Metamask Kurulum Pancakeswap Alım Satım Binance Coin Transferi Nasıl yapılır.

Hello everyone, friends, welcome to our Crypto Specialist Channel. today we will show you how we get these pancakeswap gem coins via metamask and then we sell binance how we send coins how we transfer dollars how we sell our dollars We're pulling back, I'll show them all in one video. Have a good time all of you. I wish First of all friends no matter what our phone is Android or Apple We immediately enter this application store on which phone we are using. and I write this metamask in the search part This gave the fox as you have already seen above and I select the metamask upload I say keep this uploading guys and this is both while it's loading and let me stop the video when it's loaded it continues during installation let's.

Yes, friends, we downloaded our metamask, open it immediately, and we see the installation screen. The next thing we call Get Started. and after that I will show you at the end of the video with a photo later In the video I shot, metamask directly dimmed the screen for security. Yes, friends, I will show you exactly after I take pictures of them. We say Get Started, we have 12 hidden words in this first part that says Get Started and then import. Qur'an metamask Our Qur'an friends were also not good that our We have 12 secret words and it allows us to access the same wallet again in our lesson with 12 secret words. When we enter the import section, it says Show in the upper right corner. When we click on Show, the characters we have written here will become apparent, if you do not say show I'm holding it like this, let's get it here it will look like this You have a space When you leave, I'm not always Show again, you have a word Ill is our second word Example by entering in Ayşe I'll come back now We even wrote 12 words here from her then the password will be repeated twice from you again after repeating it here After clicking here, we click import and the installation is done now from scratch.

Let's show you to open a wallet, I click on the part that says New Wallet at the bottom twice I repeat my password, let's write it like this subscribe subscribe here comes a video promotional video in detail When we say Start When we click on this screen, 12 hidden words appear, this is for testing purposes. I opened a wallet address is this 12 secret words I'm taking notes in a notebook Hello folks this is where i took my note when i say continue words 1. 2nd. Does V12 ask me to verify up to the word, after doing these, continue again Let's log in to my own wallet Let's continue in the video Now friends 12 Did I write a secret word and after confirming l agree now I say correct compensation I don't know sorry I just click there and our board is here No Thanks We click on the part that says and now our metamask has been on our Ethereum Network we do it so that these commission fees are lower and more convenient.

We will convert it to the Binance Smart Chain network immediately in the description of the video. For my friends coming from the phone I will specify, and in the comments section, all of them one by one. I'll write one. It would be more comfortable for you to copy from there immediately I'll write them in the first place Let me copy. we immediately copied this article from Smart Chain Chain and came back again in Metamask immediately I click the Menu button in the upper left corner, I say Setting, it says networks rpc networks I click here we click add Network and paste Smart Chain in Network name Secondly, we copy the link in rpc URL and paste it in Chain We write 56 in the ID part and the symbol part is abbreviated BNB coin, we write it and here you see ChainID (chain id id) 56 Symbol name also BNB Bnb de Binance Its own coin and we will need it on metamask Fifth too we copy the last link block Explorer URL (Block Browser URL) and add it to the last part we paste it, that's it, we say Add and We have switched to the Binance Smart Chain network, that is, the Bep20 network, now the account section the name of your wallet You can change it, just click on the symbol, sorry I don't remember exactly where.

Sorry, you too ( Bnb 0 Zero ) will appear Under the section that says account one, my own metamask starting with 0x 0542 My wallet address is friends who are just starting this business and don't have any knowledge. In a way that you can understand the description of this wallet I said, you can also write the wallet address on it. I click once and it says copied, friends here First of all, Gem coins in Pancakeswap Even if we send USDT so that we can receive it, we cannot make a purchase, why is it in our wallet? First of all, it is necessary to have BNB Coin in order to pay a small trading commission. hemen Binance giriyoruz Binance Global article BinanceTr Whichever one you want to deposit Turkish Lira, you must have BinanceTr in it.

