This video is sponsored by boxes the best prices for original office and windows licenses and with this code you will have a realistic 25% discount in payment with the means you want and then with the same account that they give you you will be able to copy what is the original serial and then be sending it there to your device this will serve you for a computer and for life finally original licenses the activation is done really fast and you can also be checking if it is going to work or not permanently on your computer there you can see it and more details of the shared in this tutorial that will be there in the description hello hello how are you I hope very well here the teacher juan antonio from arica chile thank you for be in this video and welcome to the news of the teacher your jailbreak news with the release of these latest versions of ios without a doubt and news that they are delivering in an updated way The first thing to mention every time a new version of ios comes out, it has to be downloading the shs h from your device that you can do it with and without a computer and also with and without jailbreak so check if you have an iphone 10 this is the one video that you have to be watching and I know you have from an iphone 10 s 10 r up this is the one that you have to be there observing and if you are a fitur or store user I also have to comment that the sep of ios 14.4 point 2 It is fully compatible to be using this program without any errors so if you want to be doing it on the computer regardless of the operating system that you have, the tutorials will be there in the description and if you wonder what is the usefulness of these files, good First of all you can be downloading it in a certain period of the year they are unique for each device and what they will allow you later is to be installing versions of ios that apple is not signing those that it does not allow you through these files and if your device is jailbroken you can really magical then we will be talking about these devices having a processor 11 and bottom because if there is news from the jailbreak for them we will be starting to train because We have the confirmation again from tommy that if check rain is working without any problem in this latest version of ios so if you want to be getting it, I will be leaving you the tutorial so that you can do it without any error and even Ukraine is compatible too With the latest version of ios 12 that was being released and here comes an additional surprise because we also have confirmation that they have covered it is also working in this latest version of ios 12 but something is due to the devices, some internal part that allows to be performing All this, the other teams simply have to wait, but how long is what I'm going to tell you next.

But first I will be recommending you this podcast in which we were together with the Win talking about pirate networks and the battle is really lost against them and regarding this same issue of piracy that many dollars are being raffled through from a company that is wonder chair that is giving us so that it can be buying all the tweets and topics you want thanks to this program in clouds that allows you to be managing all the content of your clouds in a very easy way in just three steps And now we are going to be talking about the devices that have a voice processor, all 13 and 14 of them are the only one and seeing what it serves them is the dean cover who last weekend already served a month with us but you have to have Note that this boils for now is compatible only up to ios 14.3 and all lower versions so the question becomes that what happens from ios 14.4 upwards so I counted them in the t Last weekend's broadcast obviously in that the string was all much more detailed, then I'll give you a summary of everything explained there, the first thing to keep in mind is that the modern team were the ones who released the exploit to be updating then 10 20 am young man and the good news on their part is that they said they also had something saved and an exploit for it is 14.5 that the only thing they were waiting for is that Apollo was patching and after that they will be releasing and for now when we would have help to 14.5 well we are still in the beta phase we have to be waiting there nothing else is believed is that when we have the event of a for now in this month of April we would have news regarding this exploit and the good news from this team has already been announced a long time ago, notice that there is also the possibility of being jailbroken directly from a web page by pressing a link ce and you will already be installing it there on your computer and this is not crazy because it has already been done before simply entering there as I explained a web page begins to download everything you need then it begins to perform and finally siria is installed there on your home screen and from where this crazy idea is born, well, they are not my things but the same team of the model put said that there is a vulnerability that attacks everything that is the webkit the work that can be done there through safari and there is a chain privilege escalation that they will be releasing in the future so we could be having this long – awaited jailbreak directly from safari and we have already had some lights all this because if we make the security content when by freed I am 14.4 we have here already two vulnerabilities to the webkit and they are not the only ones but apart from there are two more we have four in total and this is the one that draws attention because e says that a remote attack may be being carried out that may be executing an arbitrary code of the device and that this supports is aware of all this because it has already been used among some people here in the real world, that is, it has already come to light.

It was leaked and it was not the only time that there was a solution to this when the audio security content of 14.4 point one came out it was simply a vulnerability and guess what the webkit was patching again there to be working everything that would come to be this chain of vulnerabilities to be reaching what are the privileges to be carrying out the jailbreak and when the security content of ios 14.4 points also only a vulnerability that is the one that was published there and the same also there attacking the web and we have three ios updates three in a row and three patching bugs that came yesterday wikis so this smells like the grandson break definitely smells like jailb safari reak that would involve all these flights that we would be forgetting for a while at least three youtube from any other program that allows you to be jailbreaking from the computer such as the bull imagine without having to depend on them or even network provision be leaving it there aside and even more so all the companies that work with developer certificates would also be left there, but while all this is not released obviously each of these methods I will be leaving them in the description so that you learn to How they are using and really getting the most out of it and yesterday I did a survey there on my twitter account to know what the current situation is with respect to the versions of ios in which they are and considering all versions of ios 13 14.3 we have here that 60% of people have the jailbreak, that is, 3 out of 5 users are no longer enjoying it and the question is what is going on then what happens with the other users what happens with this 40% good this concept map I have shown them on other occasions the initial question is is 100% sure that it will be released this wants to spend 14.5 that would also be compatible with 14.4 point 214 point 4.1 and 14.4 in all the iphone ipod and ipad then it is safe or it is not safe good as it is not we have to be waiting for the lowest version of ios and when we already have the confirmation that the exploit has been released for that very reason We have to be uploading the highest possible version, that's why when saving the shhh they are vital to later be using them and uploading there without any problem and obviously have the automatic updates of ios blocked, this has to have it yes or yes there on your device and Anything that is going to happen, you already know that I will be sharing it here on my channel because I upload content related to the jailbreak every day so it would be all that for e This time the teacher Juan Antonio now says goodbye to see Chile I hope tomorrow with another video

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