Mein NEUES Auto ist MEGA-TRON AUDI E-TRON Sportback │ rein elektrisch │ BENDA Carbon & Autosattlerei

[Music] hey guys, welcome to the next video from the company bender i crystals I wish you good luck with success 2021 I hope that we will too, yes me hope that it will be better than 2020 what the whole commune history is concerned today in this video it goes to replenish we want a new one vehicle from but before it is on the autobahn was already there with the carat and then it’s off plettenberg see you soon [Applause] yes now we are at the car we are on the way the car is clean not worth it has just rained again but now it looks good here again yes we are on the way plettenberg which is waiting for us Hopefully the car is still there, yes we are were a very cool one in an audi s4 vehicle for everyday use Incidentally, it only fell perfectly as a diesel I knew three before and I did quite well months later I have this mega sufficient that is really mega how the car is quickly I have it full supported story is cool was on once on the autobahn a vw golf the highway and yes that accelerates, I accelerate and then nothing more light the whole street dark tunnel yes and that accelerated accelerator too of course, and then mine goes family carriage easier and the over can imagine that's right funny looking stupid in any case yes I wanted to do everything with it say that it's really fast 3 liters of diesel really good the engine is really does not consume that much and is huge trunk with automatic tailgate yes but this video is not about this vehicle, it's about that new vehicle we are picking up will or will pick up the same as me have in short the story of the The whole order took a while we know everything up to date for a short time yes and I got the car on July 29th ordered and painter wise should have a 29 eleventh will be delivered but that the whole situation has it all moved and the liver benny and autohaus plettenberg thank you very much but more of a car available put so I don't have to walk got to very, very nice and a huge thank you but definitely so but we have 50 kilometers to go they say that 50 millimeters exactly and yes i definitely want mega excited and really looking forward to this new one saves that is a new one great for me so newer has to be autogas mood new car class and a new motorization that's a special again do you actually see castle like that thing surrenders I'm still healed dynamic and now off to dachau calm 160 170 180 130 so went quickly for one family carriage now on a curve but says yes that was also a bit of a mine winter i hate winter it's 4pm is it already pitch black disaster yes in any case we still have 20 kilometers to us in plettenberg bei audi are yes but I think is know it will definitely be 20 minutes then we are there and then we see each other in front of the hall later [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] they really like cars here would you next to them are so very clear but he's already nice now again to the handover this time it is contactless because of it are we not allowed to? wiesn action I say make it therefore get papers the service acceptance and now we go out and we have to remove the vehicle accept phase outside because everything I am also very happy that it is blocked we can still pick it up this year something new but no matter we take them now situation and are still happy that we now have the vehicle in one park take for it see you soon [Music] so we're out i'm ready i I'm really excited that the goal is the same it goes so high and then we see that thing I have to, unfortunately, most of the time see where we are today [Music] now we were yes that's already completely out of consideration yes always gives her they like to lay the key differently but passed the current situation who, unfortunately, am no different from me nevertheless we would have had this year too to pick up and that's why I wish have a lot of fun with the 9th Thank you very much all over is the monster and then I always answer your questions on how come up and most little achieved in any case Facetime is good, yes you say don't do it she is sexy that's a lot of fun now i have too most too young is not great yeah guys that's the new one technology or that's what I call the future to be useful but I've been behaving for six years only really will definitely be it slowly but to the way there is the enemy surfaces perform the best one of the jury is automatic tailgate and that's just it also automatically to [Music] [Applause] it will be liked [Music] what I haven't seen at all berliner has already made everything clear namely the rings are also black because you can't do it from the factory but order afterwards afterwards can do that and Benni has already taken care of are really cool off or even really cool sportback I have that extra, we didn't think so I hope the 38 year old nobody in any case I want that really cool, a little sportier one is like the mega with air suspension me already know what tasks for areas that he comes here on the ground do I have to sit in Alcantara i love that this new car wanted that is simply who for the first time rise like that a nice car [Music] how nice that is this is also a perfect height or for 30th [Music] in the end is ready to go should he wanted to see him save motto then but there is nothing to it here is it charging station and yes there is the darling heard from zuger about his vehicle a little electronics for me too about that and I think that's really cool sinks look at this is that not sexy, really cool that vehicle i look forward to the first drive that's really a cool box what new for me new engine new shape whole thing completely different I would say we make the first trip or we are there a couple of pictures of us [Music] [Music] so hey people a day number two us absolutely wanted that besides you from therefore show outside in daylight comes the same geyer hijack but first of all all of them go situation one or the whole order why did i choose e tron asked good question there for the time being m45 and now the dare comes without without without sound yes the car is everything now leasing vehicle and really for that everyday because I just drive really on the day six kilometers to honestly is really not worth it sports car nothing and that's why I have now granted me the car and got myself order that now on the firm and of course i can also work in the company load because he's already strong otherwise he needs eight hours at home about is the store and for in that I think you can do 11 kw really full in four hours charging the vehicle and that was it reason why i got such an e tron but of course there is also different competitors but i think I think the car actually looks like a normal car still has new ones I say curves but get them other cars all see the message don't know, for example, the eco c den I compared it, too did not test drive me at all I took the vehicle with me and that's why I have now stayed with older people and yes, I would say come in first vulture car porn and then we still have directly a small renovation [Music] [Music] [Music] the Christs Simon [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] yes, we start right away the conversion and that is the first Remodeling the seat belt lock covers We also have covers in our shop they are universal for all vehicles could be different colored spots in various different seams I have now selected gray because it is a bit to a whole ambience fits and the legs maybe you say beforehand it looks very simple just pull the assembly over it yes, why are we building the good castle covers a firstly looks cool and second, the center console protects against especially with leasing vehicles here in 2000 construction is the license plate holder so now in that just fall because I'm just behind would like to replace and meant nicely but i don't get up license plate holder therefore builds young we have these things in our shop I'll show you how awesome they are a pretty easy assembly like yours can see i will loosen two screws and this one build things in they are really cool you can you against how you want to be addicted and are mega stable tested up to 30 km / h that fits with him anyway so now I'm curious about the whole thing that covers it perfectly so that's a lot cooler from and as you can see it actually is nothing at all except these little ones brackets and these made of plexiglass transparent so perfectly so louder the third conversion measure is the no-go remove as far as I've seen that's just glued and we try that too remove [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] unfortunately it was awesome from me vehicle I would say or write in comments how he finds e tron how would you configure them the same way as a sportback or just longer I think it's really well done and yes have fun and see you next time

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