I enter the section, I say withdraw, the currency I will withdraw, even if it is not visible here, you First you enter the markets, then you can get BNB, then TRY or if you have USDT, you will receive it. You can get 15-20 dollars BNB from BNB/TRY and USDT/BNB USDT/TRY. then I go through the wallets and say withdrawal and here are the balances in my bnb hand What coin will be displayed here, we will send BNB, I'm going BNB, copied it My wallet address is Bep20( BSC ), I choose this network and paste my address here I'm sorry, excuse me We pasted our address here and then the minimum withdrawal amount is 0.02 BNB Since we get 15-20 dollars, it is more than enough, after I get it, I say Maximum Let me see if it is insufficient, we call it withdrawal like this and the necessary approval processes After entering the codes, sending to your metamask wallet address is provided. After sending this, our remaining balance, that is, our dollars, is part of the withdrawal part in the same way. we go back and select this USDT and in USDT I select Bep20( BSC ) and paste my address The commission fee is 0.80 Send, with a minimum of 10 dollars.

That is, it is close to one dollar. A fee is the most affordable shipping fee BEP20 BSC Network. No matter how much you want to send, you can now say withdrawal after typing it here. After confirming the e-mail and phone SMS again, your send process was successful. in about 3-4 minutes to be confirmed I say Binance Smart Chain Binance Smart Chain Sorry, metamask has already been deposited in your account. We sent our USDT BNB. BNB was reflected. But USDT was not reflected, I'm leaving his address in the comments section of the video. and likewise you can do it yourself.

I'm typing coinmarketcap and making this entry here Tether is abbreviated USDT I click tether After clicking this Tether notice here Contracts address is here Ethereum right next to it, there is an arrow sign next to Fox Nin, I click on it to the right, I saw it here I click on the copy sign right next to the Binance Smart Chain text as you are. I think the fox was copied and Metamaska ​​I'm back again I enter +ADD Tokens section, click token' address that I have copied I'm pasting the address, it's the ID of the USDT that ends with 79 55. id for friends is id name, alias is Contracts address. After writing this, you can write USDT here, you can write GNO in any space. after clicking it writes in USDT and the token is a serial number what is it now Exact I don't remember it should write 18 I say Add Token USDT has been added Next Our name is in the upper left corner, I click on the Menu section, let me show it from here Click on the section that says Browser At the top of the page that opens, here it says Browser Smart Chain.

I click and delete the link here completely, what I have to write will be Pancakeswap.Finance Then I say go, so I press enter, we enter pancakeswap. we do not log in from a web page, we do everything through metamask I immediately click the menu button of metamask again, not the one on the top, just this Click below and we are logged in.

I say Trade, I say Exchange, then on the page that opens, I also immediately I had a problem with this internet and it was fixed as you can see on the opened page metamask wants to connect. Pancakeswap wants to pair up. It says "Do you approve" right here. Yes, I click on this part and it confirms, as you can see, Connect here as well.

In the section that says "My Wallet", my wallet address appeared, so my iban appeared, I close it immediately. this is your trading screen i'm not like this we bought one coin one Gem coin and we'll get it right away Yes like this again the standard stable I always show As an example, I will give an example over pap coin in those old videos. Let's find your address I'm coming back just six months Contracts address says Binance Smart Chain this time directly I copied your address and I entered the metamask again I have the Contracts address And I click once on this part and after clicking this I immediately paste the Contracts address here once I clicked and pasted As you can see Contracts address symbol and name appeared this pop Mobile and The symbol name appears and the logo appears, I immediately say import and then I see it like this A screen appears, it wasn't like this before, now it's like this after the update It happened and it was very nice.

