Metrix Coin Team AMA – Video Update #24

Jude: Hello everyone and welcome to the Metrix coin AMA. I am your host Jude Newcomb, team member for Metrix. With me today, we have three additional team members, we have Joshua a.k.a Crypto Life, our newest team member. We have Theo or as you may know from his handle the rawfounder who is our marketing director for Metrix, and of course we have our CEO, Trent Richards, and we are all here to fulfill a promise to the community which was to answer your questions. We put out a couple tweets, a couple weeks ago, asking you what you wanted to know from us and we've put together a list of those questions and we're gonna do a quick video here to touch on everything that you're curious about. So, Jude: you guys ready to go?
Theo: let's do it! Trent: Looking forward to it!
Jude: Yeah, so the first question that we actually have has to do with cryptopia and exchanges so this one I’m gonna ask Josh, you know the the question says: "I have linda coins on cryptopia and liquidator liquidators are doing ID verification soon with coins returned later this year.

Will we be able to move those directly into a Metrix wallet just the name change correct?" Is, does this person have the right idea Josh? Joshua: Yeah. So there's actually gonna be, I’ve been dealing with the same thing with a different coin but what's essentially happening here is there's three levels and one is the, the claims registration and if you've missed if you didn't get an email from the claims portal, you can also go to a customer service link from scopia where you can send in your information as much information as you can provide, as best like addresses balances that you may have helped as far as and then after that they're going to go back to asset transfer. Now, we're gonna have to get with the team on how much of the Metrix coin was swapped over to the new chain, if I understand correctly, they did participate in the swap for whatever wasn't hacked.

So, that answer is kind of elusive but the bottom line is we really are at the at the mercy of waiting on cryptopia and what they find what's left and then move on from there. They still haven't got to stage two which is the identity verification they're just doing a claim forward right now still.
Jude: So we're kind of at the mercy of them and and you know their timetable and the liquidators timetable so we'll just have to continue to wait and see. That's great! Thanks for that. The next question that I have here is for Trent. We had a question where the person says: "Our acquisition something the team has discussed when Metrix is actually in a position to do so." Trent: Yeah.

Really good question. We can take that in quite a few ways because obviously an acquisition to most people would be acquiring an entity, a business, or what have you but we could also acquire Ip, we can also acquire developers, so it's a big question. There's a lot of ways I can answer it but realistically with our NFT program, we're looking at doing an acquisition for that and none of this has been released yet because we're still in early time meetings but the best part to look as far as acquisitions would go would be with looking within our own community and so hopefully if everything goes well in the next couple of weeks we'll have a first acquisition to actually talk about which is a partnership within the NFT program.

Secondly, a deal we've been working on watch off and I’ve been working on this deal for a bit over a year now with the casinos and we're talking probably about this time last year about these online casinos and how wonderful it would be if you know if we could just get one casino to accept Metrix and well, we're taking it to the next level and when I say we, it's more WhiteShark, more recently he's been working on this.

He's put countless hours into it and it's looking even better than what we're doing before and what we're trying to do with that one, is merge that in with our Wage street gaming platform so Wage street gaming as everyone would know by now hopefully is a rebranded model from the GMG platform. It's been much higher developed since then and we've also got an E-sports component to that. We've also got the the gaming component and then there's gonna be more and more components coming on board and this was part of requiring our gaming and gambling license worldwide and so forth. So we're looking doing acquisitions possibly even with this casino model into the wage street gaming program. So that's another example of what we're looking at, but the list is just endless. I could sit here all day and talk about what we're, what we're looking at doing and trying to fund and partner and so forth.

So great question. The answer is yes it's 100% yes on every level we're looking to build this coin to do for everyone, for everything. Jude: That's, I think that's what the community wants to hear that's a great answer. You know, talking about wage street gaming, that it's actually the topic of the next question I was going to ask so it's a good transition here for Theo. The person was basically asking about marketing and promotion they, they're wondering what what are the plans for for wage street gaming as far as promotion and getting it to the level of mass adoption. Theo: Yeah. Great question. Certainly something that's really front of mind for us at the moment.

