Metamask Bakiye Yükleme / Swap işlemi Yapma / Uniswap’ de işlem yapmak Artık Herkes Kullanabilecek 👍

Hello friends, in today's video I said that ethereum is beautiful, my brother Mehmet, you said that we can use it by pressing text, let's go again. You don't even have to leave me with the need to enter it once again. Let me open it, our tool, I took it out, click it twice . It's not the door that opens, I will see when it may not open one of the Let's all well you're here we expect the opening of flour I want my password as you see here now account I have I will show I read it to you real first here How have here, let me show goes he will open the Medina mask the sites we go writing I ETA restaurant as you can see I opened our Ahmet Mithat site has about I have never been here work a normal name Meanwhile surprise there some place I'll show them to finish you already you will do well normally the first transaction I click the Council will come to them here I'm going and I'm holding Come We when I was OK to go now again here so let's do a I'm not it.

Okay, let me tell you a real man at first, you uploaded something real, so to make an original transaction. Look here, it's enough to make a comment , we click it, we'll add it here, we'll add it here, now we click on the bay here, you can also deposit directly from here, my brother, you can make a direct deposit when you click on the account. burissine The term draws the address Einstein enter the pull part of the ether and paste this address you can send it this way I will not do it in this way Now as I said, I am uncomfortable, I will use it again, it is exactly the same as the original , look, there is an artifact here, how I got it Let me show you it right away, let's click here and go out Sorry, I will come back a little bit, click here and see if it will be quite a lot After that, the test is happy here.

We click on E. Yes, our page is opened here. Our conscience will probably come from here. If it is not connected, there will be confirmation here anyway . I tried it currently five times to be linked together, I can not, I like having a trial about five hours already, you may need to wait a while I got my balance does not lie to me I try I made quickly, but for two days I do not know maybe also because I get once but have your benefits this trial again on the internet you can write us money Ops at first you can do it in an optimum way enough pool meat for sale milk bowl as you can see the work first get the prices anyway I took the home address of this site happy ok I'm waiting let's let's see how we did it and our god has come what can we do to it as you normally see there is Kuşadası or something do you mean swap buy and sell their normal real name, we can use it, but do not use that found me show it can use your real memories Click here we're showing here, like the amount of our hands or anything do take note that the nose is the part that is always in our hands we translate in many parts of Yes, for example, I said I have a throw here, I 'm writing here, let's see the ball I want to flip at 6, send a message Let's write it to get an artifact, I can trade it somehow, but I will do it now, there is the glove option section here again, there are parts related to batteries.

Deniz now doesn't extend this place any more, I said I want to switch to his robot. Now he came , as you can see, ethereum came later, no problem, I guess there is a problem on the Internet, he came right now, we have some meat, I used it a little bit, what can we do now , it's like opening our account at first. you've probably seen my video appeared to us to address you know to use it, what are you doing 13 in fact, let's use it is not correct him why the site is already'll find the doctor said what I expect is going on or gökay you suppose a little push here What can I do feel snake girl has or jump oom and I freaked street to our page G3 Now it's all here mm saw required garden as you nutation does not seem çıkmayal I will also soon balance of true friends Burak which heavy how change can also show'm like, do not miss there I came I look at this warranty if the look I'm getting out to people on the computer here which I perfectly select enough we can choose what we want heavy here I see no will not click again to go soon here You can choose which family you want to trade, you don't have to go and choose from here, but it changes when we choose from here, so look here.

As you can see, let's change it here sometime. You're not from there either. I show it automatically changed for changing the problems. Now here is the time part, there is the Full part again. I'll talk about the reason how it is used, but now more Not extended the swap part as I cut in and from some of our hands already here balance our show we can choose what we want here had 0.93 design we know pass so we put what we want on tesa t probably more in reason, we see no more fruit would do a part not by now, first, what do we do enough Star swap Let them all how what we do 0.5 Let bottom if we want tok whichever here Selex being read something by to let Uncle subject Crypto currency alongside already says 0.5 i this It corresponds to 299. I say this is a good pancake. When I click it, it shows me a verb or something, it says there are so many wicks or something, here it is complete I say I approve So from these two sides, I confirm that you said I am a human again, that's why I'm asking from here, I 'll look at it from here, by doing this process, be careful not to open it extra seriously.

