token that mahadao uses is arthx which is a   deflationary token that is designed to absorb the 
volatility of the earth token and guarantees its   stability so basically mahadao has three tokens 
and it's sort of like a general ecosystem that   fights inflation which i think is really cool 
and in my opinion it reminds me a lot of maker   dao which basically attacks a lot of those similar 
concepts in maker dao following similar concepts   had at one point a market cap of five billion 
and mahadao is attacking similar issues   in a way more expansive way which makes the 
project very very interesting to me so the   one utility that they currently have right now is 
the ability for you to take zero percent interest   loans against earth by using collateralization of 
the cryptocurrencies that you hold currently so   infractional collateralization is a big industry 
in fiat banking and it really needs to be done   right in cryptocurrency and maha seems to be 
taking the right steps to make that happen this   is one of the largest reasons i find mahadaya 
very cool because fractional collateralization   is really underutilized in the crypto space 
and it's going to allow us to have a much   better structure with stable coins than just 
simply pegging them to a fiat currency on   top of that regular banks usually allow fee-less 
transactions of money whereas in the crypto space   we're definitely lacking that and even though they 
are on the polygon network which has great fees   okay they're working on a gasless wallet which 
could potentially allow mahadao to catch on in   a big way so currently mahadao is trading at 2.58 
cents they have a market cap of 6.3 million which   is extremely low for how much i think that they 
could be valued into the future and they have a   total circulating supply of 2.4 million mahadao 
right now so to me it seems like they're doing   a similar concept to make or doubt with different 
approaches and it seems like they have a few last   things to sort out but usually those are the best 
times to invest in projects like this because they   are super small and have huge growth potential 
so yes this is a super small project with tons   of variables it has a crazy upside so if we could 
see any major press in mahada it wouldn't be that   crazy to see a 500 to 1 billion dollar market 
cap on mahadao which in that case we would see a   200x in price pretty easily so even though for me 
this is going to be a half of a percent allocation   in my portfolio if i were to be aiming to grow a 
smaller size portfolio this would be a good way to   give yourself a shot to exponentially grow your 
portfolio and give yourself a great return with   a slightly larger percent allocation and we can 
see right here based on the numbers of circulating   supply in market cap even if we saw the price of 
mahadao go to 300 per token we're only looking at   a sub billion dollar market cap if you look at the 
other cryptocurrencies in the same sector and look   at the semi-successful ones and look at their 
market caps okay we could very easily see a one   billion dollar market cap in a project like mahada 
we'd literally be seeing a 100 to 150 x in price   from where we're at right now and that's assuming 
that we're not getting a completely optimized   technical entry which is what we're going to 
look at next and because this project has a   ton of moving parts i wanted to personally clarify 
with the project but i also realized that as we do   this more the community wants to ask questions and 
the maha team was nice enough to join our discord   for a live ama with them and they're gonna give 
out token rewards just for people going in there   and asking questions and potentially becoming 
investors for them okay so we were able to work   out that deal i think it's gonna be a net positive 
for everyone the way you can sign up for that is   going through our discord which i will have in the 
description below so you can sign up for a discord   all you have to do is go into our public section 
once you get into the discord and it's going to be   right in here in our exclusive resources i haven't 
put the link to it yet but if you get into the   discord this is where you're going to be able to 
find it i'll also put it out in the announcements   channel here as well so usually where i announce 
videos or other technical analysis i will be   putting out the time we're gonna do the ama and 
what you need to do to make sure that you're there   i think it would be nice to have a small group of 
us just being able to touch base with this project   considering that i'm going to be investing in them 
and i see them having huge growth potential moving   into the future all right so we don't have a lot 
of price data for mahada but what i did realize   is that we have two levels right here and if 
we go ahead and find the corresponding trend   down here it looks like we're continually down 
trending but if we're able to make a secondary   higher low right here this could be the range 
where we see a turnaround in mahada on a technical   level and this could trend us back into the 
range of four to five dollars which if we get in   sort of towards this level more so along here 
we're looking at an entry right at two dollars   and if we can even just get back up to the middle 
of the range we're looking at a pretty easy 1.5   x as well and you can see we're definitely getting 
reaction points off of this fibonacci retracement   we did get sort of a support level off of this 
lower 78.6 level on the fib but what i will be   doing to wait for my entry on mahadao will be 
waiting to get in at this two dollar level down   here i think this is a good entry zone for mahadao 
and i think that this could be basically the   lowest it goes unless it is to break the all-time 
lows but this is a definitely a good level to get   in on this project and something that's worth 
noting is that if you end up waiting slightly   longer to get into these projects rather than just 
getting in as soon as you randomly decide to the   difference between getting in at this price to 
breaking all-time highs and getting in at this   entry price right here to hitting all-time 
highs is about a hundred percent return and   i know sometimes that seems obvious you're 
starting at you know two dollars versus three   dollars but that's oftentimes something that's 
overlooked especially with smaller projects you   don't realize how much getting a slightly better 
price will affect your returns later on in the   investment we have a whole other 100 return just 
by waiting slightly longer obviously there is a   risk associated with not getting into something 