So we are discussing a few, a few different channels I guess for how we communicate the launch and we're sort of tossing up between, you know, are we going to sort of ease into it or do we want to blow this up straight away but essentially we've got a few things which we're which we're planning on doing and in fact Trent and I have have recently recorded a an episode of blockchain chronicles actually last night where we spoke about it a little bit as well I think from memory. Trent: Well
Theo: Look
[both laughing] Theo: Look, in short essentially you know everything from influencer marketing, referral programs, which essentially will be able to offer two influences in the traditional sense but also micro influencers. Let's not forget that most people, I mean unless they're like a hermit in a dungeon somewhere, they've also got their own little network right so even people with a network of a hundred can be super influential when it comes to especially in the gaming community.

We know how tight-knit everyone is if anyone knows the gaming space so we're really working on that network effect and putting out content to be able to empower all of these people to bring on their networks not only to play with but also to make money out of what actually happens within those, we thought, within those wages. And a little bit broader to that, you know, from a holistic point for Metrix as a project in general, we really want to be thought leaders in the space,, we want to be really bringing value to the crypto and blockchain space in in general, we want to be seen as thought leaders and this is why we're coming up with initiatives like blockchain chronicles where we're talking to people not just within the crypto space but business leaders who are interested in blockchain and where they see the advantages and the collaboration options across crypto with with wider business.

So we're doing a whole bunch of things and want to be less transactional, we want to be, you know, telling a story around crypto and specifically Metrix whether it be you know the NFT platform or the projects resulting from there. Whether it be wage street gaming, or whether it be the product and the project as a whole and the actual chain and the tech behind it and what its capabilities are. So mate, you know, to transport right as we have these, you know, these governor votes and these budget proposals and we can build up our treasury more and more, it just gives us more options on what we can do. You know, things like really a really high budget production around these launches for things like wage street gaming is an option as well and just in general like the, you know, the the community's probably seen that the activity is starting to pick up and that's because we have this top down content strategy that's just gonna ensure that there's just relentless content that's worth entertaining and or educational that'll just be always a friend of mine so really exciting to see what we can do over the next couple of years.

Jude: Yeah. I’m really excited with how much content we're creating especially lately, you know, the community is gonna basically get hit with something I would say every every other day at least. New content, new videos clips, interviews all sorts of things and you know, I wanna thank you for being the leader that we need and in the marketing direction and you're doing a fantastic job. Theo: let's do it!
Jude: You Know, I know I’m the host but I’m gonna take a question as well just because I’m allowed and you know Trent: [Laughing] Jude: Thank you. So, the one question that I saw that piqued my interest was somebody, you know, was talking about the price of bitcoin crashing and what do we do in that example of, you know, if the price of bitcoin crashes the price of Metrix crashes.

What do we do with that and we don't really talk about price too often as a team but I think this kind of gets around that a little bit because we're talking generally I think about a bear market and you know I was able to to preview the upcoming which will be released when people are watching this so people are gonna know that you know you guys talked about the bear market and the importance of laying this foundation that that we've been able to to work towards over the past year and it's also something that I touched on in my last episode of the week that was with the importance of building up these partnerships and use cases because what that in effect will do is create sort of an insurance policy as best as possible with a market that is not going in the direction everybody wants because we're going to be increasing real world use case and and that doesn't stop just because of bear markets happening in cryptocurrency you know people are still gonna go shopping they're still gonna, they're still gonna do the things that they like to do, they're gonna go to casinos, they're you know fill in the blank.

So I think with developing these partnerships like WhiteShark and Trent are doing and looking to expand on that with the amount of people that we're looking to bring onto the team to to develop these partnerships. We're gonna be I think in the best position we can possibly be in to handle something like a bear market because these transactions are not gonna stop just because bitcoin went down in value and that kind of leads into the next question that I have for for Josh because you know, talking about the prices of different coins, you know, we're talking about exchanges obviously those are important to Metrix and one of the questions that we get a lot and we got it in this list of AMA questions is: "Will you be getting on more exchanges that allow U.S citizens?" So Josh, do you want to take that one? Joshua: Yeah.