Look at the situation they made spoons for the addition, be careful that it is clear I've been God God stays more mother and daughter but here but here these tests say our account here shows us your size here tells us here is an intention of extortion this thing is a fee commission Yes friends show how much meat here you bring me confirm my death won't happen, yes there is already one Pendik here, it says one is in process, we will wait for the completion of this transaction, your confirmation will come to us from this section, it will decrease, you can check it, you are good, yes the combi is now approved, I'm fed up, I've closed my business as you can see, I fell for this metamask, don't panic when you come.

It will look good here too, let me show our loved ones a time to open our page, subscribe this 299 as you can see we are here, we have 399 uncles, so if I click here and select Uncle here, it seems that there are three of them, but when it comes, there are no uncles like you see here , now Normally look What is enough, it's real If we had a name, it would be enough for us to add a coin because it is a real bold and I say look here and call uncle 68 we write uncle 68 I put the uncle stable and kiss him on it I say next . because ours is the test, so we will add it like this, since it is not the real original uncle, I removed it again, look at the jet jet grain part McDonald's Here I go here look here it is a work here I will print it out Ben 10 Excel and don't do such a super super like 0530 I have made five transfers here it shows you this a minute ago Let's go here services I went to this page now or respect let's repeat here familiar here We explained vilom etherscan here I will show you to open the metamask problem again Friends when we press the fox you can see it from any page Although we click Sinemi Here and here Expert it says one, that means the page is big I think this doesn't open the page again You can open the page here like this Mete then there is no need to Google OK now Emoji I hope I'm going to the talented part without further ado be careful because this thing is fake so I want a special coin here I want the address of the ball here but come my hand writes a team in the section under the name of this, I click here.

It looks like what you left here, wait twice or once, well, we already break up. Now here he says the contract address , look, we copy our copy address from here and there, let's click here and paste this . already I click skilled it seemed Let me see have you seen Behold I say after I see now I see here as you can see articulated back let's We are now able to make here the process as I said, the original name, but because these tests can not be made here can you transfer this in this way can now be executed again had an uncle in our hands in my hand to this part let's let's not be currently 52 I say meat will go here now expected liquid that is now what we do We also had meat my brother what had already let's close did this work we took institution for a minute say that here login I put two to develop these b If not, let me show that the uracil what you will be doing very well managed using Click'm now free to read it I want to here a second back Yeah EA cerium and I'll not only will I endure here here are still required information, and here I say I still say some things still the program intestinal cells opens Come on everything from her request and horse and again will be in the interests of the newspapers here are necessary briefings says something after him again confirm the popup menu, I again realized that writing does not wish I did not mean what it Pendik says it is now we have left Come yerim from here [__] fell machines as you can see I need going strong here where everyone's rights from the cloud through our off I think this-video that's enough friends there again, I'll click the Ibrahimova let's meter portion of the MNC again I showed to remove then I want to do I want to know the doors I close them all here then approve the confirmation that so not to allow anything to say such a thing to accept Conjecture hello everyone, let's see A from here Again I approve, now I say lemon from here I complete it again Is this car black again We hit it from here again OK let's close it now, back to my eyes OK, you're next to us OK How did it stay? Let's show it another time It's our turn What we had When you talk more, you can speed up your transactions by saying it for non-mathematical purposes, but let me show it in another video, so it does n't take too long in this video, friends, I'm leaving the campaign link with that cake in the upper right corner, you can win 55 questions very easily, the pain is present in my video and High commission discount records are available on the flag in the description sections .

If you haven't confirmed your identity, or if you are a new user, you can register using the examples. That's it. Goodbye from me.

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