MATCHX M2 Pro Miner! 📈💲 Data Dash App. Der Krypto Miner für alle! ✅ Spare 50€ auf deine Bestellung!

Welcome back to my channel. Today I want to show you the Data Dash App that we need for the MatchX M2 Pro Miner. It is downloaded with the QR code that I showed in the last video "# 3 FULL GUIDE INSTALL / SETUP". Or directly in the Apple or Google Store. The Data Dash app is also available there. I'll open the app now. This is what it looks like here at the start. At the top left we have the calculator. There you can enter different currencies that should be displayed. At the beginning there are several currencies that can be removed to show only the most important ones. Then there is the balance here which is then available in the wallet afterwards . Then it shows how much you staked. That means. The coins that you have mined can be staked. As an example: You put 10,000 MXC Coins aside and give the community the MXC's.

This award then gives you a credit. So that your coins or our coins are in circulation and can be used by others. This is our reward through this staking because we make the MXC Coins available to the community pool . Then there is mining. There you can see how much was mined . This is now an update of 24 hours. And in the 24 hours I mined approx. 535 MXC Coins with this M2 Pro Miner. Converted to 17.60 euros or 20.91 US dollars. Then there is the wallet and then the tokens are the crypto currency MXC, DHX and BTC for Bitcoin.

At the beginning only MXC can be seen and with the "Add token" symbol you can add other coins / tokens . The latter is NFT Collectibles. The tick is free there, but you can not set it yet . That'll probably add to that. So then we have the miner here. "Add miner" my miner has been added. If you have not yet added your miner or would like to add additional miners, you can go to it and scan the QR code with the + symbol , which is located on the respective miner or on the device.

Then we see the miner's state of health here. Since it has only been running for 24 hours, you can only see 86%. I think if I run longer it says something about seven days. Then it should probably reach 100%. When it is in the best position. Has not been disconnected from the internet. The fuel tank is at 100%. Below that we see miners in possession. 1. And underneath that total mining revenue 535 MXC. Underneath, total amount of refueling 537 MXC. The refueling that we see at 100%. That is what you have unique. You can only hold this miner once at 100%. If you move your MXC tokens that you have mined. So I currently have 500 MXC tokens. And if you want to move it to the wallet . We are now down at the start and if you go to the wallet and want to move the tokens then the fuel tank would teach itself. At least a certain percentage. I don't yet know how much it would then go back. So I can only go to zero and then the fuel tank is empty and I can't do any more transactions.

It fills up again after a certain time, but only up to 99.9%. How much difference this 0.01% makes I can't say yet. I'll find out at some point when I carry out a transaction on my wallet. There is guaranteed to be a small disadvantage either it will take longer or the miner will slow down by this 0.01%. Now we're going to go into the wallet again to show you what you can do here. You can also have MXC deposited into your wallet and then you can have it here or withdraw it. Then there is the "stake" option. Stake is the same as before. You make your coins available to the community. To work. If you press it you can see that you can make a new stake here. But I do n't know yet whether it has to be put on permanently for a certain period of time. For example: for 6 months, 12 months, 24 months. Underneath it says unstake. This means that you can get it back from the community. So you would have got your MXC Coins back. I'll see that over the next few weeks . When I have mined a certain amount of MXC Coins.

Then we go back to the wallet. Here is the "DHX" coin. You can of course find out what it stands for and what it does on the Internet. Up here is again depositing, withdrawing and mining. This is a bit more complex here … If you go to the mines now , we see an overview of how the process comes about and takes place. If we go further then we see that MXC tokens can be blocked by mining DHX tokens.

What does that mean? Example: If you have mined 10,000 MXC tokens then you can block them and send them over to DHX or convert them whatever. This practically blocks them for DHX and you then receive DHX Coins. These are given back to the community and you can do the stake procedure again and get rewards for the use of our DHX Coins. I'll definitely make a video about it someday when I'm ready. How exactly it works, what to look out for and what the rewards are. Anyway, that's a second thing here how to generate cryptos / money with this M2 Pro Miner.