Absolutely. I like this question because I have a best interest in the answer, being U.S myself. I think that it's important to underscore the wrappings and I don't think that can be overstated and I don't wanna be glossed over because what the wrapping does is it kind of like the eth wrapping and the BSG wrapping. It kind of puts a costume on Metrix and allows it to participate in something that's already created and done well. These pancake swaps, everything else that goes to that, you know, there's liquidity it just creates the opportunity for people to hot swap in and out of Metrix and it doesn't matter what country you're at. So the wrappings do a good job and and there's so much volume in these right now that's the the hot thing on the market and I don't, I mean there's a lot of lottery tokens out there just they're BSG wrapped and people are picking them up just because the difference is that Metrix has real value you know bring something real to the table so I’m very excited about the wrapping they usually give me another on-ramp without having to creatively finagle my way into an exchange that maybe isn't about the U.S system as we'd like it to be.

That said, what it really requires is that these exchanges that we do have like p2p b2b U.S citizens have to show up there and and and do the, do the volume you can't just sit around and wait for somebody else you know, it's the old quote says "Maybe somebody should do something about this maybe that person's me." Right? Maybe I should put some of my coins on these exchanges and do some trading on these U.S friendly exchanges and and be the catalyst for the moment that's necessary to really bridge that gap and become the on-ramp. So the wrapping's important but it's also where the top exchanges and then and the wrappings comes, you create this synergistic moment where one thing leads to another it's like a snowball effect of all Metrix of gaining moment and gaining visibility and more people want and it drives demand and that drives liquidity and guess what then you have other exchanges not your own Metrix or saying, hey! we see your user base, we see your community, we want to add you because they want a piece of that action because they're getting transaction fees.

To them it's all about business so we need to create the business that makes them come to us and say, we want you. And I think the team is doing a phenomenal job. It's easy to get dismayed maybe you're deflated by some of the silence but you have to build the infrastructure and you have to build a foundation you can't just you know, shoot from the hip with this stuff. If Metrix have done anything in the last three years, its lay it down that foundation of that infrastructure so they could come out negate strong and poise for success not just hoping something good happens. They're creating the opportunity for something good to happen. So I’m very excited about that. Jude: Yeah, yeah. Great answer. I think we're all excited and you know, when you get into talking about wrapped, wrapped Metrix and all kinds of you know technical stuff my my head gets a little loopy with it because you know that's not really my forte but you know, that we are gonna we're gonna throw a technical question in here for Trent.
Trent: Oh! [laugh] Jude: So, here you go bud.

So they say: "We're really impressed with the direction of Metrix coin in the last year. One question I have is basing Metrix off the quantum code, what are the important differences between the two and specifically why choose Metrix over quantum if someone is making that decision?"
Trent: Well firstly, I’d like to thank Chris for getting called into work late and not being able to answer this question. [laughing] And secondly everyone knows that obviously, I’m not a technical person but let me give you my view on this, quantum was an amazing chain, amazing set up the ecosystem for them, but there's a lot going for it and the problem we had previously on the Metrix chain was it was just so limited. Now devs were just spending all day every day trying to do repairs rather than any growth and as a team, it was discussed many times even prior to myself being CEO that we needed to do something, we needed to get on a better product so that we could develop and it was decided that the quantum chain would be the best chain to do that for what Metrix wanted to do and then once we've done that hard fork, we've then put our roadmaps together of what else we can do using this chain, what other partnerships we can do to bring on so that we can actually build out this chain.

So although, yes we started on a quant fork, it's not a quantum chain, it's a Metrix chain. And we're customizing this to suit what we're doing. So, why would people be on the Metrix chain compared to the quantum chain? Guys, just watch the road map. We're just putting more and more and more in road map. So, you want to be on the Metrix chain, you want to be behind Metrix, there's this wrapping, these short addresses coming out, the all this stuff that people haven't done yet. It's gonna be really really exciting. So that's my most non-technical technical answer that I can possibly give but we've taken what quantum started with and we've developed it down the Metrix path. I hope that answers the question.

