Mejores Criptomonedas para INVERTIR AHORA! | Recuperación de Bitcoin 2021

Good morning everyone, welcome to the
Crypto Futuro channel. The cryptocurrency market had a
very important price drop in recent months as you all know, but apparently
we have already bottomed out and we went down all that we had to go down, that's what it seems,
I am not saying that it is true and that we cannot continue to go down from these levels. But at least what happens in the short
term does not matter much to me since I invest in the long term, and in my opinion I think this
is an excellent time for us to go in search of some of the coins with incredible
projects behind them.

that we can invest today that everything is incredibly cheap and
thus obviously make money when the whole market rises again, since
as I told you in previous videos, I think that all this was pure manipulation and that it is
quite likely that we have already seen the bottom , or at least the closest to the bottom
since the market cleared up quite a bit and we were only left with those who really see a future
in the crypto space, so I think the current bull market is not over yet,
but we are about to start the second part. So I want to show you one of the methods
that I use to choose cryptocurrencies that are currently well below their old
prices, quality coins that are literally at a huge discount that we could be
taking advantage of. And that is why today I want you to join me
to see which are the best cryptocurrencies to buy at this time, currencies
that perhaps before you had wanted to buy and that perhaps you had not done it for the simple
fact that everything was quite expensive and you felt that you were late, but I would just say
that we are not late for any currency and we have a second chance to
enter very good projects at extremely low prices.

Remember that this is not
investment advice at all, so investigate each of them on your own and make your own
decisions when investing, remember that both you and I are solely
responsible for what we do with our money. So without anything else to say, let's start
with the video, but before continuing, remember to also subscribe to the channel and activate the
bell so that YouTube will notify you every time I upload a new video so you don't miss
any. Well, I want this video to be a little different
from the others since I am not going to go into much detail about each of the projects
that we will see, but I want us to see several so I will try to make it as simple as

But before continuing, and as I know that like
me there are many fans of OMI and the ECOMI project in the channel, so I want to bring you
excellent news from the VeVe team, which just at the time of the recording
of this video ended to announce an alliance with Marvel, something that many were waiting for
and that finally ended up happening, which led the OMI price to skyrocket
and slowly but surely begins to recover a little. This alliance means that as with
DC this application will be launching NFTs of Marvel superheroes in augmented reality,
something that as you know can bring a lot of new public to the application and consequently
make all OMI investors happy with the rise in the price of the token that this
can mean… I am a great holder and enthusiast of this project so I am
very happy to hear about this news and I wanted to share it with all of you. But now, let's start with the
video. To choose the best discounted cryptocurrencies
I am going to show you a very interesting website that is, and this is not a promoted video
or anything like that, but it is a tool that I use a lot to analyze prices so
I want to share it with you.

On this page we have a list where we filter
all the currencies by sector, market capitalization, and the most important thing is that we can
select a time that goes from hours, to days, months or years. To see how the price of each currency changed
in that amount of time. For this video we are going to put it in a month
and thus see which are the best projects within the top 100 that have dropped the most lately. Well, the first 10 currencies,
clearing the stable ones, are the ones with the highest capitalization, so I don't think you will be wrong in holding
any of these. Bitcoin, as I say it is always almost mandatory
that you have it, since it is the king of space and at least I like to have more than 25%
of my portfolio in Bitcoin, between 25 and 50% I think it is ideal, but If you are looking for
a slightly more risky strategy that can give you better returns, I would say that
25% is the minimum that I would put in bitcoin within a long-term portfolio. And well as I said, with the others it is
unlikely that they will be wrong, be it Ethereum, Cardano, BNB, Polkadot, any of these
bigcaps is a good hold and more now with these discounts.

Uniswap also dropped more than 20% and of course it
is good to hold it, since it is the main decentralized exchange of the Ethereum network. Later … Litecoin is good too, although I think
there are better opportunities right now. We have Solana who did not fall so much compared
to others and is that she has been behaving quite well and releasing new bullish news
all the time, for example now they have just announced a project to
create tokenized shares based on the solana network, together Of course to many other applications and investments
that are being developed on this project, which as you know is one that I like a lot and
although it is not as discounted as the others, I do believe that it will do very well towards the
end of the year and even in the years that follow. Chainlink dropped almost 30%, it may be a good
opportunity to grab some tokens and hold them since this is the main oracle
that is in charge of bringing information to almost all the other projects in this space,
and Chainlink is allied with practically all the other applications and at least for
now he does not have a rival who knows how to face him in his role as oracle.

Theta very good project too, its price
went up a bit compared to a month ago, but nevertheless it is less than
half of its historical maximum. Matic is having a quite
interesting setback that can be to take advantage of, since the matic network is being
increasingly used for many things such as decentralized finance, where
many assets that were previously in the ethereum network are migrating and now They go to Polygon
for the low commissions, I would take a look. The truth is that Ethereum classic does not interest me much,
Filecoin is a good project but I think there are better opportunities now, such as
Vechain, which dropped almost 30% in relation to the previous month and the truth is that it is a project, it
is the main name when We are talking about solutions for supply chains and
I think this is an excellent time to accumulate Vet tokens, which will explode in
not too long with everything this project is working on.

