Michael Saylor Doubles Down on Bitcoin | BTC – $1,000,000 in 2023 and $5,000,000 in 2025?

hey what's up guys institutions a large 
corporations continue buying bitcoin and   these prices in this video we'll take a look 
who is currently buying bitcoin and how much   then michael saylor will explain how 
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for sign up today let's start with the coin market   cap and take a look what is going on in the crypto 
market as of the time of this recording bitcoin is   trading slightly below 50 000 a coin the market 
cap also pulled back a bit below 1 trillion   the total crypto market is at around 1.5 trillion 
bucks ethereum experienced a decent correction   as well it dropped by 25 or so and slightly 
recovered to the current price of it around 1   650 bucks binance polka dot and cardano recovered 
quite nicely unlike bitcoin and ethereum those   three are all in double-digit price appreciation 
xrp is down by 13 for the past seven days it's   actually performing not that bad considering the 
fact that ripple is currently being sued by sec   let's take a closer look at the bitcoin price 
action the current bitcoin price is at around   50 000 as i mentioned earlier few days ago 
btc reached an all-time high of slightly about   58 300 and two days later bitcoin dropped till 
the recent lowest points of forty four thousand   nine hundred dollars and that would be 
thirteen thousand four hundred dollars loss or   twenty two percent retracement early this year 
bitcoin had even bigger retracement of 30 percent   and that's okay because in 2017 bull market run 
we had at least five of decent size corrections   during that bull market but it can certainly pull 
back a bit more from this point that being said   many financial institutions and corporations 
viewed those dips as buying opportunities   square bought another 170 million dollars in 
bitcoin in q4 2020 ernik announcement the company   said that they bought 3318 bitcoin at an aggregate 
purchase price of around 170 million dollars   that means that square bought a bitcoin 
at an average price of around 51 000   a coin let's also not forget that back in october 
2020 square bought 50 million worth of btc   they bought 4 709 bitcoin at an average price of 
at around 10 600 a coin they already made 5x roy   in that initial investment square is not the only 
company that buying bitcoin at this current prices   there is also a pioneer of corporate world 
michael saylor and his microstrategy company   bought a large amount of btc in this recent 
days the largest independent publicly traded   business company today announced that it had 
purchased an additional approximately of 19   452 bitcoin for approximately more than one 
billion dollars in cash at an average price of   approximately 52 765 dollars if there is someone 
who talks to talk and walk the walk it must be   michael saylor that's what it calls to have a 
skin in the game we also have this new canadian   bitcoin real etf cumulating bitcoin in the past 
five days they accumulated more than 9 300 btc   that's going to be slightly less than 500 
million dollars asset under management   yesterday alone they bought over 1000 btc let's 
also not forget that there is only 900 btc being   produced every single day so we can see that 
demand after bitcoin exists by decent multiples   the daily bitcoin production supply therefore we 
should expect higher prices in foreseeable future   here is a very cool chart i would like to share 
with you guys we are looking at logarithmic   bitcoin price that is represented by this dark 
blue line then we have this dotted baby blue line   that represents the lowest value in the historical 
bitcoin performance in 2015 for example according   to this dynamic line btc was at around 300 dollars 
in 2018 bear market according to this line btc was   3 200 and now according to this line the current 
lowest possible point is actually higher than 2017   annual high it's at 27 000 the red dotted line 
represents the forecast of the lowest possible   value in the future the curve forecast around 
2023 the lowest possible point will be at around   100 000 keep in mind that this is the lowest 
possible point which means the real market value   can actually be much much higher at the top of 
2013 bull market the lowest point was at around   50 while the bitcoin price was at around 1 000 
that would be 20 x higher in 2017 as well in   the top of the bull market the lowest point was at 
around 2 000 and the bitcoin price was actually at   20 000 that is 10x higher so if in 2023 
the lowest possible point would be at 100   000 then the delta would be at least 10x higher 
which means bitcoin would be at least 1 million   1 million bitcoin by 2023 historically it 
looks very likely if history is willing   to repeat itself or at least prime then we 
might see 1 million dollars sometimes in 2023   now let's take a look at this most recent 
interview where michael sayler explains at   what price bitcoin volatility will decline then he 
will explain how bitcoin will reach 100 trillion   dollars in market capitalization let's take a 
look we might be looking at this a little bit   wrong those of us who follow stocks and know about 
reversions to the mean that this is different   because the mean that you're going to be reverting 
to is constantly growing it's happening as   all of these new companies new investors are kind 