Jude: Yeah. I mean it's not really like, it's choosing the same thing you know, you're not, it's not apples and apples. It's apples and oranges and and we've made it our own and it's gonna give us a lot of flexibility in the future like you said and you know people are going to love what we're gonna be able to do with it. We're already you know in that
Trent: Yeah, abdsolutely. Jude: process and it's just it's gonna get better from here.

Trent: I think people Trent: are absolutely blown away very soon. You know, with what's coming out, with what's on the roadmap already. Those new items we put on that roadmap and the timeline we we've got for that, the new devs we've employed, we've got the new marketing team with Theo heading it up, Josh has just come on board, Africa life for those that don't know. So we've got more and more team members coming on, we've got more and more going on that road map, we've got more and more development happening, it's just, it's gonna explode by the end of this year what we're gonna be able to produce, it's just insane.

Jude: Yeah. Jude: I think every day is just more and more and more and and I think we're gonna get to a point where it's everything. Trent: So everyone!
Jude: Yeah, there you go
[both laughing] Jude: So, there's just one last question that I saw, I don't really have a complete answer for but I think it's kind of fun. Where somebody was asking about when Metrix is going to host some sort of annual conference and and where would that be and what that would look like? I don't particularly have an answer for it, I just know I’m for it.

So that's something that that the team will definitely talk about and try and come up with some sort of solution. I know there's been talk in the past about some sort of las vegas meetup. That sounds great.
Theo: But I can tell you for sure that the tickets are gonna be NFTs.
Jude: Yeah, Jude: yeah.
[Trent laughing] Jude: Exactly, right? [laughing] Jude: Yeah. So, so to who asked that question, more to come to be determined but it's something that you know, we would love to be able to meet our community members and and all meet up and and see you especially you know being on this team and seeing everybody on zoom calls and and google meet. It would just be really cool to just see the person face to face and and have a laugh and and talk about all the hard work that we put in and hopefully at that time when we're all meeting up, it's for a really good reason and it's because Metrix has reached some semblance of the mass adoption that were that we know that this can achieve.

So stay tuned on that and you know with that, yeah, with that, I just wanted to say that these are basically the the questions that we had. I want to thank you gentlemen for for being here today to answer them as best as you can and just because we've done this AMA does not mean that we're done answering questions. If you ever want to to ask a question, just use one of our many social media platforms to ask and someone will get back to you as soon as possible and we also have a suggestions tab where you can make comments and and talk about things that you'd like to see in the future.

Trent do you have anything that you want to add here at the end? Trent: I’m just so proud of everyone and for all the Metroids out there, that think you know, as a CEO, I get paid as the week that was head and head of social media, Jude gets paid and the marketing an external company that Theo comes in, he gets paid and now, Josh has joined the team.

Guys, that's not, that that's not the case. We're all volunteers and we're building this because this is what we want to do. This is our passion. We're like-minded individuals that have come together and so if you want to see a community that comes together that actually turns into a team. This is it. We're all community members and and you know, we're following a basic line of sight of where we want to take this and if anyone else wants to join the team, hit me up. Obviously, I do have some restrictions. I don't want just anyone on the team but if you're a like-minded person and you've got some skill sets or you've got something that you'd like to offer, please we're here, we're building.

So hit me up, I’m more than happy to have a chat to you and I’d love to congratulate Josh on just joining the team this week, it's fantastic.
Jude: Yeah
Joshua: Thumbs up, mate! Jude: For sure. Jude: For sure, he's gonna bring a lot to the table so I just want to again thank everybody for their questions and thank you guys for being here today and I look forward to AMA's in the future. If you have any questions reach out to us on our social media platforms and yeah, have a great day or have a great night wherever you are so
Theo: cheers! See yah!.

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