EOS, it has a couple of things to polish but
nevertheless I think it is a very good project, so it will probably be a good
entry point, plus we can do staking with eos with performances that are quite
good. I don't want to get into exchange currencies a lot … Let's
see what else … AAVE is one of the best and most used
decentralized finance platforms within the Ethereum network and it has been a long time since
it has been very undervalued, at least in my opinion , You need some important event
or relevant news to explode again as it did before, but I think it is a very
good project and without a doubt I would buy AAVE and put it directly to work and
earn passive income with these tokens within its platform . CAKE I also think that it fell too low and that it
could easily rebound towards its previous prices due to the huge returns
they give when staking on their platform, which are almost 100% per year and I think that a
lot of people are going to be climbing back to the cake boat barely all the market
go up again.

Tfuel blew up this month on the Theta 3.0 mainnet
so I think it has a lot of future but I see it quite expensive right now, so
I would expect it to go down a bit to buy. I also like Neo, it is very cheap in relation
to last month that was more than 100 dollars, and who knows maybe one day it will return to its
highs of early 2018 I think it was when it was 170 or 180 dollars if I remember
correctly. IOTA, incredible project, together with
LUNA and its ecosystem, its stable currency and other issues to which I will surely one day
dedicate a complete video.

ATOM is one of the ones that would bet more on
this part of the list, since they are about to launch their DeFi platform at the end of the month called
Gravity DEX, which is going to be a giant decentralized exchange within Cosmos that I think will give it
even more usefulness. to Cosmos and that it is sure will make the price move up if all
goes well. Kusama, another incredible ecosystem that was
born from the Polkadot network, corrected a lot but I think it can go very far
in the future. RUNE very good project also at a very good
price right now, HEDERA, I just analyzed it on the channel, very good too, quite different
from everything we saw before ..

They have their own way of doing things, great alliances
behind and it can be a good hold too. What else do we have? Compund, like AAVE and CAKE, its price
can skyrocket once people put a lot of their money back into DeFi, and
compound is one of the best platforms for this so I think it's a good
hold too. TELCOIN is a gem that can not be missing in
my portfolio, without a doubt I will buy more these days. ELROND seems to me to be one of the best projects in
the ecosystem, along with Zilliqa as well, both quite interesting and at a great discount. Enjin and MANA are among the most important names
in what are NFTs and gaming, so if we have a hype for
NFTs similar to the one at the beginning of the year again, without a doubt you would like to have these two projects
in your portfolio .

Synthetix, it is a project that I like a lot
and it is at a great discount, but nevertheless the space of tokenized assets
became too competitive so it has sunk a lot lately, and SYNTHETIX would have
to find a way to offer us something much better than the others. platforms that do
exactly the same in order to recover some ground, it has a difficult journey
but undoubtedly has a future. I love FANTOM, I still owe you the video
of the gems of this ecosystem. Harmony ONE, a solution to the low scalability
of ethereum that I think could become the next Polygon, so without a doubt
I think it is undervalued and that this 50% monthly correction can be used more than
well. The KuCoin token has been going up a bit
but I still think it is a very good investment, since it is the exchange of gems,
where you can find almost everything that is not found in the most well-known exchanges,
and without a doubt that if A platform can face the big names in this industry
in the future, that would be KuCoin.

What else do we have? ICON, it is a very good project, we already analyzed it
on the channel. Ravencoin is what many are going to be mining
if ethereum mining ends, so it may get interesting in
a while, also down more than 30%. We have RSR which is a gem to transfer
money globally, I quite like it. MINA PROTOCOL dropped almost 60%, the project
is very good and I see no reason for its price to be so low, so I consider it
a good entry point for this coin as well. PUNDI X, also another gem that fell by more than
50% and maybe shot up again during the rest of the year .. And well, so we could continue for all
eternity, there are many projects that are currently in huge discounts since their
price dropped For no reason other than the fear of what was going to happen with bitcoin
and the cryptocurrency market, apart from that, all these projects remain the
same as they were before, they continue to work to grow more every day and their fundamentals
have not changed.

, so drops like these of 30, 40, 50 and even 60% in a month are totally
unjustified and it is an excellent time to accumulate by making periodic purchases and take
great profits when the market returns to high again. And well friends, that was all for
today's video, those are some of the projects that I think are worth buying right now,
I hope you liked this video format a little more informal and improvised, if it
was so, do not forget leave a simple like and subscribe to the channel that, as I always
tell them, helps me a lot to continue bringing you more and better videos. Thank you all very much for having listened to me
these minutes, I say goodbye and I hope to see you soon in a next video, bye! Oh, and remember … the future, it's crypto..

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