Not only with MXC tokens but also with DHX tokens. You can also give the complete M2 Pro Miner DHX only, but then you can no longer make MXC Coins. There is still the mining yield here. If you make this M2 Pro Miner available as a supernode then you get 5000 DHX as shown. This gives the "Boost up mPower". Here you can also purchase the M2 Pro Miner then it boosts that again … if you provide the complete M2 Pro Miner or block the MXC tokens.

This means we give our coins that we have mined to the DHX community and thus we can do this staking process . Then we go back to the wallet. And here we still see "BTC" for Bitcoin. This is another project that is just beginning. At some point you should also be able to mine Bitcoins with this or stake with this M2 Pro Miner.

There is already one or second test phase or was only available for selected or randomly generated miners as a test of how the whole thing works. This will probably come later at some point. Here you could add a new token to this NFT. But that is not possible at the moment. Well, there are these 3 possibilities to activate it first. MXC and DHX are currently the sources of income through this M2 Pro Miner. Now we go to the third tab, here to the miner. We now see the health points at 86%. It is now online 24 hours a day.

He generated 535 MXC and shows uptime with 30%. Here I can now press GPS and then it says if your M2 Pro Miner has a GPS signal then it is also visible to others. And it is best to place it outdoors so that it has the best access. Then there is altitude above sea level. The better he is always positioned high, the more access he had to other end devices. Then here we have the alignment. It should stand vertically, so straight up so that the antennas point upwards. All of this will be depicted at some point as soon as it is activated. Then there is proximity here. There is the other device or other M2 Pro Miner that you order, preferably at least 50 meters away from each other . The fuel tank is at 100%. If you take something off and send it over to your wallet then it will go down. It's written here like a vehicle. That is then just the performance that then decreases. You can of course also apparently buy fuel through MXC Tocken. This allows you to recharge it. Here you can see the miner in the app and when you last tap on devices here.

Then there are apparently devices that can be added here that communicate with each other somewhere . There are also MatchX products such as the MatchX Gateway which is sold out. I cannot say exactly what other devices can be added here . On the homepage the other products have some kind of sensors and this and that. You can take a look at that there. Most likely they will communicate with the M2 Pro Miner and this will probably result in a better mining result. Now we go back to start and press this gearwheel button in the top right corner. Here you can " manage your account ". Make "App settings". "Address book" I wasn't on it yet.

Here you can enter any addresses. Probably which wallet something is being sent to. "About us". "Connect with us". "Manage Account", let's go on it. Supernodes there you can go on it and you can see what you have to specify when registering. If you go down then you can change the password here and set up 2 FAs. I recommend that everyone do this 2 FA setup. Here you can activate it and then you have to scan this QR code and click on continue.

In this way you can make logging in with your smartphone a bit safer. Then you don't just do it somehow by touch or by code, but maybe also get a code to log in. I have not done it yet. I will of course do this myself in the next few days. I don't want anyone stranger to have easy access to it. This is how the app is designed. At the very bottom there is now a free picture / field there you will probably be able to see where the miner is later when the health points state is reached or this uptime is 100% . This is represented as a map like on Google Earth. So that you can see your miner and where other devices are in your area or other miners. But I have to wait until I have probably reached 100%.

As soon as there is a change here, I will make a new video of the app. When we are here in the miner and see "GPS" and "Sea level height", "Alignment" and "Proximity" to other miners or devices and I get further information. At the moment the miner is up on the second floor directly in the roof window. The idea was that I would mount it on top of a satellite dish. But this is not that easy because a grounding cable must also be laid there. This will be another project. Of course, when I get that far, I'll shoot a separate video about it . An installation video. I have to sit down with the electrician first so that I can ask what he says about it and what you need to do it. That's it for this video. I hope I was able to answer a few questions or just show you what can be seen in this app. How it works. How it is structured. Which functions are there and then we'll see each other again in the next video. Subscribe to the channel if you are interested in the whole thing.

You think the project is good and you are interested. Maybe you want to have a miner yourself! Everything else is stored in the video description. Where to order the miner , what you might need for a wallet or whatever. All of this is in the video description. There you can have a look at everything. Maybe you will find one or the other what you also need. At this point I thank you. Until the next video!.

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