McAfee to name Nakamoto, Easter Bitcoin Boom ?, Binance Coin booming!

we're back everyone after a short hiatus
where I've been filming in the desert I'm so excited that he's back
I have been out filming a feature film for the last four weeks of apologies if
our services being nothing to do with cryptocurrencies to be honest it's been
nice to have a bit of a sort of breath of fresh air and a slight well not break
from it because I've been doing crypto smoothie every day so I've not been
completely out of touch but we have been away from and I've been away from you
for four and a half weeks and also if I don't know if you can see him the
buddy's here because he has had separation anxiety from ash so he wants
to be close so if my arm looks weird that it's not moving and that's because
it's a little hound here now one thing I wanted to point out this interesting is
when I was in the States I wore my Bitcoin kind of hoodie quite a
lot and a lot of people out there came up to me said oh Bitcoin was a shame
about that wasn't it and I was like really what's the shame and they were
like yeah it failed didn't it we read about it was an interesting thing but it
failed so many people just assumed that cryptos came and went and mainstream
people I was chatting to and not in the business were oh you're still involved
in that I thought it had all finished that was a show it was her friends say
oh that's a shame how much did you lose that was a fun run yeah so there is a
real mainstream thought out there that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies came and
went and disappeared and I'm very quick to point out that that is not the case
and there is still plenty of fuel left in the tank we hope yeah we'll see but I
guess before we do anything else this week shows me slightly shorter because
I'm still jet-lagged and I don't all day a week of this but let's have a little
look at a quick news roundup from Newsbeat se will John McAfee reveal
nakamoto's name in a series of intriguing tweets John McAfee dropped a
bombshell yesterday by claiming knowledge of Satoshi nakamoto's identity
McAfee intends to end speculation on his identity once and for all which he feels
is necessary for the crypto space to move forward he goes on to say that he
will divulge information until Nakamoto comes forward failing that McAfee
himself will disclose nakamoto's identity whether McAfee will out
Nakamoto or not this much is clear Nakamoto wishes to remain anonymous
according to Alex Lyle akka his motifs for anonymity are based on safeguarding
the Bitcoin project and allowing it to operate on its own there it do you think
he'll announce it I don't know I mean the thing about old John McAfee blessing
is he does like to hog the limelight at all in any old reason that he can get up
there and get his name in lights as one it tends to go for my next story from
crypto Slate finance coin is one of the only crypto stew hidden all-time high
since 2017 on April 19th following the highly anticipated debut of the by Nance
chain mein net the price of by Nance coins surged by 10% against the US
dollar becoming the second crypto asset after EOS in May 2018
since 2017 to achieve an all-time high are the crypto assets that come close to
BnB digital assets created before 2019 are down about 20 to 50 percent against
the dollar with most other tokens down nearly 99% against the USD since the
peak of the market in 2017 from CCN the Bitcoin bare market forces Korea's fifth
largest exchange to close down the Bitcoin bear market might be over but it
hasn't finished claiming victims coin nest
South Korea's fifth largest exchange shut down this week users have until
April the 30th to withdraw any remaining funds the closure comes months after a
series of scandals roiled the crypto platform in a notice to its users on its
website coin ness did not explain why it was
shutting but thanked customers for their encouragement
and patronage from The Daily Express no less Bitcoin boom BTC is poised for the
dawn of a new era over the Easterbrook in its 10-year history it has shown the
world a new way of purchasing goods and exchanging currency it is made
millionaires broken millionaires and given people an insight into what the
future of Finance could look like it's an intriguing CV however when it
collapsed from a long-held sustained value of 6500 dollars last year and sank
into the realms of sub 4000 interest waned significantly the levels of
trading volume dropped and market apathy began to set in like weevils in his 17th
century warships biscuits until a couple of weeks ago something changed volume
began to slowly build in the atmosphere of the trading platforms exchanges and
markets started to turn the amplifier up on some of the whispers of positivity it
is a sentiment which has certainly been carried through April and many would
suggest that if you break through the five thousand dollar line enough times
in the next level of resistance lies is short much away to north this is the
first time in many months we have gone into a bank holiday weekend on such a
high an upward curve and a feeling of positive momentum these next few days
could yet prove to be a game changer so that's everything this week I'm
afraid folks our little Easter sort of roundup we hope you have an amazing
Easter weekend lots of Easter eggs have lots of fun and we'll be back next week
for a more full filled out show hopefully with the Bitcoin boom oh yeah
like the Easter Bunny and thanks again ABF n for this award it came through
we're actually now officially a DVF n a DVF n sorry Anna Marie a DVF aw head
we'll be back next week have a great Easter weekend lots and lots of fun and
remember until then you've been loved Jay

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