This screen appears and I say l understand, after ticking that box. then the second step after that i say import this is the first step i said l understand and import I said check the option, now it will appear in front of me like this, I don't have USDT in my hand I forgot to throw this for testing and Education as I have a Metamask wallet. I'm not going to show you over bnb that you will buy in dollars, not BNB. but you threw it so that Bnb commission would be deducted I immediately click on BNB from here USDT will not be visible if it wasn't showing because it's already fractional as it was in me It will appear in USDT, it will appear in you, I just click on it to buy USDT I want Gem Coins how much I want to buy example I will show here example $0.10, $5.

Anyway, you wrote the amount we'll take, let's see if we can get it. Did we want to get it this way and I say swap, I say Confirm Swap. As you can see this is from me under normal circumstances I couldn't do it so 0.00001 is a papp I want to buy coins I said swap I said Confirm Swap again Metamask If you say you give me confirmation You want to buy Papp Coin with a 0.00001 BNB, I will charge you 0.00088 BNB as gas fee You will have a total deduction of 0.00089 BNB.

If you confirm, we say Confirm. The purchase has been completed and Metamask says do you want to add Papp Coin? as you are this just appeared here coin Papp coin and Metamask wallet Yes I want to add I click and I will buy Papp Coin now Which coin will you get our metamask I want close to be added in the same way and this closes the screen. Let's say you didn't get it. you need to make an error, right here in the settings section, our process is settings I click on the part and I make the percentage that is 0.50% here and I try again. I'm closing the cross and trying again. I say swapping the importing process Confirm If swap and confirmation do not come and an error occurs, I come back to the settings section and make 2% Maximum 5% Sorry, we are making this adjustment up to 15%, friends, this is the tolerance setting, that is, the commission setting.

There will be a commission deduction from the Coin we will buy. Also, sometimes we cannot sell the same way when selling. You can't get it because you didn't make these settings, that's all I'll tell you friends here, to go back to Metamask immediately, click the top part. I click on the menu part and click on the wallet part, it is not added here If so, I click on the add tokens section, that is, here. Once we have copied this Coin's Contracts address, we still have it here. I paste it and click on a space again, as you can see, it says GNO Papp wrote directly, when this is fixed, I say ADD TOKEN and tokens in the coin I have. thank you all for watching guys here until you all understood and this was your buying process, our selling process was again In the same way, we enter the Browser and this time pancakeswap is registered as metamask is also registered.

Our trading screen will look like this, of course, it won't stay like this. This place is empty. You will choose which coin you will sell We will do the opposite, we will sell coin above what we want to convert dollar to dollar here we will choose or bnb, it's your choice now I say Maximum, after I say Maximum, swap operation You do it and you say confirm swap, you are wrong, after saying Maximum, you are wrong All numeric values ​​after the dot are invalid, my friends. we delete I delete the dot after deleting it and I have 3031 Gem coins with my hand, I swap it I say confirm swap. If I approve, I will execute my sale for nothing. Let's not pay a very high commission. I have already received a small fee, this way we can make the purchase and sale, friends and here You want to transfer our money to Binance, I enter Binance again and this time do not deposit I say deposit, after which coin you want to make the search part. you write its name, I choose USDT or BNB USDT, it is in the middle after selecting I choose BEP20 (BSC) which is I am copying my address here, which is the BEP20 (BSC) in the middle, which I have chosen well.

Copied metamask i'm coming back again after metamask came seen here As you are, we click on Send text, here you can add different wallets to your wallet. There is only one wallet for us, I paste the wallet address we want to send to the To section. I say next here You can see all the coins you have, which one you want to send is available If there is an exchange that has an exchange, of course, but since we will send it with BNB and USDT, here it is. we click. BNB vs USDT Bnb. we chose here example you said dollar and you want to attract here You wrote the dollar, I am now as an example I say like this, I say Next, the sending process will take place, I will send 0.001 BNB from me The commission fee will be deducted 0.00011BNB In total 0.00111BNB will be gone If I say send That's all I have to tell you guys, thank you all for watching.

I will leave all the codes in the comments section and in the comments section. look good bye..

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