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Stake-Coin-Trading is a word that
I don't think normally exists, but it describes how I
can get the most out of trading. Stake coin trading is
already possible on various exchanges. I'll show you what stake coin trading means on Binance. And
let's just look at that together now.
welcome back to our last stake coin trading video.
What is stake coin trading about ? There are different
consensus on how to create a coin .
that means there is the proof of stake.

there is the proof of work.
and that's how it is with the proof of stake. So proof of stake means proof of stake. That means I get rewards by talking about rewards there. I get
rewards for storing the coin in a wallet. and Binance supports these staking coins. And there it is just like
that you just had to have yourself in your wallet, but it also
counts when you are in the sales order. That means if I trade the coin while the coin is on sale I get staking
results and for trading I get my profits. Here on Binance under staking, you will find all staking coins
listed that you can simply get coins for when they are in your wallet

what exactly looks like here
at the staking of ERD. And since that's how you get between three to four percent
annual rewards for not spending the coin. And in these rewards they are calculated so that Binance takes
a daily snapshot of your wallet and
looks at how many coins you had in your wallet on that day.
and here there is then a cumulative view. that means here, for
example, we look okay yesterday on the sixth I had 863 on the 7th I had
1293 on the 8th I had 950. why is that different because
I have coins in the XTZ in trading and here we see these are the normal
training Results. and in the time when I just have the coin
in the sales order, it's the same so that I can get the
staking results again. so now I've done something else
again. For example, I've already opened the first one
with option four, which means I 'm trading the coin for more
coins in my wallet.

That means I would like to
set up a staking wallet from Tezos where I just 2, 3, 5000 I have
not yet laid out where the trip should go where. I say something okay, I just want
to have 5000 Tezos in my wallet . Now I have
also set it up so that I say okay, I buy more coins than I
sell again. We can take a look at that here in the botlist history and
we are now professionals and know that everything is a bit
hidden. If I look at this now it became number 1. That
means order number one. I buy 109 Tezos but only sell 108 Tezos.
that here i have a difference of 100 a little more than a percent and i basically
have a Tezos in my wallet per trade.
And then of course I still have the normal stacking so
the normal profit percent. So the profits remain shifting here in my wallet
. I have
not yet collected 105 Tezos in this way. but have a half sell or half a buy
order that has only been half filled.

But basically you can
say: okay for that, if you get extra
rewards here. And there it is that these rewards are always paid out between the first and the seventh
approximately. So I'm not stuck with the
Tezos that long, but you can see here I get these monthly rewards
. simply so that I can now simply have the coin here in trading. In the time
when the sale order is for him, he belongs to me and for that I get this
reward. That means for example for the Komodo I have now,
the payment was made in January. I trade the Komodo in total,
I think with three ETHs, you can always see there are very many on sale again. the
price has just fallen again. but I started here so I think
then the course fell. And now you can see these wicks upwards.

They are of
course always world class because here you take five percent with you. Then you go back downstairs. now the price has risen, now it's
going down again. that means this swing trading principle works
really well here. you can see that I think I
buy more and more coins again. If I go to the botlist here, ok, I don't have the coin here. I still
have one on the other area.

moment I can play here for you. that means we will see that now in the
future. so this is the Komodo Coin. I've been running it for about a month. a little longer. so active for half a month.
I made about 5 percent profit here. have set this option three we will
look at the whole thing again here in option three. here Ethereum that
is still from the test server with us. but we’ll also go live this week

After that everyone can trade Ethereum.
and that's how it is when we look at the or 10 now.
I sold 26.09 here and with the option of three, I'm buying
26.25 here. that means here and now I buy 0.2 more Komodo per
trade. how this swing goes up or
down. that means every time these up and these ups and
downs are on the market, I've just stashed a little more comodos here
again. And now at the very end I
opened a bot again with option 4.
and where I just pull coins out of the market below and just build up my staking portfolio here. And also here in this direction. Where
I say okay I would like to have 2000 5000 whatever how many
staking coins with it. I myself am a very strong
advocate of staking coins and I just think that you should
definitely just protect yourself.

don't just rely on trading but staking & trading. and if I can combine that in one platform, that's of
course awesome. We are now at the end you have created your first
bot maybe if you take a look you have already made the first
trades. have you perhaps already made the first round?
In any case, join us in the group, share our community and
I am looking forward to welcoming you to the group and
seeing you there. Have fun and success with Metronix..

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