of buying into that so the the mean itself the the   line is is one that's moving pretty sharply higher 
you agree with that theory the most important   thing i'm saying about bitcoin is bitcoin is a 
bank in cyberspace for people that don't have   the ability to run their own hedge fund it's not 
a stock it's an asset class and so you know if i   put a billion dollars into a bank and then i came 
back a year later and i put another 10 billion   dollars in the bank the bank is not overvalued by 
a factor of 10 the bank is just 10 times bigger   people are using bitcoin to store their monetary 
energy for the long term and so uh the price   is a reflection of the monetary energy in this 
bank in cyberspace hey michael i just wanted to go   back to a question about your holdings of bitcoin 
personally and and potentially the holdings   of members of the board or or executive uh 
executives in the management team and the reason i   i raise this is i think there's a lot of companies 
now that are thinking about buying into bitcoin   and yet there are their employees uh and or board 
members who are either uh own bitcoin already or   buying in knowing perhaps that their company is 
going to buy uh buy bitcoin how you think about   that from a legal perspective because historically 
if one company was going to effectively buy   another company it would actually be considered 
either illegal uh insider trading or just a   breach of the fiduciary duty because effectively 
you'd be taking advantage of corporate information   okay well the first thing to note is that 
bitcoin is property it's not a security   and that's a very critical idea a property means 
you can own a house or you can own land and your   company can also buy land with regard to public 
companies the key is to make sure that you have   adequate disclosure of all your holdings 
that might be viewed as as a conflict of   interest and so you can be sure that i went to 
great lengths to adequately disclose to every   member of the board the exact extent of my bitcoin 
holdings before we even started to deliberate this   uh you see bitcoin is bitcoin is the most widely 
held investment asset in the world right now we   have congressmen we have senators we have members 
of government we have ceos we have hundreds plus   million dollar 100 plus 100 million individuals 
out there that have it you're going to find that   lots and lots of people have this property i think 
that whenever you're running an institution be it   a a charity an endowment a government institution 
a corporation the key is to make sure that you're   very transparent in your holdings before you enter 
into deliberation that might impact that company   right it's a trillion dollars so i i mean there's 
stocks that are a trillion dollars i'm trying to   figure out what type of of total market cap you'd 
need until you wouldn't ask that question anymore   michael i mean people with gold if a company 
decides it wants to put its treasuries in gold   i don't think they'd ask the ceo oh did you 
buy some you know you're going to move the   entire gold market but that it's a much bigger 
mark but i'm wondering if there's a if there's   a number where you don't ask that question or 
if it comes actually there's a 500 trillion   dollar monetary planet and the outer layer is 
currency then you've got stocks bonds real estate   there's 10 billion 10 trillion dollars worth of 
gold in there 1 trillion in bitcoin the bitcoin is   going to flip gold and it's going to subsume the 
entire gold market cap then it's going to subsume   negative yielding sovereign debt and other 
monetary end indexes until it grows to a hundred   trillion dollars once it gets to 10 trillion 
it'll its volatility will be dramatically less   and as it marches toward a hundred trillion you're 
going to see the growth rates fall the volatility   fall and it's going to be a stabilizing influence 
in the entire financial system of the 21st century   michael still has said that there are around 
500 trillion dollars of monetary planet   likely the biggest chunk of that is currency 
market then we have real estate market yes global   real estate market is indeed bigger than the 
bond market after the bond market we have stock   market and precious metals everyone is talking 
about how bitcoin is going to consume gold first   but we still did not consume silver silver is 
at 1.5 trillion dollars in market capitalization   when btc reaches still 1.5 trillion dollars 
then a single bitcoin would be around five   thousand dollars a coin when btc consumes 10 
trillion dollars of gold it will reach 500 000   a coin then we have stock market bond market 
real estate market and finally currency market   bitcoin will still take a good bite 
of every market until it reaches   100 trillion dollars in that case a single bitcoin 
will settle at around five million dollars a coin   this is why michael sailor is buying bitcoin 
at the current price of fifty thousand dollars   many of us may think that this price is relatively 
high comparing to the recent history but if   we take a look at the grand scheme of things 
bitcoin can still generate another 100 x from   this current price then this current price might 
be actually a bargain let me know what do you guys   think about the current bitcoin price is this 
is a good time to buy or you should wait leave   your thoughts in the comment section below smash 
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