right away but i think it's important to at least   if you're going to get in right now save a small 
allocation for slightly lower if the market does   have a little bit of a sell-off and this continues 
to follow technical patterns you're able to get in   very efficiently another idea that you can 
do which i will not be doing because i want   to hold this long term but if you wanted to 
you could also place a stop loss underneath   this low right here so if you do end up getting 
filled on this order and you want to play this to   let's say even just all-time highs you could put 
your stop loss so that you get out and you sell   the position automatically underneath this low 
and you're able to make a quick 5.35 risk reward   on your trade so you're making a 5x of what you're 
putting into this i think that's a really really   cool thing to understand and these are the 
concepts that we use in our cryptocurrency   premium trading team where we take short-term 
cryptocurrency trades to generate regular income   if you want to learn more about that i will link 
that in the card right here in the description   below but pairing technical levels up with a 
really really high potential project is definitely   how you can take your investing to the next level 
the next project that i want to talk about is   obertek and the thing that caught my interest 
about this is that they're tapping into the space   of supply chain management which is very similar 
to one of my favorite cryptocurrencies which is v   chain the only thing different about obertek is 
they're extremely small but they do have a clean   audit report which i'm going to dive into more 
detail about in just a second but just because   the project's small and their price action looks 
like a nightmare like you can see right here it   looks extremely choppy in robotic that does not 
mean that they're not going to be a good project   it just means that there's a lack in participation 
right now because they are such a small project   and there's nothing hyping them up right now okay 
supply chain management is an extremely mismanaged   industry right now for example 1.2 trillion 
dollars worth of food is wasted per year and   120 billion dollars of that is because of supply 
chain mismanagement so there's a huge opening in   that industry as far as businesses coming in 
and being able to fix problems and then take   that money and instead of it being wasted have 
it funneled into businesses for solutions okay   obertek literally allows smaller companies that 
don't have it expertise to be able to plug all   of their info into the models and have a simple 
onboarding process that allows their company to   transition over to a blockchain format and help 
them optimize their supply chain management and   a lot of smaller companies don't have the it 
expertise to be able to implement some of the   other solutions and obertek has an extremely 
simple interface called smart hub which is a   fully digital ecosystem all actors in the supply 
chain can remotely collaborate in a decentralized   and democratic blockchain network okay so the 
smart hub offers blockchain and cloud-powered   communication hub a tamper-proof unified online 
document exchange so it's basically a solution   for small businesses to stop mismanaging their 
supply chain and it seems like they're gearing   towards sort of the food industry and you can see 
that surtek did an audit on them and they scored   a 92 out of 100 which is actually really good 
and for those of you that don't know surtek is   the only company that you can't just buy an audit 
from okay a lot of the smaller places you can pay   them out and it's a very corrupt process surtek 
is so big that they're not going to allow projects   to just pay their way through an audit so these 
are legitimate evaluations for this company so   even though they're very small and they might look 
like bs okay they have clean books it's just now   a question of can they gain some sort of traction 
to get investor interest and the cool thing about   this they only have a 1.4 million dollar market 
cap which if we look at vechain vechain has a 7.2   billion dollar market cap and a lot of these other 
projects that work in supply chain management have   way larger market cap where even if we were 
tapping into the hundred million dollar market cap   we're still looking at a hundred x for overtex so 
even throwing a half a percent of your portfolio   or a one percent of your portfolio or like a 
thousand dollars into this if we do see 100x   we're talking about a massive opportunity so what 
i personally like to do and i've been saying this   is i find very small projects that look like they 
have some sort of promise and then i'll put a   half a percent or one percent of my portfolio into 
them so if they do pay out it literally can be a   life-changing investment but it only takes a few 
of them to work out to offset all of the ones that   don't and you can open yourself up for huge gains 
with these smaller projects so like i said even if   overtek went to one dollar we're only looking at a 
hundred million dollar market cap and you can see   right here a lot of these other projects that have 
become somewhat successful are already there which   would mean that it wouldn't be too hard to get a 
hundred percent return on overtech and i realize   this project is so small that it appears sketchy 
but i do personally think that we could see at   least a slight pop in this investment so i'm more 
than happy to put a small percentage into projects   like these but anyways guys i just wanted to talk 
about a few projects that i was able to find that   i will be investing in like i said if you have 
questions for mahadas they're gonna be doing an   ama in our discord they're also gonna be giving 
out tokens for asking good questions so you might   as well just show up to that and try to win some 
tokens for free that way you know if they shoot   way way up you literally got in for absolutely 
nothing and also guys because we're constantly   trading i put together a telegram where we're 
basically putting our entry our stop loss and our   profit target on some of the cryptocurrency trades 
that we are taking so if you want to get your toes   wet in that process i will link the link to our 
telegram below so if you want to check that out go   for it if you're still here with me make sure you 
hit the like button on this video if you haven't   done so already make sure you hit the subscribe 
button and turn on all bell notifications but   that's basically all i have for today guys until 
next time i will see you all in the next video you

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