Scams are running very hot right now people 
are trying to get ADA. No matter how much I   mention it no matter how much I talk about it 
unfortunately millions to tens of millions of   dollars between now and the end of September 
will likely be stolen because people weren't   using common sense. This is unfortunately where 
our industry's at. That's where our regulations   are at. It's where the social media giants are at. 
They just simply don't care. They've never cared.   So in the absence of them caring we as a community 
have to care about each other and everybody has to   pick up a shovel on this one no matter who you 
are where you're at tell all your friends and   family all the people you know that are in this 

Be vigilant. Be cautious. Slow things   down Welcome back everybody to Altcoin Daily! 
If you hold Cardano you need to watch this video   because you are at risk of having your ADA stolen 
you are at risk of being scammed nobody ever   thinks that this could happen to them but trust 
me on this I've been in this space for years now   and many many people fall for these scams every 
single bull run and when your crypto is gone   it's gone in fact this video applies to bitcoin 
ethereum and all cryptocurrencies however cardano   holders you are particularly at risk over the 
next few weeks new people need to understand   what i'm going to share with you in this video 
this is basic 101 newbie information that all   cryptocurrency holders need to know so if you're 
new to cryptocurrency it is very important that   you subscribe to our youtube channel right now we 
drop one video every day we keep you informed on a   daily basis we help you by providing you with the 
best information just like we're doing in today's   video again if you hold cardano if you're 
looking forward to cardano's September 12th   smart contracts upgrade it is pivotal that you 
understand what i'm about to share with you in   this video because the cardano token has been 
skyrocketing lately a major upgrade is coming   to cardano's network in just a few weeks 
and because of this i don't know if you've   noticed but the amount of scams has 10 x hear it 
right from the founder's mouth charles hoskinson   does not want any ada holders getting scammed i 
love him doing this listen to this anytime you see   major events coming and large-scale price 
appreciation and a lot of volatility you always   will see an enormous up increase in scams okay so 
we've already made videos about the giveaway scams   uh and those are really scaling up there's about 
10 times as many of them right now than there were   just a month ago because of the value appreciation 
of ada and those will continue for the foreseeable   month or two second there's going to be a lot 
of scams around people's lack of understanding   about how upgrades work so we've seen several 
fake copies of daedalus and several fake cardano   applications on the google play store where people 
said oh you need to download this new version of   the software and restore your wallet in order 
to get your ada those are all scams all scams   uh we'll never ask you anyone io global or merco 
cardano foundation or the ambassadors or anyone   in the ecosystem for your keywords we'll never ask 
you for your private keys and will never ever ever   ask you to install some monitoring software 
on your computer to be able to help you so   what can you do to avoid scams like this how 
can you prevent theft of your crypto by the way   this is really cool for charles to do this for his 
community i mean cryptocurrency is still a nascent   space many new people come into this space every 
year whether you like charles or not we need to   support stuff like this we need to get this info 
out there to as many people as possible so if   anybody contacts you online asking about your ada 
or trying to talk to you about cardano in any way   and you're not sure if it's real or not what can 
you do listen to this if you have any concerns you   see something that you're not sure if it's real or 
not just go to and then go down to the   contact us page and just basically contact click 
on the form fill out the information and it'll get   routed accordingly there also is the help desk 
with daedalus and you can submit a ticket there   and our people will will be able to address that 
and do order never give anyone access to your   private keys under any circumstances even if you 
think it's me asking you by the way there's tons   of impersonation scams instagram and facebook 
are the two most common people impersonate me   they create fake facebook pro files we 
report dozens of them every single day   and they ask people for their private keys or 
whatever and they try to extort money from them   one way or the other or mislead them into getting 
money from them so i'm never going to reach out   to you if you think it's me talking to you one 
thing you can always ask for is for me to sign   something with my pgp key i'm not craig wright i'm 
more than happy to do that i know how to do that   okay so i'm happy to sign there's a public pgp key 
i've had it since 2013 with my identity connected   to it the charles.hoskinson email and 
if you think you're dealing with the real deal   i'm more than happy to uh to sign a message for 
you so send me a message and say sign this with   your pgp key i'll send it back and you should be 
able to verify that no scammer can do that only i   have those keys look the bottom line is never ever 
send your cryptocurrency to anybody who you don't   know is on the other end please let us know in the 
comments if something like this has ever happened   to you please comment below how to recognize and 
avoid scams like this and what you're expecting as   we get closer to cardano's smart contract upgrade 
we rely on comments from our community to help   everybody here type cardano in the comments right 
now if you're hearing me on this type cardano   in the comments right now if you're hearing 
me on this or type another cryptocurrency   in the comments if you identify more with that 
community and you want your community to avoid   scams we'll see who the biggest communities 
are in cryptocurrency because this type of scam   believe it or not affects everybody in all of 
cryptocurrency so finally the final clip that i'm   going to play you is perhaps the most important 
charles hoskinson's final words to his community   and also a reiteration of best practices of how 
to avoid scams in crypto and cardano specifically   i really appreciate i really like what he said at 
the end of this clip talks about the explosion of   dapps that we're going to see within cardano's 
first 90 days after the smart contract upgrade   so we're going to keep you informed on this 
subscribe to our channel listen very carefully   watch this pay close attention to what he says 
at the end let's continue this conversation   tomorrow's video and in the comments be vigilant 
there's a lot of scams right now we see a huge   increase in the amount of scams because of the 
value appreciation and because alonso's coming   and lots of new things are coming and the summit's 
coming there are no giveaways they don't exist   there is no new version of daedalus that you have 
to download and and restore your wallet into or   or these types of things only uh only 
uh daedalus wallet dot io is a valid   uh for our our wallet and is 
your routing site so go to and   that gets you where you need to go it's a one-stop 
shop it has everything that you need all the links   that you need all the people that you need and it 
has all the social links and these types of things   and if you know the i o global website you 
can go there and there's plenty of things about   the project there but don't believe everything 
you read especially if it's too good to be true   if someone is claiming you're going to get 
great returns if someone's claiming you need   to give them your private keys or send them 
ada for whatever reason uh they're probably a   scam 99.9999999999 percent of the time it's a scam 
okay if you don't know what to do feel free to ask   a question just don't do something ask a question 
first there's the cardano stack exchange for   technical questions you can go to the contact form 
on and there's also the help desk with   daedalus that we have and i believe ermergo has 
something similar for uroy so ask a question   before you do anything and wait there's no 
urgency there's no rush you're never gonna   lose your ada because of an upgrade you're never 
gonna have to do something to uh to save or keep   your ada it's fine the whole reason we built 
the hard four combinator and these other things   was to make sure that upgrades were seamless and 
there was no transition that's difficult or hard   okay and we're not giving away ada we'll 
never give away ada make sure every single   person in your social network knows that and also 
understand that things are going to happen very   quickly with these launches and so there's 
going to be lots of people broadcasting of   course feel free to ask questions and of 
course just relax it's going to be okay   we're going to get through these upgrades no 
problem and it's a fun time it's exciting time   got my whiskey right over there ready to crack 
it open on the 12th i and the conference is   the 25th to 26th and we're very excited for 
that we're very excited for this community   you're going to see a lot of cool things there's 
tons of dapps that are going to be coming out   in the next 90 days 120 days on cardano as people 
turn them on and again that's an opportunity for a   new wave of scams and a new wave of opportunities 
so we as a community have to stay extra vigilant

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